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  1. Okay, so this is part of KVV after all -- it shows up when you have the center of mass turned on, which you can do with the 'weight' button by funds readout, or if you have RCSBA, which is what threw me off, pressing the '5' key.
  2. I haven't got my RSS install upgraded to 1.12.5 yet, but I just tried SMURFF in my test install and it seems to be working. As a quick test, if you load up the stock Kerbal X in the VAB, it should give you 8850 m/s with SMURFF, compared to 'only' 6428 m/s in the stock game. Even with SMURFF, you'll still need to make pretty substantial rockets to get into space, and even more so to go interplanetary -- approximately 9.5 km/s of delta-V to get into Earth orbit (you only need 3.5 km/s or so for Kerbin), plus another 3+ km/s to escape. The Saturn V had a launch mass of nearly 3,000 tons (compare to 130 tons for the Kerbal X) to put about 140 tons into Earth orbit and send 44 tons towards the Moon, of which 15 tons landed on the Moon and 5 came back to Earth.
  3. By fortuitous coincidence, I think I've fixed this issue by disabling the method responsible for that operation (to resolve another issue). It will be fixed when I get around to making another release!
  4. The RPM config files don't have pages defined for the A/B/C buttons. I've just made a pull request to add them, but Nertea's busy working on KSP 2 so it may be a while before it gets addressed. In the meantime, you can copy this patch into your GameData folder to enable them! EDIT: Be sure to update DPAI to version 6.11 or later, so it can handle NFP's different button layout.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if the 'fault' is with KVV. The way it rotates the vessel is really hacky, basically directly bashing quaternions together, and IIRC it assumes certain things about the editor's orientation as part of that process.
  6. I remember getting that myself, and I think it is related to RCSBA. It might be disabled by pressing the number '5' or '6', but likewise, it's been a long time. Updating this mod for KSP 1.12 is on my todo list, including looking at step rotations, but things have been busy lately, and diving into the code is as much a learning experience for me as it is for any of you...
  7. Should be. The easiest way I can think to do this would be to start with just Ven's Stock Revamp, take the ModuleManager cache file to get the VSR-patched part configs, and then change all the part names to have 'VSR' on the end or whatever so they're "new parts". Then delete the "VenStockRevamp/Squad/Data" subfolder (not the full Squad subfolder, or else all of Ven's models go away too!), the PathPatches folder, and then install Restock, and everything should probably not break.
  8. Obviously there was no reason these parts couldn't work in KSP 1.10+, but I've updated them for the new stock Construction system in v1.4 We CAN Build It! Updated to support KSP 1.11's Construction system.
  9. Just as KSP has had its final major release, XT Landertron 1.3.0 "KISS" is here! Updated part configs to use KSP's stock EVA construction system. (Also had to recompile the DLL, so this version should only be used with KSP 1.12.x!) Fixed a few config errors.
  10. It's possible to delete the "Squad" and "PathPatches" folders and just have Ven's new parts on their own, but otherwise I'm not aware of a good way to make VSR and Restock play nice together. You could construct a patch that lets both Ven's and Nertea's variants coexist for fuel tanks and maybe probe cores, but that will be much more difficult or perhaps impossible for engines, RCS thrusters, and any other functional parts.
  11. The final major release of Ven's Stock Revamp is here! V1.16.0 "Too Much Space In Space" Updated to new models and variants in KSP 1.10, 1.11, and 1.12. No longer revamping RV-105 RCS thruster (Squad's revamps are fine enough, and Ven's model isn't set up to be flexible with variants) RT-1 "Cricket", RT-2 "Grasshopper", and RockoMAX models (from Ven's new parts) are now also applied to the stock FM1 "Mite", F3S0 "Shrimp", and S2-33 "Clydesdale" respectively. The RT-1, RT-2, and RockoMAX are now marked as 'TechHidden'. Ven's Mk 5 Strip Light is also now 'TechHidden' because there's a better striplight (that actually emits light!) in the stock game. Renamed "Part Bin" subfolder to "PartBin", to accommodate Module Manager patches Localized SpaceX-style landing leg (missed this one back in VSR 1.10) Fixed Nose Cone Mk7 patch. Fixed some config errors in LV-T15 "Dachsund" and LV-900 "Beagle" engines. Fixed loading errors from IVA props. (Gated RPM modules behind "NEEDS" blocks, deleted unfinished models.) Restored a few missing textures. Fixed RT-20 "Sickle" model and adjusted node location accordingly. Fixed model location on BACC Thumper. Set up inventory configs for Ven's new parts.
  12. Apologies for the delayed response, but I've fixed this in my development, release coming very soon! To those asking after Ven's Mk1-2 pod revamp...yeah, I like how it looks, too, but the windows are in a different place than the Mk1-3 IVA and I don't have the skill set to make a new IVA (or adjust the revamp model accordingly).
  13. I'll have to see how that parameter is accessible to Contract Configurator, but if there's a way for CC to read it then I should be able to make that an option.
  14. Some parts should theoretically be able to co-exist as variants (e.g. fuel tanks), but when I tried to have e.g. variants of the SRBs or any functional part, it wasn't happy (especially anything dealing with animations).
  15. This one is the mod of mine that is most likely to need a recompile, since it deals with shaders and things that can change between game versions. I'll get to it when I can.
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