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  1. This mod is amaizing to say the least but it really does need to be updated to include IVA's for the newest capsules, and some old ones too (like the inline mk2 cockpit)
  2. I'm not sure if I should ask here or on Technical Questions, feel free to move it if it's incorrect. Good afternoon! I'm in need of a way to bypass a contract in career mode. Why is that? Before you call me a cheater, let me explain. I got a contract to build a Station housing 8 kerbals and with 4000 units of fuel in it. As you may guess, my early career mode parts couldn't support such a station in one launch, so I designed the parts separately (Housing, Main docking hub, Fuel depots and Science lab) and then went on to dock them in orbit. I was afraid that this might happen, but the contract doesn't recognize the station as valid since it wasn't launched all at once. Knowing all of this, is there a way to bypass the contract, and to earn myself the money I was pormised? I'm using the Contracts window + and the CapCom mod. (they may or may not have a way to bypass contracts) Thanks in advance for any replies!
  3. Hey jester, is there any way to use this on ksp 1.2.0 atm?
  4. yeah you're right. but, does version 2.0.2 work with ksp 1.2.0?
  5. is the mod up to date for ksp 1.2.0? if not, when will you?
  6. hey guys how do I update it? Steam isn't updating it and I don't know how
  7. Mighty spud actually helped. I saw a couple of vids, and you need those Programs.
  8. how do I know which version of Unity the game uses?
  9. Thanks I use notepad++. I'll download those Programs and I'll search tutorials
  10. Hi guys! I know there are a lot of modders out there so I want to ask you. What tools and programs do I need to start moding? the most I did was to edit stock parts and change thrust or fuel consumption. I know some programming and I won't be shy to learn a new one. I have a lot of free time and I wanted to try this.
  11. Can you move it? I havent se en any Of those
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