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  1. Wow, that was amazing with an intense ending! Overshot and had to circle back. Fuel ran out and floated in on left-over monopropellent, hah! So Kerbal. Had to restart twice due to not paying close enough attention to detail early on. My hat is off to you Mikki. This is one of my most memorable experiences in what is currently ~900 hours of KSP. Take-Two owes you royalties for this gem. I'm sure this is what Squad dreamed of when this expansion was pitched.
  2. I had SC 3.4 installed when CKAN told me the 3.4.1 update was available last night. Tried to "upgrade" but got a CKAN error. Had to uninstall 3.4 to proceed. Maybe not related to LinuxGuru's question, but mentioning it just in case. Also, not asking you to fix anything with CKAN. It's not hard to get it working, just mentioning it in case it helps.
  3. OK, so stack Engineers for mining/construction speed, a Pilot for survey sticks. Do Scientists serve any unique benefit to this mod or can I leave them to do other things around my universe?
  4. My thought was to build and land a lightweight, barely functional forward-scout that can slowly (with the help of Simple Logistics ) build itself a full-power factory on site. You're awesome, thanks again!
  5. I love this mod. I'm just now getting to know it. This and Not So Simple are my first exposure to the Extra-planetary Launchpads lifestyle. Maybe everyone else learned it there, but I had to figure out through trial and error that while 90% of this process is Kerbal-free, the Construction port requires a soul on-board (not an external command seat) in order for the construction to take place. I'd be excited if that's a bug to be squashed but understand if it's intentional to keep a challenge. Thanks for your hard work MatterBeam and RealGecko!
  6. Got an issue to talk about. I'm building a Minmus base and have several craft at the landing site. Been using KIS/KAS to perform various tasks in orbit and on planet. Suddenly, all my Minmus Kerbals have lost the "inventory" option in their right-click menu. Tab does not open inventory. Right clicking a pod with a Kerbal inside doesn't show inventory option. It's like I've uninstalled KIS. Restarting KSP or loading quick-saves does not restore KIS. However, if I go to the VAB, put a vessel on the launchpad that uses KIS, then prior to launch, simply switch to the vessel/Kerbal I checked earlier, KIS is working again (though any inventory has been lost). I've been searching this thread for any similar stories but have not seen any. I update mods via CKAN. Current versions: KSP 1.04, KIS 1.2, KAS 0.5.3 AntennaRange AtmosphericSoundEnhancement BetterTimeWarp Chatterer CollisionFX ContractFilter CrowdSourcedScience EditorExtensions EngineLighting EnhancedNavBall EVAManager FieldExperience FirespitterCore ForScienceContinued KAS KerbalAlarmClock KerbalEngineerRedux KerboKatzUtilities KIS LightsOut MechJeb2 MechJebForAll MenuStabilizer MinAmbience ModuleManager NavballDockingIndicator NavBallTextureExport NavballUpDefault PortraitStats QuickBrake RCSBuildAid RCSSounds RoverWheelSounds ScienceAlert SelectRoot StageRecovery StockBugFixModules StockFuelSwitch StockPlus surfacelights TacFuelBalancer TakeCommand ToadicusTools TweakableEverything TweakScale WaterSounds
  7. I just had this problem today. Some of the other forum posts on this topic mention Tweakscale as a possible culprit, and that was true for me. But rather than uninstalling and living without, I tracked the problem down to a config file. GameData\TweakScale\plugins\PluginData\Scale\config.xml For me, that file was a 0 kb empty file. Not sure how that happened since I've used the mod fine for months, but it was the cause. Renaming it allowed the plugin to rebuild it correctly and now no more engines/RCS running in the VAB. Hope this helps someone else.
  8. Can EVAManager be used to accelerate the repacking of nearby spent/cut parachutes by an Engineer? As in possibly a button available in a right-clicked Kerbal offering "Repack all chutes in range" ?
  9. Ah, yes. I see what you mean about Repack being a function of the EVA Kerbal. Looking less and less like an easy fix. Perhaps a wise modder could make it a vessel-based hotkey that first checks for an engineer before executing...in the same way ForScience can harvest science, but will only run single-use containers (Goo/Jr) if a scientist is on board to "Reset" those experiements. Example A:
  10. Oh, I'm not looking to bypass that game restriction. I'd still be repacking the parachutes with an engineer.
  11. I'm building a re-usable/fuel-able lander with a tight cluster of 20 parachutes. After I touchdown, I must EVA and go through the painstaking process of trying to click each parachute to repack everything. I'd much rather EVA, get in range, press "1" then be done with it. I've searched high and low looking someone else that's had this problem and decided to fix it by enabling the "Repack Chute" button in the VAB's Action Group tab. However, it seems I'm somewhat alone in my desire. Stock, the only two Action Group options are Deploy and Cut. I'm open to all suggestions as hopefully this thread can be referenced by future users that might not want the exact same solution that I do.
  12. Using this, loving it. Thanks for making it and listening to all the feedback. It's a great little mod at this point. I've set up multiple filters, and a 5 second refresh interval. It's saving me lots of time and wireless mouse batteries!
  13. Ahh, this has been bugging me for days! Thank you aislas, like a strut in just the right place, this worked perfectly.
  14. Do you still have the craft file for your Sovereign Tug? I've got some ideas for something similar and didn't feel like re-inventing the wheel. Edit to add: I added my RCS technique and decided to upload it in case it might inspire you in future projects. It's simple, yet effective. I use the liquid fuel version. Horrible ISP, but I don't have to think about monoprop, both in design, and refueling. Here's a link to the Sov with a pair of my RCS pylons clipped inside the wings, as centered (based on a 50% fueled craft, so slight-slight torque when fully fueled or depleted.) in all directions as KSP will allow, and an RCS pylon sub-assembly craft file (goes in the subassemblies folder) so you can see it without zooming and panning inside the Sov. http://bit.ly/1wzYIbO Looking at a placed pylon, you can easily target the cubic strut in the middle that everything is mounted on for movement/tweaking. Even though the thrusters' mass affects center of balance/torque, I don't see them adding to the actual total mass of the ship. Maybe you know why some parts do that, but I don't. One final note, the RCS thrusters pull fuel differently than your carefully designed engines. I can't say if they'll upset fore/aft balance if used in large doses, so flyer beware! Hope someone finds this useful. Elix