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  1. Ah, I forgot to mention... if I remove Smoke OR HotRockets, it goes away. Sorry. So it's either or... I think I posted over there, too...
  2. I very well could be a dummy, but... if I /only/ see the green arrow, is that good? Or is the red circular torque arrow good as well? It's also 23:59... so yea. Thanks for help in advance!
  3. Just downloaded this to play with it, as I sadly have no time to load KSP before my gym time... kinda makes me want to skip the gym and do some orbinating... love it. Good job and keep it up!
  4. BUG REPORT: At multiple angles with KW Rocketry Rockets (I believe that is all that does this, so far.) Instead of thrust visuals (the actual fire) from the rockets, I see many, many spinning, transparent images of whatever FLAG file I'm using for that particular mission... I... have no idea. When I take hot rockets out, it goes away. Not sure if that helps. Thanks for any insight! -Gh0st_DovahJeb
  5. I'm not sure what I did wrong, Diverse Kerbal Heads isn't working for me. I double checked and it IS in the "Heads" folder in my KSP Texture Replacer gamedata folder. Running .25 x64 on Windows (I know, I'm dumb. Haven't had time to dual it with Linux, yet.) Thanks for any info, though now that I'm typing this, I'm thinking it might be the x64 bit windows part that's fragging it. Anyway, thanks again, community!
  6. Possibly a stupid question. Here goes; If I have a mod that is bundled with an older version of MM, will the mod be automatically managed by the latest version, OR do I need to do something to make it work? Thank you!