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  1. Yeah, sure... 4 years isnt enough. (2019-2023 + unknow amout of time before the announce) Just let them set release to 2030. For solid reliability. At least then they will dont need to delay it every year over and over again...
  2. What scope, man? They reveal whole scope on gamescom and no additions so far (maybe i miss something, remind me please)
  3. No complaining. No negativity. Just solid facts.
  4. They ALREADY planned release to march 2020 when show the preview on gamescom. Before any sign of plague. So if we accept the hypothesis that they not lied to us preemptively - game would be almost ready, cuz obvious to anyone that you cant make such a game from scratch to release in 6-7 months. And there is no ANY single explanation why this "almost ready" state stretched fro ~4 years COVID can't affect it so hard. If, IF(!!!) They arent lied to us preemptively. Simple.
  5. @Nate SimpsonStop it Nate! You guys promised release at march 2020 when you show the preveiw on gamescom 2019. Even BEFORE the plague. So 3 year from then you still not shown ACTUAL gameplay even once. This game is dead, you just making damage control. It wont help you anyway. Just accept the truth and stop fooling your fans. Just say that you failed. At least if you dont want to repeat NMS scenarion. But even Shean Murray not delaying the game for 3 years...
  6. So... Delay to 2023. As i predicted. Wait for complete cancel within a year. https://steamcommunity.com/app/954850/discussions/0/3183484867131047598/
  7. After all what's happen past year i'm barely hope KSP 2 still alive. It was must be released almost a year ago (base on first announce) But now this is between 1 or 2 years to wait. (Except the fact this date can be easley prolongue up to infinity) In face of still active KSP... For such a game it's death. We nerver forget. Let be Kods be with you, KSP2
  8. @St4rdust Kerbin texture is still pixelated [snip]. Mb you fix it first, no?
  9. LEGO is scalable (in fact it's procedural if this can be adressed to real world). KSP wings not.
  10. You point that B9 devs(or dev?) more expepienced than whole SQUAD? Yah... nice... ok...
  11. KSP dont have procedural wing but still bugged as hell since it exist. Explain this pls.
  12. I dont want mods. I want native support I'm deal with mods in KSP and it's not good. New patch = everything is broken and you need to wait up to 6 month for mod patch. It's terrible. For 2021 game, when everything is procedural - it's unacceptiable to not have this feature. Especially for such type of game.
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