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  1. Some of many components of aerodynamic force that acts on each part scale linearly with dynamic pressure. You can safely abandon the idea of trying to look for a simple formula for your task. There is none. If you want to see what's happening under the hood, consult KerbalWindTunnel or CorrectCoL mod sources.
  2. No, it should work just fine. You'll have to diagnose your particular installation: logs, screenshots...
  3. Sorry, but no, there is no way to use stock trim. If you wish to pitch up very gently I can suggest caps lock (precise mode) and stricter pitch/roll rate constaints. Maybe reducing quadr Kp in angvel detailed window will do what you want and make keyboard more gentle.
  4. Look into the mods you have installed and see if you have some obvious autopilot-y conflicts.
  5. It is impossible to trim a stable plane's pitch in such a way that it would keep the level flight AoA on all speeds and altitudes, hence you either trim pitch before activating SAS and tolerate the slight dirft (or retrim) when rolling or use the mod in my signature.
  6. in GameData or in GameData/AtmosphereAutopilot should be fine.
  7. I was asking another forum user for his expertise, just wait. If you really need to play now, just remove AA or resetup KSP without a "downgrade".
  8. @Morse Can you have a look at the previous post, please?
  9. Don't know about RCS, but don't activate multiple autopilots simultaneously. It's not supposed to work.
  10. normal mode - sideslip is kept at zero when no user input is provided, sideslip itself is the setpoint. rocket mode - yaw is controlled the same way as pitch - angular velocity is the setpoint.
  11. Not that i'm aware of, just don't activate them both. At the worst some hotkeys may intersect.
  12. GameData/AtmosphereAutopilot/global_settings.txt master_switch_key
  13. AA's module order: flight model's onPreAtopilot -> top module manager's ApplyControl -> flight model's onPostAutopilot. I guess you'll have to call all three from the callback you pass to remotetech, while also ensuring they will not be called again in the same fixedupdate by stock ksp code.
  14. Sorry guys, but I'll pass. Will accept PR though.
  15. There is no technical difference. You can start the investigation by thinking about other mods that may interfere with drone cores. If unsuccessfull, come back with screenshots and logs.
  16. Ground effect should shake you a little bit when the lift rises rapidly, but I wouldn't expect AA to break. Just try it, because I didn't. CorrectCol doesn't change anything in-flight.
  17. Is the precession accounted for?
  18. Not at this moment. Blades are assumed to be part of the craft and take part in the math, breaking assumptions. Is this DLC prop or some mod?
  19. Yeah, there are separate settings for that, whether the vertical motion is enabled or not has no effect. For better or worse. Cruise flight gui: "Advanced options" description: hotkey altitude sens - tweak to manage altitude setpoint change speed. hotkey vertspeed sens - tweak to manage vertical speed setpoint change speed. Frankly, I usually just disable them, numeric input seems overall better.
  20. There was an option inside AFBW's, something like AA compatibility or similar. Does fly-by-wire mode work as expected?
  21. @Snark Vector3 is a struct and new operator on structs does not allocate on GC heap unless it's boxed.
  22. It's a hack to prevent vessel part upgrade code, intoduced by squad in 1.8.0, from crashing on custom control surfaces. Previous page (27) of this forum topic contains the rationale and sources.