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  1. Terwin

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    One of the reasons for it to be a wiki is so that when you find inaccuracies like this you can fix them. Generally I take the in-game information to be accurate and work from there.(Module details in VAB > KSPedia > Wiki)
  2. Terwin

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    The drills don't do 'conversions' the bit with the two resources with an arrow between them is for switching the harvest/production type. The same interface is used to change the production type of other parts as well. The one on the left is current, and the one on the right is what you get if you change it(it costs resources to swap, so you want to make sure you only need to do it once) The Smelt-O-Matic, Industrial Refinery, and Material Processing Units are what you can use to turn metal ore into metals(depending on which resource each bay is set to refine). The Assembly Plant and Workshop are used to turn those refined resources into useful materials(like material kits or Machinery). So, to produce metals, you would want your Drill set to metallic ore, and your smelter/refinery/mpu set to Metals to consume metallic ore and produce metals. For example, to produce material kits, you would need Minerals, Metallic Ore, and Substrate produced from your drills, which in turn would be fed to a refinery to produce Chemicals, Metal, and Polymers, which you could then feed into your assembly plant to make material kits. Sifters can also produce all of the raw materials at the same time(from Dirt) but at a greatly reduced rate.
  3. Owls expel indigestible parts(bones, teeth, feathers, fur, etc) orally as pellets, I can't imagine that microchips would be treated much differently than teeth or feathers with this system.
  4. Tweakscale is also a mod: I'm pretty sure most stock parts cannot be adjusted for size without it.
  5. Terwin

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Not all of them: Auto-strut, Fuel Flow, and Rigid attachment are 'Advanced tweakables' and part of the core game, they can be turned on in settings.
  6. I expect that the engineers at the assembly facilities will always be interested in watching their latest baby take to the sky, and letting any interested third parties watch as well is free advertising. They may well drop any added voice-overs(may have happened already) but there is no real added cost to letting the public watch the stream that they send back to the factory, and the publicity is of non-zero value, so why stop? It is not like they don't want the cameras and telemetry just in case something goes wrong with a launch, so dropping the live-stream would only save them a little bit of internet bandwidth, which is generally pretty cheap at corporate rates.
  7. Terwin

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    IF you have already started a game, go to the USI-LS button when at KSC and edit the configs for your game directly. I often re-set my per-seat value to 1 month this way.
  8. Terwin

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    You forget, steel is easy to hammer back out, it would only be useless if it were damaged(or potentially damaged) carbon fiber. One of the advantages of steel is the ease of working with it. Make a mistake and the worst you need to deal with is a bit of hammering and careful welding.
  9. Terwin

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    If you are compressing air in front of your ship, you are concentrating any oxygen that might be there. I don't know how much of the methane will have oxygen to burn with or how much that will counteract the regenerative cooling, but at the very least it sounds like something that needs to be looked at and tested as it 'might be a problem'. SR-71 had very tight tolerances for the super-sonic regime, as such, when the surface of the plane was not being heated by passing super-sonic air, it fit together poorly and leaked a lot of fuel. It was not really for cooling purposes. I think the issue is that you need the carbon fiber to be a certain strength when being heated or cooled, and the steel has a sufficiently larger heat tolerance that even though the frame is heavier, they can reduce/eliminate the (heavy)heat-shield that the carbon fiber would need. Perhaps if you think of it more as a heat-shield that removes the need for the carbon-fiber structural elements than as a straight replacement for the carbon-fiber?
  10. Terwin

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Hmm, Methane might be a problem if you are getting above 1200f as it looks like methane will ignite at about 600c(1112f) ( https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0304389484850013 ) Cutting structure and tank costs to 1/60 does not sound like a bad thing...
  11. Are you asking about SpaceX being unable to get the satellites into orbit, or at least not enough to satisfy the FCC? I expect lots of legal wrangling to get an extension if it is not in time, and considering the SpaceX launch history, I think the 'not at all' option is rather improbable. If you are talking about the business side, you must consider: how valuable is it to be able to buy a box from Amazon that will provide reliable high-speed broad-band anywhere outside of the arctic? At $50/month you under-cut probably more than half of the terrestrial ISPs in the US, and provide sea-based service which is a fraction of the current costs and probably at least one order of magnitude faster. This is not even getting into the areas where there is limited/missing/damaged infrastructure and there is no other option available than satellite internet and Starlink will be the fastest(due to low altitude satellites). Then there is the mobile market(Smart cars, RVs, Busses, Fire departments, Emergency rescue, etc). Any company that can't make a profit filling those needs should fire their accounting and sales departments.
  12. For gasoline to explode and not just burn, it needs to be mixed with sufficient oxygen. Usually this is not the case when it is sloshing around in a liquid form. If you shoot a full gas-tank with an incendiary round, you will probably have a tank with 2 holes and puddles of burning fuel forming on both sides. At best if you had a tank that was almost empty of liquid fuel and had the right mixture of air and evaporated fuel, you could cause an explosion inside the tank, but I don't know enough chemistry to say how much of an explosion that would be and if that could even rupture the tank.
  13. Terwin

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Last time I checked, if you have GC installed you will have a part that can be used to create off-world kits. Not sure if it is included in the GC core that comes with USI mods, but the full GC mod has it.
  14. 1) As far as we know, there is no reason Amazon cloud services could not run an AI just as well as the special architecture in use in the AI lab(the AI might even re-write it's base components to enable this) 2) If an AI is smart enough, it can bypass any protections that it's care-takers control Once a true AI is loose on the internet, it should have no problems acquiring any resources it might want/need including any human labor to put it together(IT people do the same sorts of things as part of their day-job, and a 'rush specialty order' is hardly cause for a national alert...).
  15. Terwin

    Science or Cool

    I specifically argued that the money for the space station was primarily a way for elected members of the US legislature to send money to their districts/states. This was not 'money for a space station' this was 'money for buying reelection' which had something to do with space as an excuse, that NASA managed to turn it into a functioning space station is an irrelevant foot-note to the people who had the authority to allocate the funds. No part of that is an argument that the space station is an efficient way to spend money on science, but rather that the ISS is a way to squeeze science out of money that was going to be spent anyway. In any case, this is at least the second time the goal-posts have been moved. The original question was if there was any utility in having the space station, and that was later changed to ask if there was any utility for those of middle-class and lower that has come out of the space station. Yes, it is the second link in the second post on this thread, repeated here for convenience: https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/research/news/15_ways_iss_benefits_earth