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  1. Fastest Way to Jool on about 10,000 dV

    Playing around with the transfer planner located at: http://alexmoon.github.io/ksp You can get some pretty quick potential courses. I got one for 9,000m/s dV, which would be a 210 day flight. If you meant 10 km/s total including getting to LKO, then it indicates a 6,500m/s burn for a 250 day flight too. Bear in mind that at such speeds slingshots are more or less useless as mentioned above, even if you're using a Tylo capture. Setting the planner for a capture burn puts it about 7km/s of dV, add in a Jool orbit of around 8 or so km/s you'd have a fun time aerobraking with an entry speed of around 15km/s. TL,DR: Totally doable for a flyby.
  2. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Looking on the footage posted upthread: An extremely close up view at around 4 minutes shows some faint puffs between First and 2nd stages, presumably the Fairings?
  3. Or, behave like the proverbial pigeon and strut/produce mulch all over the board anyway, regardless of victory or not. I feel like your thoughts just went all Mass Effect. Coming up next time: "Kerbulan, you have changed nothing. Your species has the attention of those infinitely your greater. That which you know as kerbals are your salvation through.... Salvation?"
  4. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Well, it might be.... According to SpaceX, FH should be capable of 16.8tons to Mars, so what are they going to do with the rest of the payload?
  5. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    So, if I'm remembering Culture novels correctly, he's moved on from Use of Weapons (OCISLY, JRTI drone ships) and is now on State of the Art, wherein the lead character lands on Earth from orbit via a car rebuilt for the task, and the ship Arbitrary sends a postcard to the BBC asking for Space Oddity to be played...
  6. I half expect someone to draw a smiley face in it, like Picard did in that slow-mo warp core breach in TNG...
  7. ALIEN SKIES: A 6.4-scale playthrough of GPP/Rald

    Or this? Or did you mean a face that has seen horror, rather than a face that is horror?
  8. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Wouldn't it be rather a worst case scenario, given higher local g(and so more thrust needed) and the presence of atmosphere narrowing the plume, amongst other issues?
  9. Cheated an Albatross (The big, slow, high altitude style stock plane) into Orbit. Went as well as you might expect on the way down: Not pictured: The results of the flare maneuver near the runway - the wings folded together, broke apart and a highly amusing set of explosions were generated.
  10. KSP Challenge: Brick from Orbit Challenge!

    Intermediate difficulty - no Engines, Parachutes or Wings: Bricky McBrickface, massing 0.505 tons: Launched into approximately 90x100km orbit, deorbit stage removes about 80m/s. Re-entry fire really doesn't happen much: Rotate from retrograde to prograde for 'landing': And tip back over once landed: 2.6km from KSC - in grounds, or within sight? It's on the flat bit.... Assuming in sight, 2 points, minus 3 x 3.5 (.35 tons of not brick), -8.5 points/10. (Or -5.5/10 if this is in grounds)
  11. Any idea exactly how much gravity? Does it need 1g, or would it work at less?
  12. I feel like having a submarine, which needs to have a density roughly that of Water, and the Tsiolkovsky equation just wouldn't mix, for a manned vehicle.
  13. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The fact these all happened after succeeding at their actual missions really helps that enjoyment, too.
  14. KSP Challenge: Eve Speed Challenge!

    It doesn't have to mean that. Whilst KSP doesn't have a fantastic amount of realism, most fuel tanks and other objects can be assumed to have a similar density. This means that as far as dV goes, a visual 'guesstimate' will give you an idea of the mass ratio for your rocket, and if it's good enough. As long as each stage's fuel is a good deal bigger than it's payload + engine, visually, then you should have a good mass ratio for purposes of this challenge. It is slightly harder getting a good liftoff TWR, as you have to add more propellant and engines to do so. Mammoth Engines are handy as they don't lose much thrust at sea level. Vessel Mass * 10 should be less than Number of Mammoths * 4000. Vectors surface attach, so add them and give an extra 1000 thrust per vector, should give a good idea. You could add SRBs, but they have a lot lower TWR (2.46) for themselves. Vectors have about 10 times as much TWR. The craft I used had a ludicrously high TWR (~2) in the end, so this is probably overkill as a way of planning.
  15. KSP Challenge: Eve Speed Challenge!

    The trick I used is, use a transfer window planner online, eg: http://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/ And get an idea for how an ejection burn should go. The most useful burns will be below (shorter) than the graph shows, but it'll give you an idea. Once you've done that, play around with maneuver nodes until you get a transfer time you like. According to dV maps for the stock system, a Kerbin surface -> Eve Elliptical Orbit -> Kerbin should take about 6km/s of dV. Less if you aerobrake at both Eve and Kerbin. You can probably get that much dV off of the start of career Launch pad. The craft I used had about 30km/s, about 16 - 17 of which was Ions. Beyond that, get to Eve, and unlike my previous try, capture. That gets you a 'free' turn around to point back at Kerbin and plan a new burn back. Then burn for as long as your rocket and sanity last....... On an similar note: Same rocket as before, but it worked well enough. Worked well, and used all the chemical rockets and half of the NERVA dV. One overly long capture burn: But nothing like the burn here, shown about 80% done. Took an hour, with 4 ion engines..... And Kerbin gave, shall we say, a warm welcome: I don't know if I've had Jeb look that scared before..... Anyway, I believe the time to record was start - Eve SoI - Kerbin SoI: 75 days, 3 hours 13 minutes.