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  1. I hear only wind and engines. But nothing more. No kerbal steps on surface, no music, no ship effect. it's really boring. what?
  2. Hello guys. I have a problem with BDA... Weapons not deal any damage at all. Check both - missiles and guns. What i need to do to fix it?
  3. Since i start playing KSP it was one of my favourite game exp. But time's change. And now it's bring only disappointment. For the whole year almost no feedback about development. Still no roadmap. Devnotes is abandoned. No gameplay patches (not count language pack as gameplay thing) And what devs usually do at Happy Holidays? Right! They make announcements for the next year. Look at PUBG. It's less than a year old. Grows from 0 to 3kk online and moving on every day. And what the SQUAD did? Nothing! Not even a word about future of KSP. What a waste... So SQUAD recieves their well-deserved award "Waste of the Year - 2017"
  4. 1.3.1 is only about localizations. Localization is not gameplay thing.
  5. Where all of you saw info about 1.4??? I cant find any official posts about it even through Google.
  6. Looked in it 5 minutes ago. Didnt see anything about 1.4. Can you give me a link?
  7. So. No major gameplay updates since...? I dont even remember. No announcements. Many of ex-popular mods is abandoned. Game is in stagnation. I think it's dead for now. R.I.P KSP 2011-2017
  8. Take2 prohibiting GTA V mods. I dont want same fate for KSP. I want my BD armory alive!!! DONT TOUCH KSP!!!!
  9. Well... assuming that KSP was never alive - i can agree with it.
  10. But your brain is limited by a braincase
  11. Cuz it turns 30+ FPS into 15.
  12. In 2013, when i first meet KSP, it was something really new and unusual. I played almost 600 hours between 0.23 and 1.0 and it was really fun. I read DevNotes every week in anticipation of new cool stuff. But then hit a black line between 1.0 and 1.1 - lack of updates, lack of mods ( a lot of my favorite mods was abandoned) DevNotes become boring. Hype is ended, literally. Then 1.1 was released and broke everything, first of all - legacy shaders was removed and i couldn't play. Then BD armory and a lot of relative mods was abandoned. Then i heard that a lot of SQUAD team was leave. And what we have now? Almost no new info about future of KSP. A lot of mods abandoned because of KSP stagnation. No roadmap. And etc. So if compare 2013 with now... seems KSP is dead, or at least at death's door.
  13. Oh c'mon SQUAD. You keep 1.1 off our hands a whole year... well ALMOST a year. Cant you just wait until april 23??? Then we could at least celebrate without-a-patch-anniversary. Now we cant, why SQUAD, why??? Again on the same rake, i'm disappointed. Hope you will try better on the way to 1.2.