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  1. Some might find this interesting. https://www.pcgamesn.com/indie/explosive-origin-story-kerbal-space-program-revealed
  2. Well I am just sitting here watching the astroturf grow. Personally I think its about time that game companies were held accountable for promises made. I am particularly thinking about Star Citizen which is a debacle of grand proportions with an online PR campaign presence to rival Wagner and I think that deserves a class action and or investigation by the FTC. The reason it hasn't had one is the law has not caught up with the market place, but it is only a matter of time and through innovative practice and legislation this will happen. It is inevitable consumer rights extend into this territory. So for that reason I would encourage the OP to take a look at it and ignore any naysaying. The only comment I have on this is it may be a bit premature, as KSP2 is still on sale and while Intercept has been dismantled by the sound of it that does not mean the game cannot continue to be developed. We have already seen one such procedure. In fact I am hopeful KSP2 will continue and would comment 70 personnel is just way too many people for this project which would be wasting a lot of money, as KSP2 at this stage should be all techies and a few admins. Early access should proceed with a skeleton crew. That is how an indy would do it and PD is supposed to be modelled on indy development because it is lower risk as it is more cost effective. You can't really have indy development if you are going to throw corporate HR structures at it. If you want to bring in marketing & community, wait until you have a product. It looks like Intercept was ramped up far too early which I am sorry to say was unrealistic for this stage of development. My guess is different aspects of PD have been working across purposes and this had to be rationalised and the legal situation regarding employment is why Intercept has been wound up, at the beginning of the new financial year for some reason but I dont presume this means KSP2 is toast unless I am missing something. I can understand wanting to wave the pitchfork of a consumer law confrontation to encourage prompt communications from PD but it sounds like an almighty screw up is taking place and all the people who would have been communicating and know anything about the situation have just lost their job title and noone has given any of them a new one yet. That is my guess, that unscrewing the screwing up has been screwed up but I will wait for further announcements before catastrophising. However if it turns out that KSP2 development has stopped then I will be grabbing my pitchfork and cheering on the OP.
  3. Goes by the name of KitHack Model Club, FKA Balsa, because he used to like making models as a boy, which was really where KSP came from. Have to say KSP was a great contribution to health and safety since a game about rocketry is a lot safer than the real thing especially the amateur hobby. Countless kitchens and garden sheds would not exist today were it not for KSP, I feel sure. We owe him much.
  4. OMG ... Is there any chance development can continue with a smaller team? Sorry about the treachery everyone!
  5. Sure go right ahead. Feel free to make your report and explain what you would like people to know. The thread is intended for sharing. The K-Prize is anarchy self assessment now so you can award yourself the kudos you feel you deserve !
  6. With KSP2 I find there are some bugs lurking and rather than get frustrated I give it a try, report one or two bugs then leave it for the next update. I am confident it will be fixed I just dont want to get too jaded with it while waiting. My hope is that when all in your face bugs are fixed and it is ready to play through to interstellar, it will still seem fresh and new!
  7. Thanks for your mission video @Martian Emigrant which is very welcome. I think you can award yourself a K-Prize plus an Utilitarial Commendation, congratulations, as always. @Vanamonde thanks for your encouragement, much appreciated. I like to think people will be doing this for real one day, when SABRE becomes fully functional, if someone else doesn't get there first! I feel sure spaceplanes are going to become an important method for getting stuff into space. Which is why I feel the K-Prize is bigger than one challenge thread or curator. TBH my secret hope is that for this reason the K-Prize mission or equivalent, to fly a space plane to orbit, will be adopted by Intercept and added as a side mission in KSP2. So for that reason I feel it is best to let go of the K-Prize and let it take on a life of its own, which it deserves. Also I am not in a position to take it further, due to difficulties created by a longstanding medical condition involving immune dysfunction diagnosed as ME CFS, which has become worse after COVID, possibly due to longcovid plus ME. I just dont have the boosters to take it on and would love to see someone else take the idea further in KSP2. What do you think?
