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  1. @Diazo Reporting back on KSPAPI.dll issues. Steps: 1) Grabbed newest KSPAPI.dll 2) Removed all but one KSPAPI file in Gamedata and replaced it with the newest version. Result: The game didn't even load. 3) Left all KSPAPI files I had in Gamedata and replaced all of them with the newest version. Result: Voila. Everything works now. Hope this helps
  2. @Diazo: Understood, thanks for prompt response. Will try to leave only one copy of the .dll and report on results. Cheers
  3. @Diazo Yeap, I got 4 of them) But they are all in different mod folders. Are they all the same and I can leave just 1 in one of the folders? Edit: On the KSPAPI Extension github page it says: "To use these you must include the KSIAPIUtils.dll in your project rather than just copying the code as there's an election process to ensure the latest version is being run." So does it really matter if I have more than 1?
  4. I get blanks in the menu and cant set up which action group to trigger. Something tells me this is not supposed to happen:
  5. My beer went all over my keyboard. I have a laptop. Screw you. This is awesome.
  6. I see your point, BUT: 1) If I should set the orientation manually before each burn, why would I need the EXEC command to hold the node orientation at all. See what I mean? 2) Honestly who launches crazy big ships to be unmanned??? And for 99.5% of ships it would be totally fine to go out of warp a minute or two (well in advance) before the burn time, and then resume the warp after achieving the proper heading. And even if you really need to launch that unmanned monstrosity, well you still have the option to schedule an orientation command when you want it. I do understand it is a matter of convenience, and it is entirely up to you guys whether you want to implement this or not. But I think it will make the flight computer a bit more user friendly and consistent. P.S. I totally love this mod, so keep up the great work)
  7. Hi all, I am here to report the following behavior: When I send a command to execute a maneuver node it then time warps right to the start of the burn (maneuver node time minus half the burn time) and then simultaneously starts to execute burn and turn towards the maneuver node heading (blue cross). That means that some dv is wasted burning in the wrong direction => desired orbit not achieved. So I have to send another command before the burn to orient towards maneuver node, which is ok, but if you are in hard mode and accidentally forget to set another command, well not ideal. It would be better if the flight computer did it like MJ does: warps till say 1min before the burn to give time to orient the craft and when orientation is achieved it just continues to warp till the burn time. (one note here: KJR freezes the craft for couple of seconds after each warp time, so it would be nice to account for that as well) Hope this helps cheers Edit: Also I just figured out that v1.6.1 is a most likely reason KSP froze as a process and did not respond every time I go to map mode while in flight. Reverting to v1.6.0 fixed the issue.
  8. Have the same issue with camera center shift at 6000m. The craft flies up and the camera lags behind. Also chutes are not being staged, they are shown in stages in VAB but when I go to the launchpad, they are not there, although I can still activate them pressing space... weird huh? So here is output log: , I started the game, launched simple ship, experienced a bug, crashed, reverted, exited the game. Hope this helps, cheers.
  9. You will be much better off by using something like dropbox and share a folder, because it syncs whats inside this folder to everyone. Result - you get instant update whenever anyone changes anything. Although you cannot play simultaneously of course.
  10. Thanks 'awfully' for this !!!! I am annoyed as well that they don't put it up somewhere else! Great news! Waiting for the update)
  11. Reporting same issue here. In .47 everything bloats to 400% size, scaling back doesn't fix it (parts become offset and do not revert to original positions). Reverting to .44 fixes the problem, for now...
  12. So TweakScale. I am wondering if anyone has written a code to support scaling the parts. I havent found any reference to tweak-scale in this thread (I do realize I should probably post this on tweak-scale thread, but how will anyone know to which values should antennas be tweaked...) This seems to be an interesting feature to have, but I have neither skills nor time to do it at the moment. In the end, is anyone even interested in this?
  13. Be careful with that optional MJ Module, my planes started to freak out (if using SAS) right from the runway. Had to uninstall that and they worked fine. Just saying.
  14. Would love to help, but log of what do you want to see? I can crash a mk.1 pod straight into the ground from 100km, and upload a log, is it going to help?