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  1. Yes, WH40K taught me all about Daemon Engines
  2. Too close to Nurgle, no heresy on mars
  3. Zeus was known for a smidgin of cannibalism, too, you know.
  4. The first city on Mars has to be named Olympus
  5. Quibbling over safety and lack of guarantees of success, in a matter such as this, is insofar as my opinion, heresy. And before you say I'm too harsh, consider that your ancestors, in matters such as these, took far greater risk, for a far lower payout, with little but a feeling of grim determination.
  6. Starships remind me more of squids than of penguins
  7. I'm imagining this as an interplanetary shotgun blast, of several hundred, from a Superheavy booster with an expendable upper stage launching directly into a transfer trajectory. I suspect you've been watching too much Stratzenblitz.
  8. It's a weapon, a propulsion system, and a bomb. What more could you wish for?
  9. Wait, if the primary output of nuclear fission is x-rays, could a Zubrin NSWR "continuously" power a laser?
  10. NASA - Potato cameras and potato camera accessories.
  11. Spelled with two "R"s, for a double dose of...
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