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  1. One change not mentioned (I think). Key binding for Kerbals' helmet lights changed from 'L' to 'U'.
  2. Hi guys. Simple question. Is there any way to start the game without having to go through launcher.exe? I've tried just openning ksp.exe, but although it looks like its starting, and I get all the witty stuff, the progess bar never starts,, and I could leave things and go on a 2 week holiday to Blackpool (or the Maldives if I won the lottery), and the game wouldn't start. Any ideas?
  3. Sorry to but in on this thread, but I'm also struggling with someting very similar. I have a contract to place a probe in a specific orbit around the Mun. Here is whre I've got to. http://1drv.ms/1xsCLl1 (I hope that works!). As far as I can see, my orbit is as close as I can reasonably be expexted to reach. ... am I missing?
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