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  1. ***Snacks Life Support Parts by Whyren - cain546 v5.2 for KSP 1.1.3*** ***Original Thread.*** ***Download*** Parts By Whyren Version 5.2 ***FEATURES*** ***Snack Containers*** Inline and radially attached snack containers for hauling extra snacks across space. Mass and storage are balanced perfectly with the hitch hiker module so you don't have to feel you are cheating the system! ***Greenhouses 2.5m and 3.75m*** Harness the power of the sun to grow healthy snacks! Greenhouses that work like solar panels, growing snacks through the magical powers of the sun. These are effective as long as the sunlight is not too strong or too weak. In theory,the small greenhouse can support 3 kerbals and the large 5 kerbals. In practice, kerbals have been known to over-indulge in snacks! ***Let there be light!*** The artificially lit greenhouse uses electricity to power the grow lights to grow... something green. If your kerbals begin consuming more snacks than normal, don't talk to me about it! ***Boxes!*** Three radially mounted snack boxes of varying sizes. They hold snacks ***Note from original author*** NOTE: The greenhouses don't work while the ship is not loaded. Since these are meant for permanent stations and bases, I added a "Gimme Snacks!" button to generate snacks very quickly if your base is getting low because you've been flying other missions. ***Credits*** Models=zzz (ksp forum member) Stuff=Apollo13 (ksp forum member) Original Author=Whyren (ksp forum member) Current Maintainer=cain546 (ksp forum member) ***License*** I am providing these parts under the WTFPL. ***Bugs*** When snacks are harvested after you have been away, the name of your cockpit or root part is displayed instead of the name of your ship in the onscreen message. Way more decimal points than necessary are displayed as well. ***SNACKS LIFE SUPPORT MOD*** EDIT: i just realized that i have no source code for the .dll file, I don't see any linked in the original forum post either. so technically i don't know what is in it. i should figure that out.
  2. I have been through several arguments and splits in community over open source projects and i know how bad the mud throwing can get, all i can say is cheer up and things will get better. keep up the good work squad!
  3. I have taken the liberty of updating the SnackPartsByWhyren so that the connection nodes work correctly in 1.0.5. This is currently a WIP. I have kept the original license WTFPL. here is a link to the original authors thread. here is the link to download the updated version from Kerbal Stuff
  4. i reinstalled KSP today and was reinstalling some mods and now i am getting a error that KSPAPIExtensions is incompatible with KSP 0.90.0 it seems to be a part of the Near Future Propulsion mod i have checked it against the version here and it is version 1.7.2 is this something that you all can help with? should i take this over to that thread instead?
  5. I have managed to repeatedly park in orbit, starting to design more complicated rockets 5-6 stages managed to get to the moon and survived landing in my lunar lander but i didn't have enough fuel to get home, almost xD so basically how do i create a space station/module that i can detach from/re-dock with later this is important if i wanna survive to get home later? and i watched some vids but they kinda expect you to already know some stuff. so like how do i get vehicles and or other structures over to the moon? can they be ferried over without a manned crew? should i launch any satellites or build a space station? I'm really kinds lost, loving the game but its hard! any tips? or ideas?