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  1. Yes and it is a problem with multiple ships Thank you for answering. I think it is a tweakscale issue as the docking ports where attached straight onto fueltanks that were tweakscaled up. Seems to be working fine when im not using spaceship with tweakscaled parts.
  2. Yes the docking ports are the same size. I've docked a million times before on earlier ksp versions. But for some reasons they don't want to connect now. I'm using win 7. I got loads of mods but the docking ports are stock. Anyway thank you for answering. When i dock manually i turn on SAS, when mechjeb does it I don't think the SAS is on. Maybe there is a weight issue since there is small ships docking to huge refuelers. Thank you for answering.
  3. So I recently started a new kerbal game after a lengthy pause from playing KSP. Getting the docking ports to grab each other seems to horrible difficult now. Manual docking of mechjeb docking don't seem to matter. The docking ports are kissing each other but don't want to connect. Changing to another docking port and other forms of trickery don't help. Is there an issue with ksp 1.31 and docking or is it just my game?
  4. Does the survey stakes work? I got some hammered down on Minimus next to a landed Orbital Shipyard, none of the Stakes show up anywhere in the UI.
  5. I say go for it. Just keep it bardolatry free.
  6. Poll poll, since polls is such a hot potato in the forum now, why not have a poll about polls?
  7. I play on win 7 and stability is not so bad.
  8. Seems to me that VAB crashes amplify over time. I export my ckan mod list, back up my save games and do a fresh install when the VAB starts causing the game to crash. It is quite annoying to do fresh installs several times a week. But I can build rockets without to much hassle.
  9. This happens on when building Kis/kas bases on even slighty uneven surfaces. Build your base on one the minimus flats instead. Minimus is also more fuel efficient if you are building up mining infrastructure
  10. A brown dwarf is a failed star. A substellar object with not enough mass to start hydrogen fusion.
  11. Me too, I googled "weird words", so I could tag the thread with some weird word, the first weird word I clicked on was a perfect match.
  12. What happened to the daily kerbal updates? They seem to have absquatulated.
  13. Yeah it looks better, and the game flows much better. The VAB crash bug is really annoying though.
  14. Had a crash after maybe 20 minutes of play in a new stock career game. Inside the VAB with a low part low tech rocket. When pressing collect data on the science junior thingy the blue buttons turns blinky and weird until the bays until the data is collected. Haven't played more than maybe 25 minutes of 1.1 so I can't judge it yet,but it looks good.
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