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  1. 600th profile view :P

    btw i also love your youtube.

    nuff said, bai.

  2. 7/10 Hey, you have a YouTube channel too. And 443MB of crash reports? Impressive.
  3. Re-entering and landing a damaged spaceplane with no fuel to run the engines and no electricity to power the reaction wheels.
  4. So that's why I couldn't download a copy of my own mod through CKAN. At least it's also on Curse, but I can't update it by myself on there. Am I right in thinking Curse allows only one author per mod?
  5. They were before, but you had to write them in BBcode. Hence my signature broke.
  6. Now that's interesting. Undisclosed 'parties' and European themed contacts. EDIT: Semi-Ninja'd
  7. There were no YouTube embeds in the OP of the linked thread. Why are there some now? And it seems to have deleted the Spoiler tags altogether. How do you link threads now? http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/112887-themoonrover-productions/#comment-2000602
  8. I was getting bad 502 Gateway errors all day yesterday. I managed to get onto the forum for about five minutes, twice. Also, from what I could see, a lot all of the BBcode from old posts got messed up. So I think it's safe to say they're still working on it. I can't be bothered even trying to fix my signature, what with how complicated it was. EDIT: And when posting or editing the page freezes and you have to refresh, so you can never tell if it actually posted or not, especially since the site is so slow at the moment. My guess is the forum is still technically in the process of bei
  9. Wow, it broke all the BBcode as well. What happened to the section of the sub-forum for videos? I can't seem to find it and the search function appears to be broken.
  10. There are problems with the forum which need ironing out, but on the whole it's just getting used to the new layout. Bugs I've found so far: It's squashed my avatar to make it square. 502 Bad Gateway errors every five minutes. The search function either finds no results or gives a rather unhelpful error message. Any links to the old forum (except the homepage) fail to redirect, saying "File not found" No option to hide reputation. It's being very slow at the moment. EDIT: And it broke literally all the BBcode in old posts. But apart from that, it s
  11. [quote name='Randazzo']This episode of Sesame Street brought to you by the letter E And now I've done it again.[/QUOTE] Yep, this one is obvious. Unless it's some sort of bluff, it's the letter e.
  12. [quote name='SQUAD']...the mother of all merges...[/QUOTE] That sounds like quite a mess. Even messier than an office reconstruction.
  13. 8/10 300MB of crash reports? Impressive. I have something nearer 30KB, if that. Clearly you "mod it 'til it crashes"
  14. This is why I haven't updated to Windows 10: because it's still full of weird bugs. [SIZE=1] Although I would say Windows 8 is underrated. It boots up [B]really[/B] quickly. And although the start screen is fairly useless for non-touchscreen devices, it's easy to turn it off and boot straight to the desktop. Add a start menu mod and it's basically Windows 7 but faster. Not trying to start an argument here, this is just my opinion. [SIZE=2]EDIT: Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with updating, but the option to update didn't jump out at me like it did f
  15. Why is the signature field limited to 1000 characters? I'm running right up against that limit.
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