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  1. OPT Stratolaunch for OPT VTOL Martian Shuttle in RSS https://youtu.be/p962jEGd74Q
  2. VTOL landing on Mars with my Martian OPT I tried the Beta Version but I did succeed with Thermal power! What's the way to get Thermal power on OPT space plane?? So I stay on the previous 3.4.1
  3. We are missing a great VTOL mod for SSTO !
  4. hi I tried the Beta version, but I don't understand how to produce Thermal power for the J81 to work !!!
  5. Hi all RO workers ! Would it be possible to get a kind of procedural shield on procedural parts, tanks and cockpits, something like you did for tank insulation when you need to protect against boiling? Use a slider to trade re-entry temperature protection against weight on main pieces of a lander ? maybe a light change in "visual" when using thermal protection ? In that way we could use the pieces of the game to build a Starship able to re-enter without the standard shield at the back
  6. Hi, congrats for this mod This mod would be great if we could shape shields in order to adapt them on whatever re-entry shuttle!! Is it possible?
  7. Ok I got the Dev MechJeb 2....when I get the "non Dev" build, PVG runs perfectly, but I do a little better with my classic ascent program...minus 100 to 200 DV !
  8. Hello guys, I have seen a lot of complicated google sheets about RO engines. I create mine to compare engine in the following ways so that I could design Huge launchers to send 50 Tons to 150 tons in low Moon Orbit: -Thrust ASL and VAC given by 1kg of each engine -What is the Total Mass of propellant drained in kg/s for 1 Ton of each engine -What the Total Mass of Propellant drained in kg/s for 1 Ton of Thrust ASL/VAC given by each Engine -Engine datas: Name and config, Engine Weight, HR and ISP ASL and VAC, Number of Ignitions, Type of propellant, Gimball or not, Pressure Feed Tank or not, minimum Throttle possible, The purpose is to optimise the weight of my launchers Feel free to complete https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1r_ZUX34zdgkpzcFAR7MOAD9QsSyyTCxeQ03Z5vtOVoY/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Hello all, I am playing Realism Overhaul KSP 1.12.3, using MechJeb2 for my rocket ascent. I built quite a Huge rocket - 2 Stages LqH/LqO - to set in orbit 400 kms my 225T charge. I never succeed the ascent using PVG method, even after reading all about PVG ascent here: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-1/wiki/TroubleshootingMechJebPVG I tried many classic ascent methods and send my charge in orbit with only 7527 DV Atm 9133 DV VAC with insertion behind Periapsis. Here are the parameters: Stage 1: 6 engines M1U-SL 3502 DV Atm 4208DV VAC TWR SLT 1.50 Stage 2 3 engines CobraH 4025 DV Atm 4925 DV VAC TWR 1.38 TTL DV 7527 DV Atmo 9133 DV VAC Charge: Lunar station + Injector 225T (Engine AR 22) TOW: Launcher + charge 2615T Height 182m Diameter 9m Engines Base 10m Orbit 400 kms Gravity turn begins at 100m/s, Turn shape 37,5% -End turn 150kms at -4° I do not understand why PVG can't perform this launch: I need more DV and it ends with more than 1000 kms apoapsis and low periapsis. I know it depends hardly on rocket parameters, but my rocket seems quite "standard" !
  10. OK, thank you for your answer, but the fact is that it is not clear when you read in the VAB about LE engines!
  11. Hello all, i have noticed something weird when using RO engines, family LE-5. When using throttable engines, LE-5A to LE-5B-3, i noticed that when you throttle up from minimum Throttle, the engine rpm jump from minimum to 74%, then you can use rpm between 74% and 100%. There’s no possible rpm use between 74% and minimum which is 5% for LE-5A and 3% for other engines, so engines are throttable from 74% to 100%, then you must jump directly to 3 or 5%: Is it a normal use? It is not that it looks like when reading engines datas
  12. Does it work with RSS, to scan the moon....I did not succeed....KSP 1.12.3 Thank's
  13. Hi guys, I launched myself this Challenge Create a remote Comment around Earth with 3 probes to control probes to the Moon Create a superHeavy Launcher, 2 stages 1st LFO (Re -usable stage) from Earth to 60 kms, then LH2O to low orbit 200-250 kms Here is the test: https://youtu.be/xkE_TTSKdFI Diameter 8m50 to launch an Orbital LunarGateway able to join a 100 kms Moon Polar Orbit: 5 launches with 1 central Core, with Lab, and habitats and 4 cryogenic tanks to dock on the central core Create a Starship, diameter 8m50, Height 50m, able to join the LunarGateway from Earth Low orbit and launch it with the superHeavy launcher Starship: 12 passengers + 1 exploration Rover and ability to survive launch crash in atmosphere. Payload to Moon from Lunar Gateway: More than 25T Mission of Starship: Land the rover that will search a site to build a MoonBase Create 3 modular moonBase elements to launch and dock to Lunar Gateway. The Starship will deliver them 1 by 1 to be assembled on moon Create and launch to lunar gateway a moon driller, able to drill, then move and refuel the Starship in order to fill the LunarGateway tanks Create and launch an SSTO Shuttle to lunar gateway for crew rotation Create a shuttle to stay near MoonBase for emergency evacuation
  14. Hello Is there a way to prevent chutes from autocut? I land vertically my first stage in the sea. it's very high: 92m ( I am playing RSS) Once it is landed it falls horizontal in the water after a while and then breaks: if the chute where not cut, they would prevent the stage from breaking because it would fall very slowly. Thanks for reply
  15. Hello I got the latest release of FMRS in KSP RSS 1.12.3 What can explain the freeze of the staged tanks detected by FMRS ?. It's in yellow and when I select it, it stays frozen in the air with infinity time to Apoapsis. Thank's for reply
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