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  1. maceemiller

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Arrgghhh....never got a screenshot of Harry's rocket but I will say, after a little advice, he launched one that touched 300km straight manoeuvre nodes needed here Gotta pack laptop away as having Sunday dinner soon but the boy understands how to "fly a rocket"...we had many fails and many spins yet on each build adaptation he told me " this feels better"....also got him now reducing thrust at about 450...500ms on his own so getting there
  2. maceemiller

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Even though it's not happened yet, within 2 hours of this post my friend is bringing her 3 children here and 1 of them, Harry, aged 9, wants me to let him build a space rocket He likes Minecraft and Lego and recently he's taken an interest in my telescope....he's seen through it the Moon, Pleiades, Orion Nebula, Mars and Venus a few mornings ago (looks so bright and in cresent shape from UK)...... I'm really looking forward to seeing him what ya like!! If it fails to fly I know he will ask "why" it didn't fly.......then I can start teaching the basics and hope we have a new player in the making..... If all goes well I'll post a picture of his first build later on today
  3. maceemiller

    Going to Duna

    I was going to suggest a dV map and Transfer Window Planner but no need!! It's been said. Never fails to amaze me how this community never gets tired of repeating/reposting links or answers to new and old players alike... It's a refreshing feeling....
  4. maceemiller

    Rover deployment without landing.....

    So, I've nearly built my first "boat" type cradle to get the rover to the mainland and while it looks completely ridiculous its doing the job (ill post a piccy soon) Surprisingly being on the water is great fun and, when I have some time I may try to build something to travel down the long river system on Gael I spotted from orbit..... This game never stops giving.....
  5. maceemiller

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    @4x4cheesecake well it does work in 1.6.....don't know what I did wrong before but thankyou for your help....btw...I love it!!
  6. maceemiller

    Best KSP RO/RSS version

    I would guess KSP 1.3.1 A very solid version with more mods than you can shake a stick at.
  7. maceemiller

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    @4x4cheesecake thankyou. I will try again. One thing though, just incase it's me doing something I just download and extract to the GameData folder as per most mods or is there more to do (such as the Unity thing the OP wrote which i dont understand)?
  8. maceemiller

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    I have tried this in 1.6 and nothing changed so I'm presuming it's not compatible. Has anyone got it working in 1.6 though?
  9. maceemiller

    Rover deployment without landing.....

    Hmmmm...I've never attempted any form of travel on water....I'm basically a rocket only guy. That's actually a very good idea as the mainland is not far away from the launch pad in GPP so that could be a viable option. Cheers for giving me more to build and test....this game never gets old.....always a new problem to it
  10. maceemiller

    Rover deployment without landing.....

    I'm glad you did. I appreciate your reply. I, obviously like you, see no care in a Kerbal except I prefer to make sure these green things get to where I'd like them. Must ask them what they want...
  11. maceemiller

    Rover deployment without landing.....

    On this play I'm using a different planet for GPP.... The launch pad is on an island so have to "fly" to the mainland.... If we don't die on landing, myself and my Kerbals will drive, walk or whatever else we can do to get there.... .....I've 2 things built and going through a vigours testing phase.....
  12. maceemiller

    Rover deployment without landing.....

    @HvP thanks for your reply. As for landing without a runway I can't land WITH one! Maybe I will try and build a VTOL however I've tried to pilot one before and found it......challenging
  13. maceemiller

    Are they blurry or its just me?

    Can't say I've noticed any blurryness on any parts. Are you sure your settings havnt changed? Graphic card drivers up to date?
  14. Hi all..... So, currently I'm playing sandbox and im in the VAB on Gael, the GPP side of KSP. I will build a rover-esq thingy that I want to take to an icy mountain not far west of the launch pad. Getting there is not an issue....I do feel a plane is the obvious choice but I struggle with landing planes....(I've tried so many times to land on the runway and failed 95% of the time) My question is what's the best way to get my rover there? My gut instinct tells me to fly a cargo plane there, decouple the rover and land via parachutes.... My gut also tells me that that's "an easy way out" but it would work.... Thoughts anyone? I will read/take advice from the community.....
  15. maceemiller

    Re-Entry Orbital Simulator--anyone played this?

    Nice! Will definitely be getting this....great find