  8. Reported Version: v0.2.0 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Win 10 | CPU: i7 9700 | GPU: RTX 2700S | RAM: 32Gb See screenshot, RCS thrusters placed near to a heat shield do not operate at all. Progressively fewer of a circle of thrusters will operate the closer the circle is to the heat shield. Progressively more operate the further away it is. See attached screeny of size S set up, where there are four circles of 4x thrusters, the RCS is firing in response to two translation keys being pressed, in my case using IJKL translation keys J & K are pressed ... the row of thrusters on the right shows two thrusters firing but the row on the left shows three. This is because the second circle of thrusters is firing fewer thrusters than the third circle. Ideally all the thrusters should be firing in each active row. See screeny below of size MD, where several circles of 8 thrusters are showing differences in thruster activation related to distance from heatshield, pressing K. This happens with thrusters in proximity to all heat shield sizes XS S MD LG XL. The extent of the effect appears related to the dimensions of the heat shield. This affects all RCS thruster types but is most pronounced with the Place-Anywhere-7 Linears RCS Port, less pronounced with the block or vernier. Included Attachments:
  9. I see, thanks for explaining. I just tried the same configuration and it messed up the thrusters completely just as you describe. Only one of the four lateral thrusters fired, on key H while its opposing key L fired one of the rear thrusters, which would mess up control completely and has to be a bug. I will try to simplify the conditions and then report it. EDIT Done, it is the heat shield, happens with all of them.
  10. The reorientation thrust only works if you have RCS enabled so the workaround is to give a little translation thrust and then immediately switch off RCS or give the thrust with SAS disabled when you will see the craft rotate and translate from the same thrust, then switch off RCS, then switch on SAS and realign using reaction wheels only. Believe me when I say it is doable but not ideal. Best when making the craft to check CoM behaviour with full and low fuel and place thrusters accordingly. Oh sorry, my mistake, I assumed you had a monoprop tank buried in the rear half somewhere. I tried to recreate your craft from the image and the lateral thrusters worked OK using translation keys (which I have mapped to IJKL) when connected to the TD-12 stack decoupler (even with fuel pass through OFF which really shouldn't happen) or anything else. But I could not identify the tube between the TD-12 and the Explorer pod on yours. It looks like a short section of TOOB-125 but I cant see its base segment, which would be wider than adjoining structures and cannot be hidden inside them by widgit translation, so is not that, I cannot find an equivalent among stock parts. What is that?
  11. did you check fuel pass through on the decoupler and any intervening structures was enabled? I think there is monopropellant in the capsule so you might be using that for the forward thrusters
  12. Overflew Kerbin and gathered air sniffer data from 5 biomes for 200 points. No screenshot or else you will notice that I accidentally put the wings on in 2x radial symmetry rather than bilateral reflection *oops* Flew OK though!
  13. Playing this I am finding the dynamics of the research look potentially much better than the original but it needs the fine tuning for progression which the original never got. So for an example atmospheric survey is in tier 2 but only provides a tier one science boost at Kerbin unless you can run it outside Kerbin SOI which is what the small light radial version is suitable for. So I would suggest splitting the two versions, as was done with the environment survey modules, and putting the heavy 1t in-line nose cone air sniffer after light aviation in tier 1 for 50 points and the light radial module stay where it is in tier 2 for 250. That way people can run some meaningful flight experiments in the early game after getting aviation.
  14. that caught me out with Bob but I reran the mission and found the flying cylinder trick works, if you get down to 35km region you can tilt a cylindrical rocket to give lift i.e. fly retrograde and then try to get the navball pointer on the brown bit, pointing the nose down so the forward engine end lifts up and gives lift, thereby avoid plunging into the inferno of thick atmosphere at high speed and gradually lose speed to friction by skipping along at high altitude, Bob lives and he brought home the science
  15. Reported Version: v0.1.3.2 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Win 10 | CPU: i7 9700 | GPU: RTX 2070S | RAM: 32Gb Every time the game loads it uses default input settings and fails to load custom input settings, including reversed pitch and other commands like numpad / for staging instead of space bar. I can get it to load all custom settings by tweaking one of them, I usually reenter pitch. Expected behaviour would be to remember and load custom input settings at game start, like KSP1 did... pls! EDIT to say this is still happening in the For Science! update. v0.
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