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  1. maceemiller

    [1.3.1] Real Solar System v13.1 [26 Apr 2018] a fresh install with no mods.....added the 1.4.3 Kopernicus and the 1.3.1 RSS mod with the 4096 texture pack and happy days! It works like a charm Will SLOWLY add my fave mods and keep checking if any of them break the game but I'm....excuse the pun.....Over The Moon
  2. maceemiller

    [1.3.1] Real Solar System v13.1 [26 Apr 2018]

    It just does not work. I didnt expect it to yet I tried. Ive been told it will be updated. ...sometime
  3. maceemiller

    [1.3.1] Real Solar System v13.1 [26 Apr 2018] does not. looking forward to this actually working in 1.4.3....
  4. As for f9 I didnt press it for remembering every part no, I cant, but the mission that still makes me goose-bump was my Cassini-Huygen trip to Saturn in the RSS mod. Hope you enjoy....I certainly did.....
  5. Something to do on a planet when you get there might be a good idea. Apart from the obvious mountains it does seem a little. ...flat.....
  6. maceemiller

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    If I'm honest...I just play the game....bigger things in life to worry about...
  7. maceemiller

    What did you do in KSP today?

    What A BRILLIANT couple of hours Ive just had on KSP!! Such a simple mission but its rejuvinated my love for this game no end! I posted the start of my idea here and have just finished part 1 of for the rove and rescue to think of..... What really made me feel great was how scared, nervous, excited, concentrating etc. on the descent to EVE through the atmosphere.....sheer enjoyment!! Well, the boys are down and about to do some roving before a rescue mission is sent......until then please check out s few more piccys from Bill and Jebs Excellent Adventure A simple entry to EVEs surface I know however its got me excited about KSP again so however its done, its a wonderful feeling
  8. maceemiller

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Hi all So after not really playing much of KSP due to real life issues and a complete lack of drive to play if im honest, Ive come back with a new hunger for the game by simply making up my own story to follow and its going like this...... Just built a rover that Im going to simply parachute onto Eve's surface with Jeb and Bill on-board and there they will cruise around sight seeing....Ive only ever been to Eve once in the last few years of playing so time to enjoy it there..... Then I will try to send a rescue mission to bring them back home (if I can....havnt got that far yet) but Im excited about trying. Please feel free to view my simple rover and the launch craft on the pad waiting to go EDIT--------Stage 2 seperation in orbit. Now just have to wait for a transfer window
  9. Cant wait to see if its just you or KSP itself...either way, lets play!!!
  10. maceemiller

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week! thinking this thread has steered off line a little from its original reading what i call "picking at each other" between members here...shall we get back on track and be excited a new update is coming? Just my opinion....
  11. maceemiller

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Gahhh..well, im really excited about 1.4.3 even if, from what ive been reading others are not....sick of hearing about this bug or that just going to play the damn game and have me some fun.....
  12. maceemiller

    Biggest Plane with a Juno

    My my what an interesting challenge. I am purely a rocket builder....planes hold no interest to me on KSP or real life, but this challenge has really "got my attention" Im soooo going to try this...I know I wont do very well....probably won't land my craft as me and runway landings fall out with each other every time we meet but I want to try
  13. maceemiller

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Havnt played KSP today as at an event in the NEC Arena in Birmingham UK however everytime I look around I think im in the SPH!!
  14. maceemiller

    Where did my personal parachutes go?

    I believe Kerbals need to be level 3 or above to have parachutes.
  15. Probably one or more of your mods are not compatible with 1.4.1 yet so will crash your game. If I was you id move all the mods into a new folder and run KSP again to see. I also use CKAN for my mods as you can easily see which ones are updated to the correct game version.