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  1. @sal_vager I'm going to miss you man. You've helped me out many a-time and I'm sad to see you leave the team. But the only constant is change, and I wish you the best in what ever comes next for you. And thanks for following my profile here, I've always thought it was really cool to have a dev do that even though I'm not that prevalent on the forums anymore. Your poems will be greatly missed; Baxter will eat an entire wheel of cheese in your honor tonight. Your friend, Ron Burgundy
  2. That was amazing. Better then scotch; and I love scotch.
  3. Thanks @eddiew, thats alot of good information. Ill check out that MSI afterburner youve been talking about for sure. Thanks for your input, I really thought my Vram was adequate; I'll also keep saving up for that 1080ti lol. I'm curious about the part welding; i have been aware of it. So, will it mess up the lifting points on my plane, and its aerodynamics/handling? Also, the drop-tanks I have under the wings for the craft, i have to close the liquid fuel to them and some other tanks on the plane so the rapiers wont draw from them in air breathing mode. Would the part welding not let me open and close these individually? Not to go off on a tangent here, but do you know of a mod that will let you action group fuel tanks oxy and liquid fuel valves? it would be a lot simpler to operate the craft if I could toggle the fuel tanks open rather then pin all 21 tank UI's to the screen and open them up right before switching the rapiers to rocket mode After using afterburner, I can tell you one thing: KSP does not use crossfire.
  4. I was under the impression it does use multi gpu's, it just doesn't like them overclocked (even though I still overclock mine a bit..)
  5. @regex I think I am good on the GPU front, I have 2 HD6950's crossfired, 2g's Vram each, I know their 2012 "old" but, correct me if im wrong, they should be more then enough for ksp graphics. Also, i know the sound they individually make when they are at 100% load; they never hit it, and are not pumping out as much heat and sound as my other games do. @eddiew I'm flying a spaceplane with 276 parts; its quite integral to the way I play, as it is the primary way I get things into orbit to do stuff is putting it up there as cargo. I have had the plane since 1.0 and have been updating and improving it ever since, always getting it to work on the next ksp version, which would usually break it. One really odd thing that stands out to me is, I swear I restarted the game yesterday--not changing a thing--and I was getting real-time-green-time on the runway with the 276 part plane, took off thinking wow this is unexpected, and next time I started it up I was back to yellow time-dilation. Am I crazy? I'm curious the fps anyone else gets with the craft; the lag is 99% of the time in atmosphere. Upon orbit the upper left time stamp is usually flickering quickly between yellow and green, basically being real time. SVE is High Res 19 Mods, List Scatterer settings pic craft file But still, if the problem is the game slows down to give itself more time to compute calculations, it stands to reason that a CPU which can perform more calculations per-second will, at some time, be able to render KSP time dilation obsolete. Right? @HebaruSan Regardless of clock frequency i'm sure they are still able to outperform their predecessors, and are therefore faster overall. You would want a 2007 CPU over a 2004 CPU despite the fact the earlier one has a higher clock frequency. Does it stand to reason a 2020 CPU could possibility be preforming well enough to eliminate the time dilation? EDIT: more accurately, I'm getting 16 fps with the craft on the runway, 11-6 fps on the initial ascent, and it gets better from there.
  6. I have a simple quick question. Right now I have an i5 4690k OC to 4.6ghz, and with all settings turned up, delta time set at .03, SVE (less city lights) and scatterer set to basically max settings (less the things that say "in beta/major performance hit") I'm still getting pretty low fps, around 10 in atmosphere and higher in vacuum. I have a feeling even if you had an i7 extreme or whatnot you'd still not get much better fps then me with my current settings and set up. My question is, is it plausible if not likely that a future CPU will be fast enough to process KSP to the point where there is basically no time dilatation/slowdown to compute things? Or are we limited more by software programming of the game rather then the speed at which current or future CPU's can process the code?
  7. Windows 10 64bit: Dxdiag My 19 mods installed Hi guys, I have a video of my craft breaking apart upon loading a quicksave when in the atmosphere. I remember I used to have no problem doing this; I considered the ship very reliable for landing and I've since took off the emergency parachute to reduce that drag. Now, I was able to miraculously save the ship by flipping it over at the last min to drop the payload and that slowed it down enough to land safely in the water, but its still really annoying my crew almost died. The only times ive lost crew is because of a situation a glitch has put me in; at least I could save them and 500k in rehiring this time. Any ideas whats causing this? let me know if I can provide more info. Any input much appriciated output log
  8. Hello I have been away from the game for months because I gave up on fixing the latter issue; when using my spaceplane to accept cargo in space, i use KIS/KAS for the ability to place struts in space and keep the payload steady. This had worked for me for more then a year since I started using KIS/KAS. I use my spaceplane as the main means of getting things into and out of kerbin orbit, as long as it can fit in the hold. Now, upon getting into orbit, the plane disintegrates into many pieces when burning in a vacuum. Ill try and get a video of this happening, has been acting up for me recently I am also getting an error in CKAN which I think I should try and fix first. Here is a screen shot of the error. Dxdiag
  9. Well you just revived it after 5 months lol
  10. 24 hundred in, and I think i still qualify for this "life" you speak of Then again, in Elon Musk's eyes it's likely were all in a simulation, which sounds all too far fetched until you realize what Jeb has been blabbering on about this whole time. He really wants out So basically no life yeah
  11. that fixed it! I was able to find an autosave and rename it. FIrst I spelt persistant wrong but after changing it to persistent it worked ok lol. My ship was exploded upon the load though; i quicksaved in the atmosphere but its usually ok. Veryy annoying since i took off that emergency parachute on the cabin.
  12. I was just playing my career 10 min ago (longer by the time i'm done writing this), when it suddenly crashed to desktop. It did so earlier, but i figured it was just a fluke (ksp does this sometimes) and it provided an error log here, crash DMP file here. No output log was recorded, which is odd because i have a similar crash report that last happened on the 14th which did provide an output log in addition to the error and DMP files. That being said, I was still able to play my career just fine after that crash, and the first one that happened today. After jumping back into the game I went back to my craft which has a 3yr wait till a maneuver, and pressed time accelerate. I suddenly realized 2yrs into the warp that i have a craft getting a kerbin SOI alarm sooner then the craft i was currently warping with. I stopped time warp, shut autowarp off of MJ, and on the KAC HUD clicked on jump to craft for the SOI change. The game crashes again to desktop instantly, no error message. I start up the game, and it says "Error accessing this save. Object reference not set to an instance of an object": What the hell happened? Do I seriously have to start over again? It's been i want to say 2 years. This file is THE reason I still play ksp. The career was started just after the 1.0 release; i made a new one since my old file, which did not use mods got corrupted. Here's a list of all my mods; mods list.png?dl=0 My system specs: If I can provide more information or need to clarify something please let me know. I appreciate any help!
  13. It's still listed as incompatible in CKAN; does it still work regardless?
  14. Thank you so much Padishar and everyone else who's helped KER get updated. MJ2 has gotten an official update also! I've been waiting and taking a break from earnest KSP playing since early November, and now that these last 2 mods on my list are updated I can't wait to get back into the game; waiting for official updates for mods before continuing my career is important to me. Thank you so much guys.
  15. *facepalm*