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  1. I think there are a few images of it already If there isn't, it's not too hard to zoom out and take a few images.
  2. @JadeOfMaar Congratulations on the release.
  3. Is it possible to add a glow map to a kerbal space suit (main texture, visor, or helmet)? If so, how easy? Also I apologize if this was asked before, I checked and there was no indication of a question like this.
  4. @Kebab Kerman It's an interstellar mod in-development.
  5. @StarCrusher96 How did you make those? Instantiator is my only guess..
  6. I figured it'd be neat to simulate magnetic fields/radiation in KSP. I also figure this nebula would be hyper-radioactive anyhow, lol.
  7. @RealKerbal3x No, it's a neutron star/pulsar. It's also in that nebula.
  8. I haven't posted (as most of the progress here is made in the Kopernicus Discord), but nonetheless I will be making optimizations for a final, first release. I hope to have the mod finished before either the start of February or March. I make no guarantees, however.