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  1. I sure do love the idea of several hundred tons of THAT sitting on the pad... At least the fireball will be a nice green.
  2. Not really, because it still makes Lockheed and Boeing look like either chumps or swindlers
  3. It's funny, not even the usual shills and detractors can come up with a way to spin these engines negatively
  4. "Dear Driver! Remember, the lighter is fueled by TTEB, green flame and auditory hallucination is expected and normal"
  5. Has there been any leaked render or drawing on what this pad will actually look like?
  6. They need to build a money throwing machine for that.
  7. TBF, I want to see the lithobraking
  8. To be fair, the first named one ought to be Atlas, as a nod to the other stainless steel rocket.
  9. We already know Elon is a man of taste,, they will be named from the Culture series
  10. I'm looking forward to when these things have names, instead of numbers.
  11. A BFR going full Gnom on ascent would be a sight to behold
  12. Yes, there was a whole discussion on the livestream of using an extra bottle of water when they flush it.