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  1. Are you sure you're using the most up-to-date version from the KSP 1.6 branch (the green "Clone or download" button)? I'm pretty sure I've fixed all of these. Likewise @TicTac, that's been fixed on the 1.6 branch in this commit.
  2. Those numbers are as intended. The boil-off is a little optimistic, but not unphysically so. Here's a paper from Lawrence Livermore suggesting that losses of 2%/day (= 0.08%/hr) are expected for LH2 fuel depots processing 1800 kg of LH2 per day, and here's a blog entry about a spaceflight concept that expected boiloff losses (doing the math) between 0.02% and 0.2% per hour. From a game perspective, 0.05% loss per hour is a half-life of 58 Earth days, so it's not going to be a concern for missions to the Moon or with cryogenic Earth escape stages. To get true zero-boil-off storage, for long-duration missions or depots, yeah, you're going to have to invest in infrastructure. I'll refrain from doing math in public, but you end up needing something like 600 W per 1000 L of LH2 to re-liquefy the boiloff as a very optimistic estimate, and if you figure (as Near Future Electrical does) that 1 ec/s = 1000 W, that's within a factor of two of 1.2 ec/s/1000L. Procedural Parts and Interstellar Fuel Switch jump out at me as possible culprits (SMURFF has patches that interact with those mods, but it's been years since I used Procedural Parts and months since I've used IFS). I'll do some tests this weekend, but you're welcome to do your own testing if you want results sooner.
  3. Yeah, but I can play with that node as well. Probably I'll move both of them together, so that Ven's Mk1 pod has its node up near its 'waist' and the heat shield's node is up at its 'rim'.
  4. Just the part config will be removed. When Ven introduced the "PoodleS2NTR" model (with the big ball thrust chamber, like the old Poodle), I made the O-80 to give his previous Poodle model (the nice SPS lookalike) something to do. Then, Squad revamped the Poodle to their two-nozzle model, and so Ven's first Poodle model could return to the Poodle itself, and so the O-80 will return to the luminiferous æther. I'll see about those thrust transform names...editing them is easy enough, but I understand there's a way to assign them different weights or something for ModuleEnginesFX? Can you tell me anything about that? The joys of mating rounded parts to flat-bottomed parts...I will see what I can do with the node placements of the heat shield to make that right.
  5. That, or using the information box that pops up when you mouse over the part in the editor. I don't have that problem when I just install SMURFF and SpaceY on my test install, so I need more information about what mods you have. There is already a patch for Interstellar Fuel Switch, although it doesn't run if you also have RSS installed, as IFS comes with its own patch. (At least, it did, as of ~two years ago, when I last updated that part of SMURFF. None of the addons I use depend on it anymore, so I haven't used IFS in a long time.)
  6. Fixed the scaling and node positions of the Terrier. Unfortunately, while it's easy enough to have Squad's and Ven's models coexist as variants, doing so causes thrust effects to misbehave. Here's the changelog 'through the ages' from 1.4 to 1.6. Again, if nothing comes up this week, I'll package up a proper release and make a new thread: Changes for KSP 1.4: Support for localisation +PART patches expanded into full PART nodes (so that parts added by VSR are properly identified as such by Filter Extension) Added support for inflatable crew module feature Adjusted node positions of Ven's new Poodle model so that 'upgraded' vehicles don't have the bell sticking down into the decoupler below. Moved old VSR Poodle model to new O-80 "Gale" Service Engine part (size 2 monoprop engine). Re-enabled revamped wheel models (thanks @Enceos) Re-enabled giant SpaceX-style landing gear (thanks @notquitehalf) Added Part Variant support to Ven's engine models with optional tankbutts. Added Ven's textures and models as default variants of aerodynamic fairings and Rockomax (size 2) tanks. Added VSRexclude switch -- set "VSRexclude = true" in a part config and VSR will not swap its stock model(s) for Ven's versions. Balanced CryoX and soft fuel tanks for updates to CryoTanks. Adjusted node positions of several models to fit better and reduce thrust offset. Restored Ven's old aerospike model on top of Porkjet's. Lights no longer illuminate planets from orbit. Changes for KSP 1.5: Added fuel to Rockomax-48 fuel tank... Added Ven's models as default variants of revamped Mk1 pod, Stayputnik, OKTO, OKTO2, QBE, HECS, HECS2, and RoveMate probe cores, and FL-T (size 1) fuel tanks. Added new RT-10-G SRB to use Ven's model (with gimbals). Changes for KSP 1.6: Added Ven's models as default variants of revamped multicouplers, Rockomax and FL-T adapters, and nose cones (Aerodynamic Nose Cone and Protective Nose Cone Mk7). Added new ADTP-3-2-H