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  1. After all what's happen past year i'm barely hope KSP 2 still alive. It was must be released almost a year ago (base on first announce) But now this is between 1 or 2 years to wait. (Except the fact this date can be easley prolongue up to infinity) In face of still active KSP... For such a game it's death. We nerver forget. Let be Kods be with you, KSP2
  2. @St4rdust Kerbin texture is still pixelated [snip]. Mb you fix it first, no?
  3. LEGO is scalable (in fact it's procedural if this can be adressed to real world). KSP wings not.
  4. You point that B9 devs(or dev?) more expepienced than whole SQUAD? Yah... nice... ok...
  5. KSP dont have procedural wing but still bugged as hell since it exist. Explain this pls.
  6. I dont want mods. I want native support I'm deal with mods in KSP and it's not good. New patch = everything is broken and you need to wait up to 6 month for mod patch. It's terrible. For 2021 game, when everything is procedural - it's unacceptiable to not have this feature. Especially for such type of game.
  7. It's just toggle by F12 same as steam screenshots. Nothing more.
  8. @Nate Simpson Everyone know that KSP is lack of clouds and environement. And in 2021 it's very sensitive part of game like KSP, where you explore different places. People want to see living world and now just a colored brick... I'm barrely can call a game with good trees but Witcher 3 defenitely one of it And they use SpeedTree for it: https://store.speedtree.com Which also have native unity support. I'll be glad to see same picture in KSP2 (maybe more cartoon than it but same density) Same here with clouds. I can call only 2 games with enough good clouds: War Thunder and ASTRONEER. Also last MSFS probably but i dont play it yet. But in case that KSP more cartoon than realistic - ASTRONEER style clouds will perfectly fit in it. I hope that devs pay enough attention to these things.
  9. Ok. Im try to plays KSP after a long break and realize that my eyes cant handle this... And it's strange cuz i'm playng a lot since 2013 and expect major improvements in graphics after lastest updets... Here's the point... Dune terrain: Mun terrain: Kerbin terrain near KSC: Kerbin terrain in one of it's deserts: Why it's texture is so pixelated????.... And i seen same in other biomes on Kerbin Also... Why planets become transparent in some cases? Especially when i zoom out my ship. And last question... What means this settings? (sorry for russian ui, dont know how to switch language) Will be appreciate for help and advise.
  10. Mods can be abandoned. And you nedd to wait until it's update every patch. I have a lot of pain in the ass with this in original game. I cant get the point why devs cant add this in case when mod makers can.
  11. Did you see current wingset? It's ugly. (same as gears) For such game in 2020 it's unexuseable to miss this feature BTW procedural wings was in a mod for KSP back in 2013 or 2014 Why it's still not native feature?
  12. Look here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/977920/Balsa_Model_Flight_Simulator/ Is says it's "From the creator of KSP" And it has... PROCEDURAL WINGS!!! Which is still not implemet to KSP and i dont seen any signs of it in KSP 2 So here's the simple message to KSP 2 Devs: if you cant add such basic thing, your game not worht ot buy AT ALL!!! Cheers.
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