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  1. maceemiller

    Telescope recommendations?

    Thankyou @Green Baron I will look into this information
  2. maceemiller

    Telescope recommendations?

    Hi all As a child I loved looking at the stars with my tiny telescope with my Dad. Time went by and girls became more interesting, followed by work, marriage, kids....some may know the drill! Im now 45 and, following the unfortunate passing of a friends father she gave me his telescope. Its rekindled my love of star gazing and for the past few weeks its been great....I've seen Mars, the rings of Saturn and Jupiter with 4 of its moons..... Its not a powerful telescope at all (D-60mm F-700mm refractor) so im looking to buy a reflector as I've always wanted one but never have. Id like to get "a little closer" to the above mentioned planets but also need enough light to get in the telescope to be able to see some "deeper" objects (Andromeda Galaxy) for example. Ive been looking at Orion and Celestron brands but is there a reflector you would recommend, regardless of brand? My budget is about £250 ($350) Thanks in advance.
  3. maceemiller

    Rocket building app

    I would love an app like this. Imagine....start building on the go then when im home, fire up the laptop, transfer from phone/tablet to KSP and continue....Heaven
  4. maceemiller

    Matching Altitude and Speed

    im not a clever guy so probably can't help much but heres my total KSP philosophy. .... I build what I think might work then launch.....regardless of the outcome I repeat....then repeat....then repeat until I get it right. not much help I know but it works for me..
  5. I remember wanting to go to Duna in sandbox so I built my rocket and launched.... ....I was quite new at the time and forgot to stop burning at my desired AP (I was too busy messing about in map mode) the burn made me leave Kerbin SOI and as I watched I somehow got an encounter with Duna! a complete fluke but hey....I loved that moment
  6. forget playing ksp....never! seriously though, I play with the RSS mod currently and have about 30 mods. it takes around 3 to 4 minutes to load up which isnt too bad I think on my :- HP Elite Book 8440p -- 2.4 GHZ -- 8GB RAM -- NVIDIA NVS 300m .....a complete spud!! i run it on a separate partition on Windows 7 running on full graphic settings without too much lag. maybe background issues....not defraged........ in any case... this game is more than worth the wait ;p
  7. maceemiller

    Electric boat challenge

    ahh ive tried mate. dont get me my early KSP days I could actually get a plane id built to fly.....I even managed to do the "space plane to orbit and land at the KSC challenge" hence the badge in my signature. ....I just lost the art after managing to get to other planets and land, explore and return home to Kerbin..... Currently I spend all my time with the RSS mod. Ive recreated Cassinis mission to Saturn, even dropping my Huygen probe on Titan on the way... building the Parker Solar Probe at the moment. ... anyway. ..enough about that....back to your challenge. ...I "may" attempt but will certainly keep an eye on this thread..... cant wait to see what creations people come up with
  8. maceemiller

    Electric boat challenge

    nice!! as I said I make rockets and probes to go to always amazes me how people can make stuff like that. believe me ive planes for example are, well, if they lift off by the end on the runway, even for 200 meters im happy lol!
  9. maceemiller

    Electric boat challenge

    I love seeing new challenges but as im a rocket man only (havnt got the skills to build much else) I must ask one question about this challenge. ... I know weve only just met but can I see yours please
  10. maceemiller

    Docking problems

    the old "upside down" port embarrassing as it sounds I still...rarely now done the same
  11. maceemiller

    Fire not leaving engine.

    pictures would help us to understand more..... do you mean no fire from the boosters or the planes engine? if you mean the planes engine try right clicking it and click the toggle mode button if there is one. I think it toggles between wet and dry mode. I rarely use planes or air breathing engines so forgive me if I am wrong.
  12. maceemiller

    What sort of KSP player are you?

    I guess im a rational player really. I do spend a lot of time with the RSS mod which means lots of testing! I only play sandbox though - I find career as much fun as having teeth pulled!
  13. you know much as landing on the Mun to me is bread and butter, I love reading tutorials like this. for a new player its invaluable but for myself, an experienced player I get so drawn into it....its like learning all over again. these tuts never get old
  14. your not wasting anyones time....if nobody wanted to help they wouldn't try! Have a look on youtube for a guy called Scott Manley......his tutorials are where I learnt so much of the basics of KSP.... ....we all only want you to help you
  15. mmm...I have been on many forums and seen many, many trolls however in this case im not sure "troll" is the correct word....I mean, he/she actually went to the trouble of making a video to show us their problem. What I'm trying to say is "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink" The help and advice is right here on this thread.....