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  1. More like barely able to overcome the drag of its own intake.
  2. It's gonna be less efficient, but yeah, it would sorta work. You could definitely build a ramjet with electric heat, it just won't have a very good TWR
  3. Seeing the title, I thought this involved the launching of French politicians
  4. Yes, this would be a thermal ramjet, you can do the same with a turbine engine as well, just replace the combustors with heat exchangers.
  5. I've been saying this for a couple of years now
  6. Because it's a way to flex on the competition
  7. No doubt, but it still stands that the R-7 is one of the most impressive launchers of the entire history of spaceflight
  8. It seems unfair, and that's an understatement, to judge the R-7 from only 2010 onwards
  9. Good old semyorka, the B-52 of rockets
  10. Orbit to Surface to Orbit is a hell of a challenge
  11. I already know more. The MI rides in on single use entry pods, exfil is via a dropship of some sort. The question is could you land a mostly fueled starship?
  12. No, for moving personnel and their immediate equipment into theater faster than any other method
  13. Sweet jesus, you guys really missed the point. The point is to utilize such technology to rapidly deploy personnel and gear from a stateside location to a forward operating facility, just a whole hell of a lot faster than riding in a C-17. Once in theater, the personnel and gear would be transferred to conventional air, land, and or sea vehicles for the completion of the intended mission.
  14. Fine, sell the service to the military. It would be right up their alley. Imagine being able to deliver two platoons worth of infantry and gear anywhere in the world in under an hour.
  15. This is the most underestimated part about this whole design, and the main reason why I see the design getting a lot bigger by the time development is complete