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  1. Haha, thanks). Yeah, better be me than no-one at all. Oh, I believe the next month will be quite chill, people will be quite busy in the vacuum-related content.
  2. A screenshot of it not working and Log file would help.
  3. I'm afraid I can't help you, guys. AAP is flawed, it can be better. In both of your cases it may just be incompatible with your craft or what you're trying to achieve. I can only suggest to switch to FBW mode temporarily, at it may well re-adapt and start performing well in Cruise mode again.
  4. I'm afraid not, AA will be jerky right after the craft changes significantly. Lose control... are you sure the craft is stable without the cargo?
  5. Amazing presentation btw. IAS one is the most polarizing. The other two I'm on board with.
  6. https://github.com/Boris-Barboris/AtmosphereAutopilot/releases/tag/v1.6.0 Introduce AoA-Hold controller that holds desired AoA setpoint. Can be controlled by pitch hotkeys.
  7. Small usability release. https://github.com/Boris-Barboris/AtmosphereAutopilot/releases/tag/v1.5.19 Make use_breaks globally serializable. Do not override manual breaks usage under target speed in ProgradeThrustController.
  8. Hi, I suspect these are the problematic parts: You have FAR installed, but the parts under the spoiler do not use FAR control surfaces. Try looking into their modulemanager configs or asking a mod author for FAR compatibility.
  9. Sorry, but they won't properly work together, it's just doesn't stack that way. Anyway, thanks @HebaruSan for a bugfix for non-alphabetical vessel names: https://github.com/Boris-Barboris/AtmosphereAutopilot/releases/tag/v1.5.18
  10. Craft settings are just shortcuts to moderation parameters. If some craft misbehaves badly, editing them shouldn't help much. In general, AA's default tuning is best for agile crafts with a lot of authority and CoL close to CoM. Describing how exactly more advanced options work is quite laborious. If you have, let's say, pitch problem, you can try to play around with quadr Kp of the respective angvel controller. Don't expect wonders though. Most parameters are described on github readme: https://github.com/Boris-Barboris/AtmosphereAutopilot Parameters that have Kp in their name should probably help you the most. I'd say it's smarter to just use the right tool for the job, which is, apparently, SAS for some of your crafts.
  11. Unfortunately, you can't. AA's code needs to be changed. If it's very important to you, you'll have to uninstall AA
  12. It's not designed to handle quadrocopters, only conventional planes.
  13. @Morse, do you think the problem of the guy one post above is the same as in your post?
  14. 1). Shift+<Hotkey> does that IIRC. 2). That would prevent you from pre-configuring stuff before enabling AA. Sorry, no, I just put my trust in Lisias's eventual victory and do other things.
  15. You can also try to increase thrustProviderModuleIndex by 1 in part config. AA moves Gimbal modules to the head of module list, so all other modules before gimbal have their offsets increased by one. Oh, I see, AA already fixes thrustProviderModuleIndex, but only for first ModuleSurfaceFX it finds. That explains why deleting the second one fixes the problem. Can you give me the part config? I don't have a DLC.
  16. What you see is Specedock's notification about me stating that old 1.5.16 (that was created to tackle KSP 1.8.0) still works under KSP 1.12.1 There is no new release.
  17. Sorry, no idea. Try installing AA a couple game launches after FAR install.
  18. moder_cutoff_ias property in pitch's angvel controller UI is instrumental velocity (proportional to square root of dyn pressure) below wich AoA and G moderation is disabled, you can modify it. Out of atmosphere thing: I'm sure you'll be fine just disabling it on your own.
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