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  1. It's necessary to spin your station occasionally
  2. If you attach all the tiles in the same manner, and then subject the vehicle to the stress and vibration of pressure test, cryo-proof, and static fire, you are able to positively identify the zones at highest risk of tile loss. You are now able to adjust accordingly in those areas.
  3. It's a wild card, but cannot be played by just anyone, usually requires being in the good graces of press-academia-capital, kind of like the church in the middle ages and accusations of heresy. It is an accusation that is simultaneously so inflammatory that the charge need not be substantiated to harm the accused and so vague that the accused is incapable of rebutting it.
  4. I once flew on one of those, the experience made me wish I was riding on the outside of a Tupolev. Bombardier, on the other hand, makes rock solid regional jets.
  5. Relative to the rest of the combined vehicle
  6. Was about to say, oxyliquit mixtures are often violently shock sensitive
  7. If you sue gravity hard enough, it will settle out of court. This is the secret of the IRL kraken drive.
  8. A datacenter, to store their PDFs
  9. Those look more like hydraulic accumulators
  10. Soon, they will sue their way to orbit
  11. Anyone who does that is doing the lord's work
  12. Remember, Boeing has an upper-middle management culture that is absolutely foul, and inherited from McDonnel Douglas. To them, this was all supposed to be an endless development cycle, where they would be eternally "almost there", if only NASA would give them just one more bag of cash.
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