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  1. I too have this issue and cannot explain it. Im running KSP n its own partition on a LITE version on Windows 7 and while it runs flawlessly 95% of the time there is that one occasion it will run choppy from the loading screen, even from cold which requires a restart......problem gone. Only ever had in 1.3.1
  2. I have CKAN and use it when needed however if I want to manually instal a mod I do. There has never been any conflicts in my experience.
  3. Back when I was a kid

    When I was a kid my Dad brought home a was such a brilliant thing I can remember it like it was yesterday (44 now)
  4. Graphics card driver up to date? Tried running as an administrator?
  5. What did you do in KSP today? I was testing my Lander at Laythe....landed it fine but attempting to get back to orbit was a disaster. Within 5 seconds my craft exploded?? Schoolboy error...I had the game on 4 times time warp......what a wally.....
  6. Urm no thankyou....I play with a mouse, keyboard and flight stick
  7. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Well, maybe not funny to you guys but today my phone rang....I answered and I was asked if I was "ginger Jamie from Tesco" ....i said I wasnt and then she asked "well, what Jamie are you"........wth???....a 28 second phone call that really confused my day....true story im afraid to say...
  8. TrackIR didn't work

    I believe it did work in a previous version but which one i dont know
  9. TrackIR didn't work

    no, just stopped wasting time trying. It was becoming a problem....spending all evening trying to find a solution and getting nowhere.
  10. Help, sudden onset of lag

    What @adsii1970 says
  11. TrackIR didn't work

    I tried tracknoir 6 months ago and got nowhere, not even asking on the say it just doesnt work, hence I gave up trying.
  12. The 2018 Kerbal Dakar

    So, im back in.....all wheels only style Built myself a real ugly rover which runs only on electricity yet looks are not everything, so im told........ 11th of January ....... entering a test rally....... .....I will complete the challenge before 1st February ......
  13. The 2018 Kerbal Dakar

    Urmmmm, am I missing something here? I thought it was the Dakar, not the Red Bull Air Race..... May decline to enter now as it doesnt feel like a level playing field.... EDIT.....I dont mind losing....winning was never an option but this is like putting a VW Camper alongside a MIG......
  14. What did you do when you where 8?

    When I was 8 it was 1981......I climbed trees, played football and started wondering what I was going to do with my.......well, you get the picture
  15. Never seen or experienced anything like that. Must be a graphics card issue...