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  1. Starhawk's post in KSP doesn't see any crafts in VAB. was marked as the answer   
    When I've seen this behaviour before it's always been due to a single corrupted craft file in the directory.
    The craft files are just text files and can easily be opened and viewed.
    When I've experienced this, it has been easy to tell just by looking at the various craft files which one was corrupt.  I had to delete the corrupted craft, but all the others were fine.
    Hope this helps.

    Happy landings!
  2. Starhawk's post in Satellite in designated orbit was marked as the answer   
    Hello wardogjohn and welcome to the forum!
    In almost every one of these cases, the satellite has been put into orbit moving in exactly the wrong direction.
    If you look at the target orbit in map view, you should be able to see an animation within the orbit line moving around to show you which way the satellite must move in the orbit.
    Also, the markers which indicate inclination when viewed from the satellite in question should be very near to zero.  If they are near to 180 then you are going the wrong way.
    Hope this helps.

    Happy landings!
  3. Starhawk's post in How to pin orbit markers? was marked as the answer   
    Right clicking any marker in map mode should make it stay displayed.
    Happy landings!
  4. Starhawk's post in Naming docking ports was marked as the answer   
    I believe that it's Docking Port Alignment Indicator which adds that feature.
    Happy landings!
  5. Starhawk's post in How to use Tylo to get an assist into Jool orbit? was marked as the answer   
    If you change that setting I mentioned, you should be able to see the resulting orbit.  The trajectory shown in the OP does not look like it will result in a good capture.  As I indicated, I try for a trajectory that just touches the circle of Tylo's orbit in one place and then adjust my trajectory in and out a bit using the maneuver node handles until I have an encounter and then adjust that until I have a good capture.  I like to do this about halfway between Kerbin and Jool.
    This is five Tylo gravity captures - one for each of the original ships in my KRRAKC Jool flotilla.  All but the middle one are pretty much encountering Tylo just at the tangent to its orbit.  And the middle one, which cuts across a bit, results in the most eccentric capture.  It is definitely a bit fiddly.  But very satisfying to get.
    edit: Actually, the fourth one cuts across quite sharply as well.  Anyway - once you can see the resulting orbit line - red in this case - you can adjust it until you have a good capture.

    Hope this helps.
    Happy landings!
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