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  1. Rest In Peace: Breadlord Beale Von Loaf 1969-2420 ------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm Glad To See That The Tantares Mod Is In Safe Hands...
  2. Woah, This Mod Keeps Getting Better and Better... Keep Up The Good Work Bro!
  3. I Don't Think The Game Engine can Handle...That. But, It Sounds Awesome.
  4. Hey There, is anyone willing to make a Mod so that Kerbals could wear different clothing (Suits, Tuxedos, Shirts, Hats, etc). (Yes, I know we have Texture Replacer to replace suit textures, but it just doesn't work for what I have planned... ) Relatedly, can someone make a Sean Connery/James Bond lookalike Kerbal face to use with the Texture Replacer mod?...
  5. Please Stahp With The Bread Puns... They Are Really "Crumb-ey''... No? Fml...
  6. Is Beale Really Going to Make a P...PP...PPTS? *Jaw Falls To Floor*
  7. Wat?.... I Played KSP Since the Very Beginning and Now I Find Out About This. *Facedesk*
  8. Hey There, I Tend To Make a Lot of Stations and Orbital Platforms but making them is a bit of a chore for me. I Was Never Really Good at Docking since the Control Scheme is To Complicated and Hard to Remember. Is There a Mod To Convert All Docking Control to something similar to EVA Control? K Thx Bai ~PS: I Love U All~
  9. Wait, Our Dear Comrade Beale is Working On American Spacecraft!? Is Today Opposite Day Or Something?
  10. PolecatEZ I Seem To be Having Some Trouble With Your Delicious Looking Mod, Most of the Cockpits and parts in the mod seem to be completely colored in either Dark Grey or a Weird Glossy Black Color. Any Way To Fix This? :/
  11. Daaaym Beale those New Parts Are Looking Super S.e.x.y (Like Always). Btw, Any News On Those Gorgeous Looking IVAs you were working on? >
  12. I Hate It How Kerbals Just Turn into Dust whenever they Jump out of an Aircraft, Get Hit with an Asteroid, or Die in an Exploding Rocket. I Just Want a Simple Mod that Allows Kerbals to actually Die or Sustain Horrible Injuries rather then just Poof out of Existance. A little bit of Gore in the Mod would be a nice touch. Also Maybe the ability to Pick Up Dead Kerbal Bodies using KAS Would also add to this Mods Realism. List Of Injuries and Deaths I want to see in this Mod -Broken Bones -Brain Trauma -Organ Failure -Suicide -Getting Crushed -Murdered -Poisoning -Being Exposed to Vacuum -Being Too Badass -Chestbursters -Lack of Food -Getting incinerated -Dying From Anything That Involves a Rocket -Getting Melted -Insanity
  13. Beale, Is There Going to be alternate Soyuz Orbital Modules, More Antennas, More Solar Panels and some More Useful Misc Parts in the near future of this mod?