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  1. I had manually set everything in the part.cfg to "start". Do I need to do the same with MechJebNoCommandPod.cfg?
  2. Ok, so I just started up a new game after downloading the new expansion, updated mods through ckan, and tweaked the MJ parts to get all modules at the start. After fully upgrading every building I still don't have all MJ modules. Has something changed? Are there more steps to take now? What mods, if any, conflict with this (I added a few more since the first install)?
  3. I am not sure if this was covered yet about the new expansion, but something happened and I can't figure out how to fix it. Ok, so I like have the full MJ at the start and in the past all I had to do was go into the .cfg file for the parts and replace all the starting tech to "start" then upgrade the tracking station fully after which I have all the MJ modules available... now, nothing. I assume the mod had to be changed to account for the new expansion, so do I need to do anything more to get all the modules at the start again? Before you ask, I use CKAN and according to that everything is updated.
  4. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but it's working now. I downloaded the latest stable Dev build and did the usual routine of changing all the tech to "start" in the config file and upgrading the Communication building fully. I know of "MJ for all", but I noticed that they were slow on updates a while back, maybe things have changed since then. I'll give another look.
  5. I'm not sure if this was already addressed, but I can't seem to figure this out. A long time ago I was able to tweak the config file to have all modules available at the start, then a few updates happened then I had to upgrade the control building fully in addition to the tweaks to get the modules. Now I am only getting half of the modules at the start even after upgrading all the buildings. I know there were a few updates to this mod so something had to have changed for this. There are no errors or anything like that, in fact the game runs beautifully with the exception of this. What do I have to do now to get all modules at the start?
  6. Please forgive my noobness, but is there a way where I can set this up to automatically hit alt, speed, pitch and such on a plan? I want to be able to "fire and forget" when I first ignite the engines. When testing this out I have to manually go in and change the numbers and apply the change. I am a MechJeb user and I love most of the features on it, but plane guidance leaves a lot to be desired. I can see this mod is very good for what it does, but can it do what I would like it to do? I watched the video on this, but he didn't really explain much.
  7. I know the last reply was a while ago and I'm sorry for bumping, but has there been any more autopilot mods since then? Lazor is dead in the water and highly doubtful of ever coming back. I use MechJeb but its plane guidance leaves much to be desired. I would like something for 1.05 with either waypoint or target guidance.
  8. I found the issue. The version of module manager I was using kept changing the line. I had to delete it and download another version. It's fixed now, thank you.
  9. I have this issue as well. If you could, can you please explain this process? I am very hesitant about editing files. Nevermind, I figured it out. I had to delete the manager entirely. It wanted to keep replacing the line.
  10. Same here as well, ascent guidance works good up until I leave the atmosphere but then auto time warp stops and rockets do not fire for circularization orbit. Also no maneuver windows.
  11. So, should I delete the MJ2 part.cfg files and just use what was so kindly given in the post? I had MechJeb Embeded mod on but I deleted when I saw this. I have a fair amount of mods but nothing that would affect MJ... as far as I know. But the file placements are good, right?
  12. Ok, maybe I misunderstood this. I put the manager in the GameData folder and I copied and pasted what you posted into my editor and saved it as MMJ-MechJeb-ModuleCommand.cfg and placed it in the MechJeb2 folder. It still did not show up in the game.
  13. I am at my wits end. I have scoured the internet for an answer ever since KSP 0.25 came out and got nothing. In previous versions of this mod and KSP I was able to edit the part.cfg file for the mod to get all the modules of Mechjeb at the start of career mode, but now when I do this Mechjeb is not there except for basic information tabs. Please, please, please tell me that I am just doing something wrong and not the edits are being blocked somehow. I don't want to lose my favorite mod for this game. You people are my last hope.