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  1. Taller, I reckon. The 2nd pad is nowhere near ready to start construction, and if the 22m payload fairing starship variant in the Starship User Guide is actually ever going to be a thing it'll need more than minimal tower clearance on the standard 18m fairing Starship version.
  2. There are plenty of situations where "date modified" is not the correct date to sort by. But moving on from date formats in filenames, my fantasy calendar would be 12 months of 30 days of 5 weeks of 6 days, plus a variable length festive week to make up the difference in the end of December, 5 or 6 days. Advantages - year always starts on Monday 1st January. Years end on Saturday December 35th, except on leap years when they end on Sunday December 36th. Dates always correspond to the same day. The 23rd of a month would always be a Saturday, for instance, and you can know that
  3. Haha, that's what I meant. Just the order is important, not the separator as long as it's not something incompatible. I generally use "-".
  4. For file names I definitely prefer YYYY/MM/DD. Sorts alphanumerically in an order that makes sense.
  5. There was a photo of a shipping status chart for engines for the orbital launch test spotted at Hawthorne recently. It seemed to be counting down to approx end of 1st week of July. Assuming then 1 week to go through acceptance testing at McGregor and 2 weeks for installation and static fires at Starbase, we're then looking at end of July or start of August at the very earliest. There's still a lot to do on Booster 2, SN20, and the orbital launch complex (tower, launch table and tank farm) though. My personal guess would be late some time in late August or early September.
  6. As an engineer who has to use both systems, as far as I'm concerned if all knowledge of the Imperial system were burnt in a fire nothing of value would be lost.
  7. I believe they're currently resurfacing the road to take heavier loads and allow vehicles to turn more easily.
  8. And they have rolled out previous SN's with engines pre-installed where it made sense. They do do a lot of engine installation and swap outs at the suborbital pads though. As mentioned by others, Superheavy may be particularly challenging to install engines on at the pads. The outer engines would interfere with the pad interface, and the orbital launch platform is at substantial height.
  9. As per usual, I'll believe it when it's on the pad. Roscosmos is long on plans and renders, short on development.
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