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  1. The Creative Commons license accompanying BAE-LP is already very permissive. There are only three rules to follow: Your derivative work must credit me (greystork) as the original creator of the BAE-LP content you use. You may not charge money for your derivative work. You must share your derivative work under the same license (CC BY-NC-SA). Go forth and mod my mod.
  2. I am considering retiring this mod, so unless there is a huge outcry, there probably won't be any further updates. There are several reasons for this: The Behemoth Aerospace Engineering - Large Parts mod doesn't seem to have a huge following. NecroBones already covers most of the area of this mod in his SpaceY Lifters + Extended mods (up to 7.5m parts). If you really want oversized parts, you can just use TweakScale (in your case combined with Nertea's Near Future Solar mod). To my knowledge, the only thing in BAE-LP that doesn't work in KSP 1.1 is the landing legs. Everything else in the current version (1.3.5) should still be functional. However, if any of you wish to convince me to NOT retire BAE-LP, don't hesitate to post your opinions. If I get enough responses, I might reconsider.
  3. Hi Yuri, As I recall, Sturmer's problem was that he was missing about 70 MB of files from his installation. I would recommend that you download the mod again and install it from scratch. Don't forget to remove the old BAE folder.
  4. New update (v1.3.5): ± Fixed engine heat animations ± Updated test subjects to new format. ± 'Predator' tanks now support ModuleCrossFeed. ± Multi fuel tanks now default to LiquidFuel/Oxidizer if neither InterstellarFuelSwitch nor Firespitter is installed.
  5. Hmm. I had hoped for something a bit less generic. You didn't by any chance rename the BAE folder or somesuch?
  6. I'm afraid I can't replicate the problem on my end. While loading KSP, could you please open the debug window (Alt-F12, Debug tab) and see which error is thrown that stops KSP from loading? Thanks!
  7. You are probably running out of memory. Try installing the Active Texture Management mod.
  8. I'd like to see the specs on the engines in the Martin Marietta 34 design. What are those - 10m in diameter? Edit: Found a bit of info on them. Almost 123,000 kN per engine!
  9. Okay, I've pushed an update that should deal with this issue for good, so hopefully you won't hear any misgivings relating to Behemoth Aerospace Engineering in the future.
  10. Ah, thanks, Nightingale - I had forgotten the details. Whovian - did you catch that this is a bug in Texture Replacer and not something specific to BAE? Many other mods won't work with TR and without Active Texture Manager installed, either. If you want to use Texture Replacer, please also install Active Texture Manager to avoid this bug.