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  1. Hello, everyone. I've got some good and bad news regarding development. The good news is that I am about ready to release the mod (albeit in an unfinished state, reason mentioned in the status update in the main post). The bad news is that I am having trouble setting up an account with the site I am trying to host the files on. Another part of bad news is that development is about to get even slower due to college starting again soon, but the rest of the things needed are somewhat simple. Thanks for reading. Below: Joule texture updated - no longer a space engine export (top) and WIP of Ola's terrain rework (some glaring issues are present, bottom)
  2. I haven't been able to work on it much lately due to final exams coming up, but once those are done, I'll resume working on a few things that need fixing. These mainly include atmospheric pressure curves and some terrain improvements, but I plan to have a release sometime this summer if all goes well. Thank you! What about it do you like? I plan on redoing it, but if there's something specific that you like about it, I may try to keep certain aspects of it intact when I get around to it.
  3. Thank you! And to answer your questions: The skybox is an export from Space Engine, although I plan to change it a little in the future. As for a download link, I have not set one up yet, as there are still some problems with the current bodies that need fixing. I'll likely release it once I've overhauled the atmospheres and terrain on those that still need updates.
  4. Ohm's atmospheric pressure curve has been overhauled and fixed, and the atmosphere color has been changed from a horrible solid white to a nice pale green gradient. I'll be updating the pressure curves for the rest of the planets now. After that, I'll resume working on terrain overhauls.
  5. I haven't shown the replacement home planet "Solace" yet, but it has been in development for a long time (with much procrastination). Over the months of its existence, it has gone through 2 major overhauls, and this is the version I think looks best. I still need to add ice caps, however.
  6. Made a few planes a few months ago that I thought were nice for a fleet. Each would ideally have their own role. All built to work with FAR, as well.
  7. Almost finished with final exams, more work is on the way!
  8. Mostly finished with Amp's rework, just need to mess with colors a little bit and figure out some issues with how the terrain appears from orbit.
  9. Ohm has been overhauled, and is mostly finished. The atmosphere is the only thing that needs some tweaks at the moment.
  10. Good news. I'm resuming development of this planet pack, albeit slowly. I've recently created a new moon, Bit, for the planet Byte. Since I have a decent amount of celestial objects added in, I will begin revisiting and improving existing objects so that they look a bit better than their current selves. I will keep you all updated as improvements are made as time passes. For now, enjoy an image of Bit, the moon that looks a bit too much like a pizza crust. Thanks for reading.
  11. "Swallow" Still undergoing some tests but (with a few hundred kilos of excess oxidizer) it has 4.2 km/s delta V in an 80x80 orbit.
  12. Here's another one meant to be flown with FAR. It's very unforgiving and unstable, but if flown right, it will get into orbit with 3.3 km/s of dV. It was designed to rescue small ships in orbit around local bodies, perfect for rescue contracts that require salvaging crew modules.
  13. Work in progress. Last test flight showed 4.6 km/s in 75x75 orbit.
  14. Development for this mod is being temporarily slowed until further notice due to medical reasons. Will keep updated.