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  1. Bump for more missions added, assuming that replies move threads to the top... Right?
  2. You're still not listening. I know how to compensate for a low TWR, what I want to know is how to minimize the diminishing returns you get as you add more fuel and more thrust to lift that fuel. If I need more dV then I add fuel, I need more power to lift that fuel with, which I need more fuel for, which is more fuel I have to lift, etc. You get diminishing returns as you dive down that rabbit hole and so I have two vectors on a 2.5m stack for a 5 ton lifter. My question is what I should do to minimize those diminishing returns and keep from overbuilding rockets too badly.
  3. I love that idea! I've always wanted something more interesting for rover builds and now I know what I'm gonna do!
  4. You're not listening. How do I most efficiently deal with the diminishing returns you get when you add more dV AND more/bigger engines to compensate for the TWR?
  5. So anyone have some tips for dealing with the diminishing returns you get trying to add dV and then larger/more engines to compensate for TWR?
  6. Mounting two 1.25m engines on a 1.25m stack looks horrible, we just need a bigger 1.25m engine with gimbal.
  7. The T45 just doesn't cover it on bigger 1.25m rockets, if there was an engine with about 275 to 400 thrust that would be awesome.
  8. Ok I'll double check that it's not conflicting but I'm pretty sure I had the same exact copy of KJR already. What was that weird dev build download that you linked to?
  9. KJR is locking the joints for Infernal Robotics. I want to build a big huge drydock and refueling station and I absolutely need KJR to keep it from wobbling into a million pieces(now only 100 thanks to UbioZur Welds, lifesaver). I looked around and there doesn't seem to be any patched version for either mod, but I found this by @V8jester: I redownloaded the mod from the standard forum but I don't understand what I'm downloading from Jester's link. It's not the same as the standard download. If it has a fix for IR, how do I implement it?
  10. It's better than what I normally use and I've been playing since .23, so I think this will help out a lot of people:
  11. Oh well that's dumb. KSP Wiki still says Backspace. EDIT: Nevermind it does, just not clearly.
  12. Title pretty much. If I double click Kerbin then press Backspace it doesn't refocus on the craft.
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