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  1. Hello, everyone. It's been quite a while since I've made an update here, but now classes for this semester have ended and I have time to work on this more. First up, some news about actually releasing the mod instead of saying "i'll do it ASAP:" I'll be releasing the mod in Beta once Kopernicus is updated to 1.9. Next up, some screenshots of the Elias overhaul and the KSC's new location. Solace also got an ocean color update.
  2. A little edit of two images. The base image is from Space Engine, then I layered my spaceplane on top. Edit: Added lighting
  3. I've made an attachment for the Stargazer that bolsters its range quite a bit. Instead of a carrier, I've made more of an auxiliary fuel tank with engines and wings. It uses its own supply of fuel and oxidizer in addition to a small portion of the Stargazer's maximum oxidizer supply to get up to orbit. Once the Stargazer has been deployed, the auxiliary craft uses RCS to return to the atmosphere and land. The final result: 6,455 m/s of dV. I'm still working out some minor things with this system, mainly how much oxidizer I need to leave in the Stargazer to spare myself from the longer burn times of only using the Nerv to circularize the orbit.
  4. Some of my older fleet models (front) and their better counterparts (back): My favorite creation: It has about 4,500 m/s dV in an 80x80 km orbit around Kerbin and has almost no thrust torque, which is why I love flying it so much. I've also got more images of the other planes in the fleet if anyone wants to see those.
  5. Hello, everyone. I've got some more news relating to progress with everything in terms of preparing for a beta release. I've managed to get Byte to stop causing insane FPS drops, but it's come at a cost of terrain detail, which I hope to fix sometime in the future. I did manage to figure out how to add craters, though (see below images). Before I release the beta of this mod, I will be working on fixing performance issues on a few other bodies before anything else. If I can do that in a timely manner, I will also try to rework some of the older objects as well. When the beta is released, there will still be many unfinished parts of the mod, such as biome maps and science multipliers. The beta release will be focused on the functionality of the planets and moons in sandbox to obtain needed feedback on them. Thank you for reading. The region in the lower image will be fixed shortly because it looks awful, I know.
  6. At the moment, my main focus for preparing the pack for a beta release is getting some performance issues fixed involving some of the terrains for a few of the planets and moons. Usually this wouldn't take so long, but I have had 2 exams in the past week and 3 more to come this next week. Once I'm done with those, I should be able to finish the fixes for the problematic areas of the mod.
  7. The Beta release is taking a bit longer than expected; I recently tested the mod on KSP 1.7.3 (previously 1.3.2) and some values for aesthetics (atmo colors, main textures, etc) were wrong. Byte is also in need of a serious rework, as it has been causing some concerning performance issues on approach.
  8. Hello, everyone. I've got some good and bad news regarding development. The good news is that I am about ready to release the mod (albeit in an unfinished state, reason mentioned in the status update in the main post). The bad news is that I am having trouble setting up an account with the site I am trying to host the files on. Another part of bad news is that development is about to get even slower due to college starting again soon, but the rest of the things needed are somewhat simple. Thanks for reading. Below: Joule texture updated - no longer a space engine export (top) and WIP of Ola's terrain rework (some glaring issues are present, bottom)
  9. I haven't been able to work on it much lately due to final exams coming up, but once those are done, I'll resume working on a few things that need fixing. These mainly include atmospheric pressure curves and some terrain improvements, but I plan to have a release sometime this summer if all goes well. Thank you! What about it do you like? I plan on redoing it, but if there's something specific that you like about it, I may try to keep certain aspects of it intact when I get around to it.
  10. Thank you! And to answer your questions: The skybox is an export from Space Engine, although I plan to change it a little in the future. As for a download link, I have not set one up yet, as there are still some problems with the current bodies that need fixing. I'll likely release it once I've overhauled the atmospheres and terrain on those that still need updates.
  11. Ohm's atmospheric pressure curve has been overhauled and fixed, and the atmosphere color has been changed from a horrible solid white to a nice pale green gradient. I'll be updating the pressure curves for the rest of the planets now. After that, I'll resume working on terrain overhauls.
  12. I haven't shown the replacement home planet "Solace" yet, but it has been in development for a long time (with much procrastination). Over the months of its existence, it has gone through 2 major overhauls, and this is the version I think looks best. I still need to add ice caps, however.
  13. Made a few planes a few months ago that I thought were nice for a fleet. Each would ideally have their own role. All built to work with FAR, as well.
  14. Almost finished with final exams, more work is on the way!