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  1. This is not from today but from the last time I played. I've been experimenting with shuttles. Disregard the unsynced audio, I was also testing the Windows 10 video capture thingy.
  2. Only manual flying here, no MechJeberino.
  3. I, uhhh... I killed Valentina in a bizarre timewarp accident. I rescued Samantha Kerman from orbit though, she's my new Valentina now.
  4. When the normal jet engine doesn't cut it, just add BOOSTERS! Or in this case, make a rocket-assisted jet. I usually just add 2 MK55s to give it the extra -oomph I need to get to the requested altitude, then just disable them and fly back normally.
  5. In my current save I have contracts for temperature scans and flag planting on the Mun, but I never had the "Explore the Mun" contract. Go figure.
  6. I rescued a pilot once, he's been the first kerbal on the mun in my last save. Too bad he crashed on reentry due to a timewarp issue. RIP in pepperoni.
  7. I'm still using rocket engines as a makeshift heatshield, so I didn't even notice the bug.
  8. Open the chutes at about 250-260m/s and you should be fine.
  9. Yesterday Jeb was considering other career paths. This is KSP I swear, it's a mod.
  10. That isn't an exploit, it is the true unsaid goal for space travel in general, on Kerbal and Earth alike. It's a typical trait of the human nature. "Get to another planet and MINE IT. MINE UNTIL THERE'S NOTHING LEFT. Then sell the resources for profit and move to the next one."
  11. No, the wheels are made to steer like a tank. On the bright side, you can turn around on the spot.
  12. Well, surface sampling/eva report missions usually give you locations a few kilometers apart, so a rover helps you with that. You could also go by foot or with RCS, but in places like Duna that would be pretty difficult/time consuming.
  13. For fun, basically. It's useless per se.