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  1. So the way we built the new and improved CraftHistory is as follows (picture included for deconfusion): We have implemented a folder structure to replace the old category system. This folder structure is now no longer just a visual representation of your categories but will get physically saved on your HDD. Essentially a category is now an actual folder (or sub-folder). As is right now you can save your current craft into the category i.e. folder (or sub-folder) you have currently open. Also you can move it out of its current folder and into another one simply by dragging and dropping it. This function works pretty much like cut-paste. As a possible solution for people who like to have a craft in more than one category we could implement a copy-paste function. This would however mean that the craft file itself will get saved into 2 (or more depending on how many places it got copied to) places on the HDD. We have been brainstorming this and found that the folder structure as opposed to the old tagging system is not only a neater way of organizing the crafts but also a lot less resource intensive since it will only have to load the crafts in the currently open folder as opposed to the old CH that would always load up all of the craft files every time you opened it up. We are currently working on a tree structure view for the categories(folders) which should make it easier to navigate. And also adding a slider to scale the UI. Let us know what you think.
  2. This is not something we can fix as the WASD camera control overwrites the status of the cameras Yeah it has a few glitches that have to be fixed in the future.
  3. For anyone having issues with the landing legs please post your full logs. For people where the landing legs/other modules are stuck at the bottom: Do you have the EditorCamExtension installed ? If so enable the extend hangar option. This feature is already implemented in a beta way. Alt+1 to 9 saves the position and CTRL+1 to 9 loads the saved position.
  4. Yes it does and you dont have to download it. The utilities should work in any version that is higher than required. But than again we could have broken something in one of the updates that messes with ForScience. The tree structure should be exactly the same as in the zip file anything else is asking to not work properly.
  5. This should be brought up in the ckan thread/repo and im sure it will be taken care of. The package contains version 1.0.0 of the KerboKatzUtilities. The version on github is 1.0.3. that explains why its different size