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  1. Same result here. Tried following every step in the lowest setting and same issue occurs. Seems to still be related to the Boulder folder and the "Astronomer's Visual Pack" settings file.
  2. Well it's sized for Kerbals so I'll conclude that the US Government found the existence of Kerbals and is keeping them in orbit until they figure out what to do.
  3. So we put robots in the ISS, and now we are giving them access to orbital laser cannons?
  4. Also remember it is not at 100% capacity today. A few of its wheels are not working so it has to drive backwards and drag wheels. The arm is stuck in a certain position. Its memory system is failing so it can't store as much data. But I agree, Opportunity is older than most people's cars and it has had 0% hardware maintenance.
  5. Not a fan of the lines on the map view. I don't see any advantages to this setup. Don't know why Squad isn't going with the original resource mapping from 2013:
  6. What's the price of a single part? Might be interested in an MK1/Mk3 capsule
  7. That's correct, Unconfirmed rumors that Elon will blow up the Moon.
  8. I find it ironic that the Air Force is certifying SpaceX when AF can't get their own systems running.
  9. Would this be the first spacecraft to travel from one moon to another planet? I think so.
  10. Nice find! I've never seen such a view from inside an Apollo rocket before.
  11. My guess is that they are on a spot analyzing some soil samples which is a type of data that doesn't involve pictures. But I did not know John got replaced.
  12. Rest assured, he does his testing in KSP: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2rgsan/i_am_elon_musk_ceocto_of_a_rocket_company_ama/cnfri17 http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2rgsan/i_am_elon_musk_ceocto_of_a_rocket_company_ama/cnfr2kl
  13. Also if an engine is out there is less of a thrust imbalance through the center of mass.
  14. Squad should make this stock, as an "upgrade" to the piloting system of career mode. Amazing mod.
  15. NASA is using Orion as a marketing tool to get more support and funding for actual Mars mission hardware. To most of us, a capsule trip to Mars sounds like a bad idea but to most who are not familiar with spaceflight, it's pretty exciting and may bring in new fans.
  16. I can see this making sense if the Saturn V lifts the shuttles AND the "interstellar" tug. Hence, the command module / shuttle can SSTO but not the entire craft.
  17. Test contracts should be replaced with satellite placement contracts.
  18. It would probably look a lot like an LK lander, the majority of the Chinese tech is based on old Russian tech. Based on the sample return mission, I believe China will follow a similar path to Apollo with two ships (orbiter and lander). The command module looks pretty much like a Shenzhou.
  19. It's conveniently sized to fit 3 kerbals.
  20. Steam gives you the option to turn off "Auto-update", right click on the KSP game in the Steam library and there should be an option to disable it.
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