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  1. I still crash with the alternate DirectX 11 shaders options unchecked. I am using the latest version v0.0247 which came with Stock Visual Enhancement v1.0.4. I have tested uninstalling SVE and using default Scatterer v0.0247, and I still crash. So the issue can't be from SVE. I'm not sure which artifacts you're referring to with the previous version.
  2. I've been crashing with the latest version of Scatterer when I try to load a saved game. I have "-force-d3d11" enabled, and using the alternate DirectX 11 option in Scatterer ("loadAlternative_D3D11_OGL_shaders = True"). Any suggestions? I'd rather not switch to DirectX 9 or OpenGL, since they offer far worse performance.
  3. I'm wondering if anyone knows what happened to the circular, structural bracket parts that used to come with this mod. I'm talking about these, that were available a long time ago (screenshot is from KSP 0.25): I really loved them because they gave crafts a very rigid look, and it "tucked" away the fact that Universal Storage wedges stick out a bit from the sides: Without the brackets, it looks especially bad on the 2.5m mount. Does anyone know where I can find the braces or why they were removed? Since Kerbal Stuff has shut down, I can't even get an earlier version of the
  4. Feel free! Do you have documentation for all the features you added?
  5. I see. So then the mode is not working as intended. Does the version @Aelfhe1m forked fix this issue for you? Also, are you using the Automated Screenshots to take the shots? Wow. That is kind of amazing. I would be happy to merge this into master branch if you're ok with it as well.
  6. Hey all, Sorry for the long absence. Unfortunately I haven't been paying much attention to KSP and this mod due to various circumstances. I do plan on picking KSP back up once 1.1 hits, and that's when I'll probably resume working on this mod. Minus the time bug @ZobrAA has found, it seems like it's fairly stable as-is. Either way, here's some answers to your questions: I'm not sure what could be causing this as the values I get for time are coming straight from KSP's API. It really depends on how Sensible Screenshot gets its values. Not sure what you mean by heading. Coul
  7. ... I would buy that if it was just a regular USB stick. Even better if it was the upper stage of Kerbal X.
  8. @Wercho, Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing. I added a link to the first post!
  9. @linuxgurugamer, That's a good suggestion, but I think I have a better idea to make it a lot more flexible. I'm currently re-writing the implementation of Historian. What I always wanted to do was to have placeholder values with parameters. Something like: <Year format="yy"> Would give something like this for the 2nd year: 02 Or: <Time format="hh:mm:ss"> Then I could extend this system a lot more easily to include very complex values. Building on top of this, you can then have text collections: TEXT_COLLECTION { ID = MyAwesomeCollection Values = { "Hello, World!", "This
  10. It's not the implementation challenge that makes me not want it. To me, it'd be much cooler if you had a collection of texts, for example: "<Crew> checking the consistency of <Body>'s dirt ..." "<Crew> wondering what <Body>'s dirt tastes like ..." "<Crew> landed on <Body> in the name of science ..." "<Crew> pretending to be happy for the camera while landed on <Body> ..." And then every time you take a screen shot while landed, it would pick one of those at random. To me, if it's on a cycle that keeps rotating, it would look very monotonous. I ca
  11. 1) Not sure what you mean here, but you can refer to the documentation for Situation Text for a list of the situations it supports: https://github.com/Zeenobit/Historian#situation-text 2) That is actually a great idea. I think a Random Text element would be more useful; but a cycle variation could be made to increase options. The tricky part is how to incorporate this into existing elements. Maybe it should be a Random Placeholder instead that refers to a group of text values. Definitely something I'll investigate for the next release. Thanks for the idea!
  12. Done. Everything should be updated to point to Historian v1.1.1. I will update to version 1.2 at a future date with a few more features; I'll keep you posted in the event that the interface changes. Thanks again for the help.
  13. Feel free to send me an intermediate release. I'll mark it as Pre-Release of the next version and publish it. Later, when I get the time, I'll make an official release. Thanks so much for the help! Thanks! Glad you like it!
  14. Hey linuxgurugamer, That is an awesome mod you have there! Automatically hiding the UI for a screenshot is something I've been wanting to do for a while. In regards to your suggestions and requests, I like them. Unfortunately though, I'm very busy in RL right now with no time for KSP. And I'm on a fresh PC as well, without KSP or any of modding tools. So it may be a while before I can release an update. If you're eager, feel free to make a pull request and implement your changes. I can later make a temporary release with your credit until I get things back in order. Cheers! Edit: Also, in reg
  15. 1. See below. 2. Yes! Maybe. Probably. Stand by for the next release when I get time (very busy these days)! Hrm. That's very strange. I'm not entirely sure why I put the "Vessel.GetSituationString(vessel)" part in there to begin with. This is what happens when I do anything at 3 AM. I'll fix this in the next release. <Crew> should not have any situation text on it.
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