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  1. Ofc. if they make KSP2 bad everyone stays in KSP IF!!! But anyway thats exactly what i'm talking about It's "loose - loose" situation. If KSP 2 will be good - everyone leaves KSP If KSP 2 will be bad - everyone stays KSP Both cases one of it is RIP
  2. I bought both DLC's for KSP But obvious after i buy KSP2 i dont care about KSP anymore besides the fact that i sponsored game which already dead.
  3. As i say before - they can easly get money by releasing DLC's and improving the game. But in face of KSP2 KSP have no sense Besides KSP2 developed by Star Theory. Not SQUAD
  4. Smart for business But bad to players
  5. New game vs game with already formed and known playerbase Also who say 15$? Why not 30$? And you can make new DLC's every year or even every half year.
  6. But can fund the entier new game? Logic...
  7. And can you explain why devs strat another same game with just few improvements if they already have great game? Why not just add these improvements to it? Even as DLC.
  8. Think. You have 2 almost same games with 1 of it having more and newest features. Simple choice.
  9. 2 companies of 1 publisher Develop 2 almost same games at the same time Simple math.
  10. Does it have any sense? Obvious when KSP 2 is out, nobody will play KSP And i'm interesting - what's next? KSP 2.0? Sounds like a very stupid joke... Also i'm check KSP 1.9... These terrarin textures make me cry As bugs too.
  11. You will do it by your own hands when KSP 2 is out
  12. I'm not upset. I just cant understand what sense to make a complete separate game. What could go wrong if they say that KSP 2 will be a 60$ DLC for KSP 1??? Call it KSP 2.0 or whatever as i suggest earlier. Structure line is safe, everyone is happy. Now they have two separate games and one of them not worth anything because second is better in any case.