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  1. How plebian. The patrician method is to launch it out of the bay on explosive fasteners.
  2. With that much space, you could implement a rotary dispenser like is used in bombers
  3. Poor Boeing, but it's hard to feel sorry for them after their clown tier performance they put on with Starliner.
  4. The only credible SSTO ever proposed was Project Orion
  5. Promising things they haven't built yet?
  6. Remember, every post this guy makes is intentionally silly
  7. So, a hydrolox expendable upper stage for Superheavy?
  8. Posts like this give me a hearty chuckle. Either this was a woefully inadequate attempt at concern trolling, or there are people here who still cannot grasp the scale of the game SpaceX is playing.
  9. Obviously they're talking about SLS
  10. It exists in superposition of both orbit and not, until the kinetic heating starts
  11. If you know how the Orion propulsion pulse modules worked, that's more likely than you might think.
  12. Only the latter gets you a fleet of generation ships.
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