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  1. I'm gutted I dont have the time to play KSP anymore as it looks like its progressed well.....maybe one day I'll fire it up again....maybe
  2. I haven't really played since February yet I have MH and BG. I've never liked the career mode however I'm feeling that this will be the best option though to "re-learn" how to play KSP
  3. Because you cant get home
  4. @Aeroboi quote..."Just out of curiosity, for what do need this" Is it time to be worried on Kerbin now......mu ha-ha-haaaaa
  5. I'm glad it's just not me. I've actually re-tried 1.7 on a new HDD partition as I did for 1.3 I think it was....no difference in performance.....its so painfull to even get past the start menu.
  6. Odd? 1.6 works fine yet a new 1.7 install is as choppy as you like? Done a defrag etc but no change? No mods etc....stock install....dissapointed...
  7. Looking forward to playing 1.7...... I've had a break from gaming since January and when I get back back from the holiday I'm currently on it's time to fire up the 'ol PC, update KSP and take to the black void again
  8. SR 71A Blackbird B52 Bomber Harrier Jump Jet
  9. I honestly don't know? On my install it works perfectly however I have no graphical mods installed.
  10. @Grigetio it works perfectly ... an essential mod....it just works...
  11. Ok thx. ....I will look though.....
  12. I'm presuming your talking about a game? If so I don't know it but will certainly search for "it"
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