part, as a special lightweight hollow adapter between size 2 and 3 parts. (Squad's revamped model is a fuel tank, so Ven's model doesn't apply to it.) Fixed Rockomax tanks. Ven's old Poodle model returns to revamp Squad's revamped Poodle model. Marked O-80 "Gale" service engine as deprecated (TechHidden = true), to be removed in a future update. Ven's engine models now overwrite Squad's revamped Poodle, Spark, Terrier, RT-5, and RT-10 engine models. RT-10-G SRB removed. Adjusted node and fairing positions of Skipper model, so it is now more convenient to use with size 1 parts. "Changelog" for users installing Ven's Stock Revamp on KSP 1.6: Most parts in the base game (i.e. not from Making History or any future expansions) get completely replaced, but there are a handful of exceptions: Spaceplane parts are generally left alone. (The "Wheesley", "Whiplash", and "Panther" engines get some decorative turbomachinery added to the front of them.) Squad's revamped fuel tanks, adapters, and probe cores are still available as variants (though Ven's models are now the default variant for them). The revamped Mk1-3 pod and Mk2 Lander Can models are left alone, because their IVAs have changed significantly and no longer fit with Ven's models (and they look nice enough). New parts that fill some gaps in the stock range, including half-sized deployable solar panels, structural girders in multiple sizes and configurations, and a range of Oscar 0.625m fuel tanks.
  7. So, I just landed on the Mun with that rocket, and had no difficulties (well, it fell over when it landed because I didn't put landing gear on it). I did notice a little more tendency to wiggle in the final meters per second of a burn compared to the stock Skipper, but that's because stock engines (except the SSME and Panther) have no gimbal response speed; the engine simply snaps to whatever angle is commanded by SAS, whereas VSR updates all engines to have finite gimbal rates. It was easy enough to perform some corrections with the engine at minimum throttle. Speaking as an aerospace engineer, "precision maneuvers at high thrust" is kind of an oxymoron; controllers and actuators (in Kerbal and real life) have domains where they respond well, and will overcontrol or undercontrol outside of that domain. A Skipper on a 12-ton payload has a TWR of 5, which is huge; using a Poodle (TWR 2) will result in more delta-V and a TWR closer to 2, which is much easier for the controller to handle. I typically target TWRs between 0.5 and 2 when I'm designing upper stages. For true high-precision control, it's best to use RCS thrusters to perform fine adjustments after getting 'close enough' with a main engine. Especially if you play with mods like Throttle Limit Extended, which I recommend: Could you try it on KSP 1.6.1? I understand Squad fixed some bugs related to the part database, and I haven't reproduced your issues with it. If it still acts up, I will need screenshots and logs.
  8. Can you get me a craft file?
  9. Fixed! Thanks for the heads-up.
  10. Not quite, because Squad reorganized some of the part textures between 1.5 and 1.6, such as the Rockomax tanks. However, if you use the KSP_1.5 branch, be sure not to use the RT-10-G booster, because that was a temporary part that I was trying out as an experiment while figuring out what to do with Squad's new booster variants, and it no longer exists in the KSP 1.6 branch.
  11. I've just fixed the multi-couplers and adapters, which I think are the final parts that needed fixing. Check it out with the green "Clone or download" button: In my testing, that bug that @Daedalus451 mentioned occurs even when VSR is not installed, so it's not an issue here. If nothing else comes up in the next week, I'll publish a full changelog and see about packaging up a proper release and a new thread.
  12. The reason the node was so far up in the bell is because of how far up the Skipper's fairing was (a size 2 decoupler had to fit with the bottom edge of the shroud). So I moved the shroud down so that I could move that node down, and now size 1 decouplers fit in much more conveniently:
  13. I've adjusted the position of the Skipper's fairing so that size 1 parts are easier to use with it. Edit: Also fixed the Spark's shroud.
  14. The Poodle is fixed, but I'm having trouble with the Spark. I thought I just had to change the name in the ModuleJettison, but the shroud is still showing up when it shouldn't. Somebody who knows more about part models should have a look. Kerbalism will get my attention eventually. (If it's actually an issue? There seemed to be some confusion on that point in the thread.)
  15. All textures and models in GameData get loaded; I know there have been mods in the past that would unload textures that aren't used in particular scenes, but I don't think the game itself prunes the database or anything like that. That's what software like AutoPruner is for (to rename designated files to have the ".pruned" extension so that the game won't load them).