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  1. Looking through my saves, maybe if you add "isJettisoned = True" to that part's ModuleJettison block the shroud will go away?
  2. Yeah, the positions of the part centers are 'fixed' at construction time, and then the models get draped around those points. Ven's Poodle model is longer than the stock model, and so for e.g. the Kerbal X, that length has to go somewhere. I chose to put it out the bottom, but that means that there is a risk of intersection between two parts in the moment the lower stage is ejected. I've never had them explode before, but I could believe that depends on the exact decoupler used below the Poodle and how its colliders are arranged. I'll try moving the model up (and testing what it does to vehicles in-flight) before too long.
  3. Well, it's not 'my' new Poodle; Ven changed which model he used to replace the stock model over a year ago. I will accept blame for changing the node positions so that the top node stays in place while the bottom node moves down; I did that because Poodles are generally used on upper stages and are only attached to things from below for the first few minutes of flight, but I could switch it to the other way to 'tuck in' the engine when VSR is installed. It is not possible to make Making History parts available without getting Making History. Ven was just making triangular panels before it was cool. :)
  4. Ven's structural parts and fuel tanks will be added as default variants, but functional parts (thrusters, engines, and presumably anything with animations like wheels or antennas) don't play very well with the part variant system. (I've figured out a way around the 'burning in the editor' bug from last page, but that required abusing the multi-mode engine module, and now the effects in-flight are missing...there may be a way to get them back, but it will take time to permute the effects config to find it. My efforts are cataloged in a new "KSP_1.5_experimental" branch -- not safe for careers!) Currently, that only applies to the Mk1 and Mk1-3 pods and RT-5 and RT-10 boosters, but from the KSP blog we know that the Spark is coming in 1.6, and probably others as well. In general, I agree with you that I like Ven's parts better than the new Squad variants, so most of the time I will overwrite Squad's models if they can't coexist. (Pretty much how VSR has always worked, but now I'll feel just a little bit guilty.) That said, I'll evaluate everything on a case-by-case basis. I'm planning to add Ven's Mk1 pod as a variant to Squad's revamped pod, because the only friction between them is that the part action window has two Flag Toggle buttons (one that works for Squad's variants, one for Ven's). I'm planning to not overwrite Squad's Mk1-3 model, because both sets of RCS thrusters remain active even when one model or the other is disabled, and while I like Ven's thruster layout better, the model is too different for the IVA to look good (unlike the Mk1, which is basically unchanged). Last page I said I'd make Ven's RT-10 model into its own part, because it has gimbals and the stock thruster does not. I had thought to re-purpose Ven's RT-5 model as a tiny Size 00 (0.35m) motor, good for very small probes and so on, essentially a stack-mountable Sepratron. But...since I do like Ven's models better, I'm feeling more inclined to overwrite Squad's models. Before I completely commit to overwriting one model or the other, I'll play around with B9 Part Switch to see if it disables variant models more firmly. You'll want to crawl through VenStockRevamp/PathPatches/All-PathPatches.cfg and remove the ServiceBay lines, and likewise VSR/Patches/Kerballoons.cfg and VSR/Squad/Data/Structural.cfg. The model and texture files themselves are in VSR/Squad/Parts/Structural.
  5. I use Open Broadcaster Software, but surely there's a setting in Shadowplay to set the recording resolution. For this video in particular, it should be possible to crop it with Avidemux or the like.
  6. Should be. I made a change to that effect some time ago. What is this, a video for ants? It's hard for me to be sure with the low resolution, but those fuel tanks don't look like they come from this mod, and I've never had issues like that. I could believe that both of those issues are caused by upgrading a ship that was made already, if there are suddenly extra colliders and models which normally get disabled in the editor pre-launch. Could you get me a full-res screenshot?
