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  1. 1101

    Drag coefficient of my rocket

    Sorry to add a whole extra thing to think about, but the Drag Coefficient will also change depending on Mach number. It usually increases towards M = 1, then decreases again after and levels out after M = 1.2 or so. And the speed of sound itself changes with temperature, which varies depending on where in the atmosphere you are (decreases, then increases).
  2. 1101

    Kilauea erupting 2018

    Well, they have raised their bars a bit in the on the spot hazard mitigation - no casualties from this event. The USGS have an absurd number of volcanoes to watch, including KIlauea, and have a good understanding of what is going on. To be fair that has been learned the hard way, for example with Mt St Helens (38 years ago to Yesterday!). As for other countries, I can't overly say because I don't follow those as much, but the impression I get is that it really is a cultural thing. Places like Merapi for example seem to have a lot of people who are unwilling to move or can't move for a long period of time if a lengthy evacuation notice is placed. The reasons for that probably stray too close to politics for this forum. Planning for floods, I can relate to that as I live near places that flood from tides or rain - and ultimately it does come down to prediction as much as anything else. If you can evacuate prior to the event, things can be rebuilt afterward. Evacs and resupplying for people who can't immediately ultimately comes down to relatively low cost, low risk approaches like wading with a boat and a team of first responders. Yeah, you need a helicopter for Hawaii. And I believe some of the affected area in Hawaii is actually on a 1955 lava flow, so yes it has been affected before.
  3. 1101

    Kilauea erupting 2018

    I was surprised too, but this explains it: from https://volcanoes.usgs.gov/observatories/hvo/faq_lava.html Hazard map available here. The main argument I've seen is that people build in floodplains, earthquake zones, tornado areas, hurricane areas etc too, but that feels more like a lack of geohazard planning being a species wide thing.
  4. 1101

    Xeelee Sequence

    The Destiny's Children books (Coalescent, Exultant, Transcendent) should make sense by themselves, more or less. I started with the big 'Xeelee: Omnibus' book, which has Raft, Timelike Infinity, Flux and Ring.
  5. 1101

    Kilauea erupting 2018

    I daresay many people here are aware of Kilauea currently erupting, but for anyone who doesn't know, here was a livestream (not sure when it ended): Current Status of the whole situation here, courtesy of USGS. Map as of about mdnight (UTC) 19th May: Thermal map, base image is not current, but Thermal was as of about 0100UTC 19/5: Lighter colours are hotter. On the right where it is labeled as stalled it would seem to be poking through again - will be interesting to see the next image.
  6. Guessing that would be the relevant quote then.... Or, your edit and post of the start of the prelude, that too.
  7. Not sure on the exact canon as far as this story is concerned, but I assumed that Kerbals gave up violence after some sort of cataclysmic war, which explains all the rocket parts that are 'found lying by the side of the road'.
  8. "Don't [BLEEP!] with the Culture Kerbals"
  9. 1101

    Specific Impulse Help

    I think it is 20 pounds divided by 0.167 pounds burned per second is equal to a specific impulse of 120 seconds. Or, 20 lb/0.167lb.s-1 = 120s
  10. 1101

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I think, technically, they can both win.... and the structural integrity of FH loses...
  11. 1101

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I did kind of skim read those documents - one thing of note was that Skylab apparently got higher Isp (and about 18m/s more dV) than expected. I didn't know that the S-IC could change mix ratio, for some reason thought that was just the J-2 stages. Back to SpaceX I guess...
  12. 1101

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    As an example, a comparison of Apollo 11 to Skylab 1 gives some interesting results - 3 second shorter S-IC burn time for Skylab, but peak accelerations prior to CECO/MECO were ~4.4g for skylab, ~3.9g for Apollo 11 with it's squishy LM and humans. Skylab MECO velocity was 2,565.3m/s, Apollo 11 2,402.7m/s. Figures from the Flight Evaluation reports for both missions: Skylab Apollo 11 So overall Delta-v would be really similar for S-IC performance across both launches (only 150m/s difference), burn times nearly identical. I presume small increments in mission procedures and payload type (crewed vs uncrewed) are other causes for the differences. So, as burn time is a function of tank size and fuel burn rate, more or less the same for most (non-recoverable) boosters. SpaceX, I get the impression at least, flies steeper (especially for RTLS) to give the second stage more time for a longer burn, and reduce velocity to be removed for recovery, but correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. 1101

    ALIEN SKIES: A 6.4-scale playthrough of GPP/Rald

    Add more mods! Like Ol' Boom Boom. Or Sea Dragon! And congrats on landing somewhere as evil as Venus. Did you spot any runaway greenhouses?
  14. 1101

    ALIEN SKIES: A 6.4-scale playthrough of GPP/Rald

    Probably to ensure an explosion, in the event of unplanned nominal behaviour.
  15. Implies mass kill off of characters? Check. Schedule Slip? Check. This really is Game of Thrones for KSP. And it is good, and I eagerly await the next installment.