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  1. Yeah yeah... But we can ensure this only fall 2021. Ofc no one Dev claims his project fail until it's fail for public
  2. I hope you all guys know about recently events with KSP 2 and it's studio What it means for us? Sad to say this but KSP 2 is dead now. Release delayed for more than a year. Team was split and loose their team spirit. I'm barely sure that they can finish anything after it. Ofc T2 wouldnt tell us that KSP 2 is cancel. But delaying almost ready game (i remind that initial release which was announced at GC 2019 should have been in march) for more than a year literally mean this. RIP KSP 2 08.2019 - 06.2020
  3. Well... Last news from KSP was more than 3 month ago And from KSP 2... i dont even remeber when. I know that COVID is out there but at least give some info. No???
  4. KSP: no news. KSP 2: no news. This is the end guys?
  5. Lie. They can tell you anything. It's just words. In fact KSP will be dead after KSP 2 release Nobody will spend money for older version of same product. Only way that can happen - KSP 2 will be complete buggy trash.
  6. So. NVIDIA announced DX12 Ultimate and a bunch of features which will(probably) significant improve the image and performance. Will KSP 1/2 have it or not?
  7. 1.Why 2. Why? 3.Mods are here for a reason 4. Why would you need that? 5. Probably 6. KSP has never been a game fit for weapons, make your own 7.Then go play Simpleplanes 8. Done 1. Cuz i dont want to start from scratch every day or week. 2. Cuz it's also part of exploration. 3. There is no such mods. At all 4. Quality of life thing 5. I need to be sure. 6. Times change™ 7. I dont want go to simpleplanes. Especially in case where even KSP have it with mods and it's much better than stock wings. 8. Ok.
  8. Yeah... whole 5 screens Thats exactly what we waiting for...
  9. Not literally dumb digging like an ASTRONEER But flaten surface for base or some archeology excavations
  10. Say it to ASTRONEER devs. I'm not asking about caves within every 100 meters. But at least few points of interest
  11. Like ASTRONEER Maybe not so dumb and unlimited but somehow And easily breakable by official patches. We'll see
  12. Constant living world with no time-to-time server resets/wipes/etc. I suppose there is no way to mod it Then why still no such mods for KSP? Like FAR i mean. Currently KSP AD way too far from reality