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  1. Instructions? Don't be silly. You are aware of what game we're playing here, right?
  2. So SSTO means single stage to ORBIT, right? In other words, am I allowed to use separate OMS engines once I'm in orbit? What about to deorbit? And to circularize? basically, what are the rules regarding OMSs? Stock, of course.
  3. Okay, thanks for the info, it helps a lot! - - - Updated - - - Yeah, I was doing this on my phone and forgot to change the status. It's fixed now.
  4. I managed to get it to 1.12 by dropping a bit (lot) of fuel, and surprisingly that didn't mess with the balance. I'll try adding more boosters, and see what I can do. Thanks for the help!
  5. I built a space shuttle modeled after the real ones, and it turned out pretty good, perfectly balanced and everything. There's one problem. I have a thrust-to-weight ratio of 1.02. It just hovers there, above the launchpad, not tipping or anything, just very slightly drifting forwards.Is there any way I can bring my TWR up to a decent number without messing up the centers of mass/thrust? Or will I have to completely restart?Thanks for the help,Luke
  6. Okay.... It might be worthwhile mentioning that I'm in grade 9, and don't really understand rocket science . I get the basics, understand dV and TWR, I can get to Minmus pretty easy, but that's about it. It might also be worthwhile mentioning that the 'boosters' were not SRBs, just liquidfuels, and that they were drawing from the same fuel as my main engine. (I did have SRBs attached as well.) So. The stats: Without LF Boosters: TWR: 2.22 dV: 2027 m/s Mass: 130.5 tonnes With LF Boosters: TWR: 2.47 dV: 2360 m/s Mass: 133.8 tonnes Hmm... That's not what was happening before... A few days ago, attaching the boosters would increase TWR but decrease dV. Not sure what changed, I haven't touched it since. Either way, thanks for all the help guys, I appreciate it!
  7. I am building a rocket, just a simple one to rescue a few kerbals stuck on a broken space station, and I wanted to ask. On takeoff (first stage) is dV or TWR more important? I can choose to add two small liquidfuel boosters to the side of my rocket that increase TWR, but decrease dV. Should I include them or leave them off? Thanks for the help, Luke
  8. Okay, I'll definitely check out MRS and Ven's Part Revamp, as well as RLA. As for why I don't use the puff, it's mainly because they don't look right in my opinion. Thanks for all the help!
  9. I am getting the feeling that your rocket is directed by those control surfaces (which don't function without an atmosphere). You could try putting more RCS thrusters on, especially around the tank. I would also put a tail fin on, it helps a lot. By the sounds of things though, the ship itself is pretty well balanced, so props to you for that, it ain't easy balancing a moving center of mass with the center of thrust, while also accounting for the lift that wings generate. Well done.
  10. Does anyone know of a mod that adds an engine exactly like the O-10 "Puff" Engine that runs on monopropellant and responds to throttle controls, but is powerful enough for use on a space shuttle, similar to the engines on the Atlantis? (The little ones on the top, just above the 3 main ones). I'm looking for an engine powerful enough to perform basic orbital maneuvers, and maybe even go to the Mun (not sure about that though). Appreciate the help, Luke
  11. 1) Learn to use maneuver nodes, but don't become dependent on them. They are super useful, but when I'm just operating around Kerbin, orbiting and heading to the Mun, I barely use them at all. 2) I like to create a checklist of everything a rocket/plane needs. I've been playing for a year or two, but I still regularly forget to include air intakes on my planes 3) Make sure you use everything. (This kinda ties in with point 1). Use the maneuver nodes as much as you want/need. Quicksave (some people don't like to quicksave/load, but on a 3 real-time hour flight, quicksaving is invaluable. I can't tell you how many times I have accidentally timewarped too fast and far towards a Kerbin reentry and crashed straight into the planet without quicksaving). 3) When your plane/rocket fails in a fiery ball, laugh. In KSP it is easy to find something funny in the most monumental of screwups. Don't forget to look for the fun(ny) side of things.
  12. This, along with many things, should be stock. I'm not sure if this is where I should put bug reports, but attempting to grab onto a Mk4 medium fuselage with a grabbing arm seemingly disconnects the camera from the craft, and going into map view causes the game to stop responding. The fuselage had Lf+Ox in it. Also, is there any chance at all that we'll get a dropping cargo bay like this one?