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  1. Here is my output log if your still curious, but I just started the game up again this morning and for some reason the clouds now do show up in orbital view, which I am happy about NO idea why they didnt show up that one time
  2. Ah yes, I do love cheesecake. I use the High textures version for the clouds, and I have the latest module manager.. Im not sure exactly what config your referring to. its been a min for me since ive played the game Here are the mods I have installed: · Distant object · Easy vessel switch · EVE · KAS · Kerbal engineer · KIS · MJ2 · Planet Shine · Scatterer · SVE · Trajectories · KAC
  3. Thanks @Cheesecake! it works, the clouds still flicker at main menu, and in orbital view they dont show up at all, but in flight they are there this was the last mod stopping me from continuing in 1.5
  4. @invision WhY DO THeY AlwAyS SeND ThE PoOR!?!?!?!?
  5. I would be curious how often devs look at this forum topic; are we (players) just talking to ourselves 99% of the time here lol
  6. I have a craft coming back from Jool; i tried to make sure it would not get an encounter with the planet after leaving it, and its trajectory looked good. I then did my kerbin burn, but once i hit my apo around the sun, im suddenly back in Jool's gravity well.. I have a video of it here Why does this happen? also, I planned to have only enough d/v to get the craft in an albeit eliptical orbit around kerbin, and with this unexpected encounter, it doesn't look like thats going to happen now which is kinda grinding my gears. any suggestions appriciated mods list: (also, im running 1.3.1 of kerbal) Distant Object EVE KAS/KIS Kerbal Engineer MJ2 Planet shine scatterer SVE Trajectories KAC win 10 hd6950s crossfired 16gb ram i5 4690k
  7. Hurray its on ckan! thx @jrbudda Thinking ill wait a min though for 1.4.3 to roll out and fix the fairing bug
  8. Yeah I saw that, i was referring to a different mod that achieved a similar purpose, not the same mod but updated.
  9. I too am curious how this is working with 1.4.1; this and kerbal engineer are the only mods I got left that havent officially updated. Is anyone using a similar mod? I would think this mod would be really popular but I dont see a whole lot following or posting here. Have people switched to something different?
  10. Sweet, it works. So far, im getting the issue on Eloo with a large landing craft; it only happens when coming down from time warp, and not when I just load the craft. But knock on wood it fixed the issue. Much thanks @whale_2
  11. I decided to launch a craft I already made a few days ago and didn't remember any problems with it. This time, when i get to the last stage, its orbit fixes in position and thrust does nothing. can still move around, and that seems to change orbit a bit, but thrust does nothing. I have 2 saves of the craft, one that is the entire craft plus launching stages, another is just the final stage/main craft. Upon taking either craft to orbit, either manually or via debug menu, the craft(s) thrust has no impact on orbit. I have had this problem years ago, with another craft that is not around anymore, but it got fixed (i believe claw fixed it for me) and everything has been fine up until now. I really just want to know if I can just delete the crafts, rebuild them on my own, and hope the bug wont transfer to other crafts? I remember it being a bug where it can corrupt your whole save and that is not something i want to endure, (I've had this save since post 1.0 but it is 2+ years old) Output save file Entire Craft, Final Stage Mods list, CKAN installed, everything up to date: Distant Object EVE KAS/KIS Kerbal Engineer MJ2 Planet shine scatterer SVE Trajectories KAC win 10 64bit, HD6950's, 8gb RAM, i5-4690k Any input appreciated, thank you for your time
  12. I have an ore base on Pol and Vall, and both get unlimited, instantaneous ore mining. Its an old save, but i started the career post 1.0. I just accepted a collect ore mission for Vall. So I went to my Vall base. The mission didnt complete despite me having enough ore on the ship already. So i jettisoned ore contents of one of the bases containers. As suspected, this completed the mission, but not in a week or 2 after mining fresh ore; the ore was immediately replenished after clicking jettison. I tried stopping resource harvesting, jettisoned contents, and nothing filled back up; until I started resource harvesting again and it imminently refilled all 1.5k ore the moment I turned it back on. Anyone experience something like this? I would like a fix, could be a worse bug but it's killing my immersion -___- If you would like more info plz let me know Please see attached my persistent file if you want to take a look; my mods: Distant Object EVE KAS/KIS Kerbal Engineer MJ2 Planet shine scatterer SVE Trajectories KAC System stuff Win 10 64bit 8gb ram 2x HD6950s i54690k Thank you in advance!