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  1. My SRB burning animation never stops after it has run out of fuel. AM I the only one or is this a known issue? Cheers
  2. BahamutoD thanks for answering my questions, for ground targets, I can open the settings and turn on legacy targets and then the missiles will now hit?
  3. Any mods known to conflict? Updated with a fresh install and enemy or friendlies not appearing on radar screens?
  4. Trivia Question, in my career and sandbox games, when a vessel is equipped with weapons manager and any of the radars it is not able to detect anything, radar screen is blank, even when KSC is littered with old crafts and debris?
  5. Thank you for the reply and your mods that bring great variety to the game. Is there any simple way that I could tweak something for all those contracts so I could just bring one of my own scientists to the mun, so they get the experience rather than taking a different stranger up every time.
  6. Trivia Question, I sometimes get a contract asking me to take at scientist to the mun to run experiments and then return. IIt has to be one of their scientists, and not one of my own. Will I be able to keep the scientist afterwards? and then subsequent contracts have me use the same one?
  7. Cheers Pal, I will do some testing. Is there ever any reason to choose one air to ground missile over the other or are all stats the same and its just the model that changes?
  8. Can anyone tell me the range of the missiles, do they all have the same range or do they vary?
  9. Missions 3 or 4, shot down both times. Thought it would be a breeze like the first 2, this time they had side winders. Great fun!
  10. What files would I remove or tweak to get rid of launchpad smoke and engine smoke in space? Cheers
  11. Thank you for all the work, I initial took one look at the cfg and realized this is not where my expertise lies and i'm going to play the .... out of this and hopefully give you some useful feedback. 1. Started a brand new career, and the first contract asked me to recover 'Volven' (Love the name!) I got confused because I'm thick and Volven was already in my Crew complex, however a second contract then appeared spawning him and a turret, which I then actioned and completed both contracts. Do you think expanding the description in the first contract to refer that this is completed by accepting another contract, as at the start of my career we only have two contract slots. 2. Is there a way to make that mysterious contract that gives you a billion science and cash a one time thing, I've declined it, but it comes back every now and again and I would be very upset to accidentally accept it. (I'm confident I could just delete that mission file, but if there was a tweak it would allow the process to feel a bit more seamless) So far that's all I've done as I've a few more rungs to unlock in the tech ladder before I get my weapons and I would be much more interested in building my own crafts and have not tried your kreigslist ones. My ideas: 1. I recall a rocket with translational thrusters in the Armoury pack which would be great for a contract asking you to shoot down satellites, debris, stations in space or on other orbital bodies. 2. Mission that requires larger aircraft, ie the contract parameters state that you must have a certain mass, or 4 engines, carry x no. of bombs and that the target is spawned 600k away. I would just like to build a larger bomber and want a contract to pay for it. Thanks again.
  12. Cheers Pal, would you consider adding it to CKAN? I imagine it will be updated as you refine it. Onlyi did the first mission so far and worked well.
  13. If I use RSS mod without the realism overhaul will it still function like the stock game, just with a different solar system obviously?