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  1. KER has not yet been officially updated, but there is a dev build for MechJeb2 that's compaitble with 1.4. Since (if I'm not mistaken) KER uses data from MJ, it might work. Found this handy list on Reddit showing which mods have been updated and which are known to be broken: https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/82qw3y/14_modlist_workingpartialnot_working_please/
  2. In an attempt to counter-balance the usual whining about slight inconveniences that comes with every update ever since 1.0, I'd like to thank the devs (and everybody else who worked on this) for all their hard work they put into the update. I'm sure that the small issues will be ironed out with the next patch and we get to enjoy the new improvements to this amazing game. Also big thanks to all the modders out there who tirelessly keep creating and updating numerous, incredible additions to the game that allow us mere mortals with absolutely zero programming skillz to tailor the game to their needs. Going back to play now.
  3. Oh yes, good old Prison Architect. And Aircraft CEO and Sim Airport are not helping much either.
  4. Burned out on KSP after I accidentally crashed an interplanetary shuttle into my Duna orbital base at about 350 m/s and hit F5 instead of holding F9 Afterwards. Haven't really played for more than 6 months, but kept watching vids on youtube and reading the forums though. Also, I got sucked into Rimworld pretty bad. But it'S nice to come back after a break.
  5. I think we can proclaim you the winner and call it a day. This is brilliant.
  6. My record is 22.5 hours in one session. Only interrupted by the occasional biological break.
  7. When you realize that the probe will not perform the fine tune maneuver half way to dres because you forgot to deploy the antenna and your probe is now just an expensive piece of debris.
  8. This is awesome! Finally a reason to use Rovers in KSP. Thanks for that, @RealGecko! Also, is resource usage calculated in the background? For example LFO or Enriched Uranium usage for reactors and fuel cells? Sorry if this has been answered before, I admit I haven't read the entire thread.
  9. We just had a major update and two smaller ones since. Development clearly continues, as is mod devlopment and maintenance. The user base has grown significantly and the game has been made available on consoles (the quality of the ports is a matter dor another discussion). Doesn't look too dead to me...
  10. Close-ish. I landed on a random point on Mün and zoomed out a lot to marvel at the munar surface when I suddenly spotted the arch right in front of me. I was still kilometres away, but still I found it real cool.
  11. I was refering only to the sentence in the quote...
  12. Thanks man. I just rapidly expelled a lot of mineral water through my nose onto the desk in front of me and my laptop, accompanied by a loud snorting/spluttering sound. In a meeting room full of people. Who then asked me whether everything was alright. Thanks for that.
  13. I use both. I use Mechjeb for plotting intercepts to other planets and let it do my burns in space. Do my own landings and launches though.
  14. I eagerly awaited the update to 1.2.x, this is on of my must-have mods. Far superior to the stock tourism contracts. Thank you for this amazing mod!