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  1. I noted this issue whenever I enabled lensflares for stars distant from the Sun. The lensflare moves away from the star in question and will teleport back into place, this is more apparent when timewarped. I doubted anyone else has mentioned this, but I would like for a workaround, nonetheless here's a reference image The dark brown dot above the star is the Sun, by the way.
  2. So I messed with the values in the scatterer UI (I have EVE clouds over this planet which extend to ~90 KM above the surface, the result: I'm not certain if the atmospheric effects/haze is fixed to extend roughly 30 (ish, upon appearance) KM for example above sea level. The planet in question is 248 KM in radius, though.
  3. @The White Guardian I don't think it worked, given this result (with my EVE clouds on the same planet): The EVE clouds extend 80-90 KM above the planet's surface. The scatterer haze would otherwise be present, although not necessarily 'above' the clouds as I'd intend. Also, by any chance should I change the planet template from Laythe to Eve? I'm not entirely certain whether that would work or not.
  4. By any chance, is there a way to make scatterer atmospheres 'extend' above a small radius above a planet? I'm making a relatively small moon with a large atmosphere, here: Although the atmosphere extends to 315 KM above the surface, I planned to add EVE clouds to the planet (Kniedas), which may or may not present complications with its appearance.
  5. Changelog for Suthe V 1.9.1 -Fixed scatterer configs (I didn't know they were legitimately broken), -Added an alternate version for the stock skybox featuring a new nebula and several blue stars inspired by Orion's belt. - Changelog for Suthe V 1.9.2 (Asford) -Fixed Asford's appearance overall, in which endless bugs would previously de-render the oceans, and make the terrain black. Also the atmosphere was broken.
  6. @Arthas_ImmortalDK I'm not certain but it's likely that Kopernicus is prioritizing other mods' rewritings of planets over mine. I'm not certain if it's that you want more planets from SSSO (Suthe), but you'll likely want to delete planet configs from other mods so only the Suthe ones show up. From what it seems on scatterer, a similar situation is probably occurring, although I can't say for certain since all of the stock scatterer configs are the only ones present, apparently. It's likely a mod incompatibility. Also, could you tell me what you've customized? I think some of the planets' home-star has been changed, and as such they won't load. If this is the case, try changing "Sun" to "Amphion" for the parent star for the planets.
  7. @Gameslinx I'd be happy to collaborate with you for compatibility patches. This also goes for all other planet-mod designers, as well.
  8. @Arthas_ImmortalDK You will need to add the code from one of the planetList.cfg to the other. If that doesn't work, then you're likely doing something wrong but all of that requires a compatibility patch for Suthe to work with @Gameslinx's planet mod.
  9. @GregroxMun Nice addon! But I would suggest two things: -Gilly Space Program -Jool Space Program
  10. I personally felt this warranted its own post, but I have a question for my audience. It is hosted on strawpoll (https://strawpoll.com/495we6d) I wanted to hear if I should use Space-Engine esque clouds to keep for consitency, or use realistic cloud textures for realism.
  11. My bad. I was sort-of distracted and for some reason, never picked that up when reading.
  12. @Galileo I also wanted to know what DDS compression you're using on the bump and standard textures, I assume DTX1?
  13. @Galileo I'm curious as to how you've managed to add what appears to be 'bump' maps or 'normal' maps to your surface textures for GPP. I'd like to know how you made them since I'm trying to make some realistic textures for my own mod.
  14. @Gameslinx Ok, I'll (within a few days, hopefully) work on that, since at the moment I'm taking time to work on EVE compatibility. --- Suthe 1.9 2.0 plans -3 new objects (optional addons) -Anthopolis, a gas giant that which (optionally) Talia will orbit, and will be accompanied by several other moons. -Opithannis, a sand/ice planet and its orbit is elliptical to a degree from Athode (or Asford, unknown yet) to the next object. -Liannocus, an ice giant that which is likely larger than most other objects (currently rooting or 5-7K radius, but it could go as far down as 3K). It has anywhere from 3-5 moons (all of which are spherical, although none have atmospheres of their own). I'd like to hear input from anyone else/suggestions on new objects in this mod. I'd also like an assistant for a Delta-V map, but it's likely I'd prefer they'd be available after 2.0 or planets being constructed for it. I'm fine with a pre-2.0 one, however.
  15. @Gameslinx Does your mod feature Mac/Linux compatibility? I might use those for reference when adding compatibilities.