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  1. Welcome, fellow Canuckian! Fellow Albertan, even. I'm not much of a winter person, KSP all winter. But in the summer, camping wins out every time.
  2. Absolutely! Let's have at least a slightly sane progression.
  3. This is a good idea. Much better than the way I currently think of them - probe, normal, Rockomax, and Kerbodyne.
  4. You know you play too much when you don't consider your computer booted until KSP is running.
  5. I'd love to see somebody try this in FAR and let us know how (or if) it flies.
  6. Why wouldn't it work? All it took for me was to play with the offset gizmo while the angle snap was turned off. sal_vager got his amazing results by using combinations of the offset and rotation gizmos. Happy landings!
  7. My dumbest name was probably also the very first rocket I ever built. I called it the DT-1. DT stands for ... Death Trap. There was no DT-2. Of course, there was also the 'Pencil' just because I couldn't think of a name and that was what it resembled on my desk at the time.
  8. Ever since the new gizmos in 0.90 I've wanted to give this a try. I finally got around to it yesterday and was fully amused when I got it to work. Then I did a google search and found that sal_vager had already done this in the spacecraft exchange subforum. And that one is way more extreme! Anyway, I think a lot of people won't get to see this cool idea down in that sub-forum and it's visually interesting enough to be posted here. (The mods may disagree. )
  9. Welcome to the forums! Glad to meet you, too. I find it's a very interesting and fun community. Happy landings!
  10. I sure spent a lot of time trying different designs and tweaking them. I kept thinking I was missing something. I didn't want to spend a lot of time looking at other designs, because I wanted to accomplish my goal and then go back and look at what others had done. So I didn't realize nobody else had taken the Mk1-2 pod down. Anyway, it's good to have some feedback indicating I'm not totally over-engineering. Yeah, my first Eve lander back in 0.24 was based on something I saw on youtube. Just FLT-800's and aerospikes. Multiple tanks, a decoupler, and untold numbers of struts for each engine. I've learned so much since then. I think you're probably right, and after that mission, I would be willing to sacrifice in terms of a bit more mass in order to reduce the part count. Fewer tanks = fewer decouplers and fewer struts. (The struts needed on this 'thing of a thing' just killed my part count.) I also think I probably had way more lander legs than needed. I didn't test them to failure and I'm not sure of any 'load rating' numbers for them. I made touchdown at about 2 m/s or so and they appeared very solid.
  11. Thanks, I appreciate the encouragement. Yeah, I set the goal for myself and at times I felt like I was banging my head against a wall. There's something to be said for perseverance. Oops! I had intended to only leave enough for docking, but it seems I always forget something. Yes. After all, if you go to the beach, you have to at least take a dip. Thanks again, Laie!
  12. Off the top of my head... The user interface is often finicky. Using map mode it can be hard to click on a Pe or Ap marker instead of the orbit line or an existing maneuver node. It's often difficult to click things when part count induced lag sets in. Content, both visual and gameplay. Building models, cockpit interiors, sophisticated contracts, more unlockables with Kerbal skill levels to make all the skill levels useful, more unlockables for the KSC buildings to make the building upgrades more useful, and... clouds. With resources, we will need proper base building parts as well as the extraction/processing parts. Some kind of transfer window indication, and maybe some representation of delta-v.
  13. @Starlionblue and @manni01 The OP states that command chair lifters are ruled out.
  14. Hello! Welcome to the forums! Lots of good advice can be found here as well as a community with whom to share your KSP triumphs and tragedies. Happy landings!
  15. Starhawk


    Hello, and welcome to the forums! Glad to hear you're enjoying the game. We have some ongoing debates, but nobody usually jumps down your throat around here. Happy landings!
  16. It seems to me this is what's happening. As you climb into thinner atmosphere, you have less lift. Given that your lift is decreasing, you need more pitch to maintain altitude at a given velocity. But, since lift from control surfaces is decreasing as you climb, you may run out of pitch authority when you need it most, and find yourself unable to maintain altitude, i.e. increasing nose down tendency. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this seems to fit with what you describe.
  17. 0/10 in the post. 8/10 for the cool rocket in the sig. (That was an amazing video!)
  18. I was very impressed by the review. I think the writing style and the flow make for a very easy read and you get your ideas across very well. There is currently an entire thread in these forums devoted to debating whether KSP is more of a game or a sim. Good work! Keep writing!
  19. This is an excellent idea! There is a lot of scope for some game mechanic like this so that science doesn't suddenly become useless. I hope we see something like this or something that will accomplish the same goal when the next update shows up.
  20. Perhaps on option could exist to spend science points on 'General Research' which would result in overall improvements to the performance of parts you already have.
  21. So, way back in the mists of time, there were video arcades. While wasting many youthful hours (and quarters) I found one game I really liked. It was called Starhawk, of course, and an image from that game is my avatar. (Black and white vector graphics. Do I ever feel old!) It became my favourite gaming handle, and I've used it off and on ever since.
  22. Well, I guess somebody has to mop and bring coffee.
  23. Welcome! Good to see you introducing yourself. If you've been lurking that long, you obviously know how huge the variety of skill levels is here. Both in the game and IRL. You don't have to be a physicist to play the game, but it helps. Happy landings!
  24. Welcome to the forums. These forums are definitely not generic. Happy landings!
  25. The settings option available from the opening menu screen has an 'Input' tab which allows you to change the key bindings. Happy landings!
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