  7. I've been using it in 1.5.1 for a while now. Be sure you're grabbing the most up-to-date version from my repository (use the green "Clone or download" button):
  8. Could you show me a screenshot?
  9. I've attempted to add some math to handle terminal velocity, but in testing it performed worse than doing without (I've left it commented in the code). It's on my list to improve...eventually. I've said this before (on previous pages), but I don't want to add altitude or velocity offset targets until the code is better at targeting zero/zero, especially in the case of terminal velocity -- until then, adding additional controls feels dishonest (like presenting a measurement to the micron when it was made with a meter stick). As for new parts, I do want to start making parts eventually, but I haven't yet. If you find some nice models, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  10. Good news: it's really easy to change transform names (thanks to @taniwha's io_object_mu library). However, it turns out that it's better to leave the flag and shroud transforms with different names, or otherwise only the first (on Squad's model) works properly. This has the unfortunate cosmetic side effect of putting two flag or shroud toggle buttons in the PAW, but oh well. If that was the only problem, I'd consider them ready to release, but the RT-5 and Mk1-3 have other issues. Turns out it's harder to make multiple models play nice with the variant system when they're supposed to do things instead of just look good: (As I said above, I've fixed the issue where Ven's variant, on the left, has its 'shroud' still attached.) Ven's model has an animation that Squad's does not, which I could believe is the cause of this issue, but I've tried ignoring it (i.e. not including the FXModuleAnimateThrottle in the part config), and I've tried writing a python script to snip it out of the model file, and neither approach has worked. As for the Mk1-3, Ven's and Squad's models have different layouts for RCS thrusters, but both sets are used at the same time, even though only one or the other should be active. (Also, the new IVA obviously is only suited for Squad's model.)
  11. A brief update on development: all of the revamped probe cores (Stayputnik, QBE, HECS/HECS2, OKTO/OKTO2, RoveMate) now have Ven's model coexisting with their Squad-revamped models, using the variant system. Same with the FL-T tank series. I've been making commits to a new KSP_1.5 branch on my repo: Still outstanding are the Mk1 pod, the Mk1-3 pod, and the RT-5 SRB. (Ven's RT-10 model has gimbals while the stock model does not, so I have made it a separate part, the slightly more costly RT-10-G.) These will require changes to Ven's models so that their flag and thruster transform names are consistent with the stock models, which will take a little longer.
  12. Yeah, because of the way Tundra tanks start 'empty' and then fill themselves if B9 is installed means that they fall through all of my patches, which are oriented around 'stock-like' parts. The easy fix is to add a patch like this: @PART[TE_BFR_Tank|TE_BFS_Fueltank|TE_F1_S1_Tank|TE_F1_S2_Tank|TE_F9_S1_Tank|TE_F9_S2_Tank]:BEFORE[zzz_SMURFF]:NEEDS[B9PartSwitch,!Pathfinder] { @mass /= #$@SMURFFCONFIG/lfofactor$ @MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch]:HAS[#moduleID[TE_Fuel]] { @SUBTYPE[LH2/O]:NEEDS[CryoTanks] { %addedMass = #$../../mass$ @addedMass *= -1 } @SUBTYPE[LH2]:NEEDS[CryoTanks] { %addedMass = #$../../mass$ @addedMass *= -1 } @SUBTYPE[Oxidizer]:NEEDS[CryoTanks] { %addedMass = #$../../mass$ @addedMass *= -1 } } SMURFFExclude = true } I can't promise that it will be perfectly balanced, but it should be better.
  13. Is it a solid rocket motor that's failed? I've had some of those make a bunch of noise because the ignition and combustion sounds keep looping.
  14. No, I'm referring to things like the old stock fuel tanks and decouplers and such. Parts that have been replaced by new models. Changing a part name is a save-breaking change, so I want to have a period of time before I completely remove it.
  15. HGR Community Fixes version 1.6.2 "Orange You Glad" is here! 02018 Nov 03 (1.6.1): Comrade Ogilvy Changing the internal name of the 1.875m fairings from "fairingSize1.5" to "fairingSize1p5HGR", to avoid any possible confusion with the Making History "fairingSize1p5" in Module Manager patches. The "fairingSize1.5" part still exists, but it's been marked as "TechHidden" like the stock Mk1-2 Pod and other parts to be deprecated, and it will be removed in the next release of HGR. Made the Lima pod a recolor of the Soy-Juice capsule. Recolored the Garlic pod to match. 02018 Nov 03 (1.6.2): Orange You Glad Added fairing color options to Heavy LES tower.