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  1. The rocket gods may be cruel, but they are honest
  2. More Nuclear Engines?

    Honestly, what is needed is a big honkin 3.75m nuke. Because as it currently stands, a truckload of Rhinos are the only way to move anything huge around the Kerbol system, without taking decades for each burn.
  3. Stealthy orbital insertion?

    It seems largely doable, especially coming in on a trajectory over the south pole, into one of the southern oceans. Be prepared to Thor Heyrdahl your way to land, though
  4. Nuclear Termal Turbo Rocket

    That's a marketing problem
  5. Mars in three years

    It's not called the Senate Launch System for no reason
  6. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    But I'm trying to do things correctly, and bleed speed off above 50km with a high AoA . Your plan would keep me stable, but stuff me face first into the soup at over 2km/s
  7. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Likely all that nice fresh paint being burnt off Never had luck on winged reentry without RCS to maintain attitude
  8. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    There is no response to to a statement such as this that wouldn't get me banned
  9. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    That's my point. Von Braun gave us something, something he believed we would value and build upon. And what have we done with it?
  10. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    If that sentiment is the culmination of US rocket development, Werhner Von Braun should have just burnt his drawings and documentation
  11. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    All those points are true, but Lockheed and Boeing, both separately and together, have shown little innovation or improvement on their rocket designs over the recent decades.
  12. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Time for them to step up, we all know they have it in them, they got fat and lazy though
  13. The boss never believes my excuses
  14. Now, the high trajectory of the F9 first stage should lend itself to reducing the effects of wind at various altitudes since it spends less time in each strata
  15. Seems like the Minuteman deals with this with massive TWR in the first stage, and the old Titans dealt with it with surplus dv for course corrections. Not sure either of those methods lend themselves to launches of fragile satellites or humans