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  1. I've finished disentangling Ven's new parts from the revamps to stock parts; if you just want the new parts, you can delete the "Squad" and "PathPatches" folders, and for just the revamps, you can delete the "Part Bin" folder. I hope this will be the final commit before I make a proper release:
  2. Right now, you'll have to crawl through the Part Bin/Data config files, tally up and keep the referenced models from the Squad subdirectory, and then figure out which texture files they need. Probably not a task that will take longer than 30 minutes, but it's not as fun as playing KSP. In a couple weeks (can't get to it this weekend because of travel) I'll get it sorted so you can just delete the Squad subdirectory and be done with it.
  3. I think what will work for you is to delete: Everything from VenStockRevamp/Squad except VenStockRevamp/Squad/Data/Parts.cfg, VenStockRevamp/Squad/Parts/Propulsion (the folder where the fuel tank models are stored) Everything from VenStockRevamp/Part Bin/ except VenStockRevamp/Part Bin/Data/Tanks.cfg, VenStockRevamp/Part Bin/NewParts/SoftTanks/, and VenStockRevamp/Part Bin/NewParts/CryoTanks VenStockRevamp/PathPatches Since you've asked about Restock, I've got a new to-do items before a 1.7.x release to move some models and configs around so that the new parts (e.g. the 1x3 mini deployable solar panel) only draw from models and textures in the Part Bin folder (currently some of them use files in the Squad folder). This will make it easier to migrate from Ven's Stock Revamp to Restock if that's your fancy, by making it easy to delete the configs that modify Squad's parts (and the models they use, saving memory) without losing parts added by VSR (avoids save breakage).
  4. After doing some digging, it seems that the drop-down menus (which includes the "specifics" submenus, the alarm sound selection, and the skin selection) aren't playing nice with the UI scale. I've made a pull request that seems to fix the issue in my testing, but for an immediate fix, you can open the settings file (GameData\TriggerTech\KerbalAlarmClock\PluginData\settings.cfg) and set UIScaleOverride = True (and UIScaleValue = 1, if it's been changed to anything else), although this will force KAC to not match the scale of other UI elements.
  5. Many apologies for the delay in responding, but those two nose cones just come with about twice the dry mass of typical fuel tanks of their capacities. (I don't know why NecroBones chose to make them so.) SMURFF is making them lighter, but when every other tank is so much lighter still, it makes their extra mass more obvious. In other news, it's finally time to release v1.9.0: The Power of the Special! I'm getting down off my high horse with this release; I've un-exiled several mod- and part-specific patches that I had been keeping in an "Extras" directory, because some of those part-specific patches are for Squad parts (the new Mk1-3, Mk2, and Mk2 Lander Can pods). These new capsules are much lighter than their counterparts (2.6 tons for the Mk1-3 vs. 4 tons for the Mk1-2, for example), so they'd be made of styrofoam if I let their masses get cut in half like the rest. Here is the full changelog: Vintage Kerbal suit variants now excluded from patching. Moved Ven's "Extra" patch into the main SMURFF folder, now called "Special". Squad's new capsules (Mk1-3, Mk2, and Mk2 Lander Can) now have a "Special" patch, since they're much lighter than their predecessors. Update ZBO power requirement patch and Procedural Parts patch to adapt to CryoTanks update. New "Special" patch for Universal Storage II tanks. New "Special" patch to handle Tundra Exploration fuel tanks.
  6. Alright, the new models are suppressed and the USI-LS patch is updated. Have at it and let me know if there's still anything that needs addressing: Edit: Now that KSP 1.7.1 has a release date, I probably will release the weekend after that (i.e. not this weekend, but maybe June 1).
  7. I liiiiiive... Renamed the Size2MedEngine's vernier transforms (@Phineas Freak) Adjusted fairing sizes and node placements of the Poodle, Swivel, and Reliant, to reduce the nozzle's interference with parts attached below. Next on the agenda: developing against KSP 1.7. I'm planning to suppress Squad's new engine models in favor of Ven's. Then, I'll look at the USI-LS patch. After that...provided nothing else needs attention...I'll see about making a new thread and release next week.
  8. Do you have any animated engine mods (e.g. Cryogenic Engines) installed? I may need to revisit that patch.
  9. Shroud (tankbutt) switching for the Poodle is back (@Stratickus -- and by the way, it is intentional to have the 'single variant' to suppress Squad's fairing) and heat shield nodes are fixed (@woeller). Still on the agenda: Rename the Size2MedEngine's vernier transforms (@Phineas Freak) Adjust fairing sizes and node placements of the Poodle, Swivel, and Reliant, to reduce the nozzle's interference with parts attached below.
  10. Are you sure you're using the most up-to-date version from the KSP 1.6 branch (the green "Clone or download" button)? I'm pretty sure I've fixed all of these. Likewise @TicTac, that's been fixed on the 1.6 branch in this commit.
  11. Those numbers are as intended. The boil-off is a little optimistic, but not unphysically so. Here's a paper from Lawrence Livermore suggesting that losses of 2%/day (= 0.08%/hr) are expected for LH2 fuel depots processing 1800 kg of LH2 per day, and here's a blog entry about a spaceflight concept that expected boiloff losses (doing the math) between 0.02% and 0.2% per hour. From a game perspective, 0.05% loss per hour is a half-life of 58 Earth days, so it's not going to be a concern for missions to the Moon or with cryogenic Earth escape stages. To get true zero-boil-off storage, for long-duration missions or depots, yeah, you're going to have to invest in infrastructure. I'll refrain from doing math in public, but you end up needing something like 600 W per 1000 L of LH2 to re-liquefy the boiloff as a very optimistic estimate, and if you figure (as Near Future Electrical does) that 1 ec/s = 1000 W, that's within a factor of two of 1.2 ec/s/1000L. Procedural Parts and Interstellar Fuel Switch jump out at me as possible culprits (SMURFF has patches that interact with those mods, but it's been years since I used Procedural Parts and months since I've used IFS). I'll do some tests this weekend, but you're welcome to do your own testing if you want results sooner.
  12. Yeah, but I can play with that node as well. Probably I'll move both of them together, so that Ven's Mk1 pod has its node up near its 'waist' and the heat shield's node is up at its 'rim'.
  13. Just the part config will be removed. When Ven introduced the "PoodleS2NTR" model (with the big ball thrust chamber, like the old Poodle), I made the O-80 to give his previous Poodle model (the nice SPS lookalike) something to do. Then, Squad revamped the Poodle to their two-nozzle model, and so Ven's first Poodle model could return to the Poodle itself, and so the O-80 will return to the luminiferous æther. I'll see about those thrust transform names...editing them is easy enough, but I understand there's a way to assign them different weights or something for ModuleEnginesFX? Can you tell me anything about that? The joys of mating rounded parts to flat-bottomed parts...I will see what I can do with the node placements of the heat shield to make that right.
  14. That, or using the information box that pops up when you mouse over the part in the editor. I don't have that problem when I just install SMURFF and SpaceY on my test install, so I need more information about what mods you have. There is already a patch for Interstellar Fuel Switch, although it doesn't run if you also have RSS installed, as IFS comes with its own patch. (At least, it did, as of ~two years ago, when I last updated that part of SMURFF. None of the addons I use depend on it anymore, so I haven't used IFS in a long time.)