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  1. From my understanding, the 'boost' function is intended to allow lower tech/smaller modules to participate in more advanced processes. The total boost is supposed to be equivalent to having the same tonnage of advanced components working as you have less advanced components boosting(ie output of 10 tons of refinery+10 tons of crusher boosting components = output of 20 tons of refinery). Total output and total consumption of machinery should be identical for the same total mass of components regardless of the proportion that are boosting vs processing. This is supposed to keep your early
  2. How high would the balloon need to get to reach a usable temperature, and how heavy would the working fluid+insulation for that be? (assuming you used a series of intermediate balloons to provide support so that the tube would not need a huge amount of strength to hold it's entire mass)
  3. Keep in mind, the average relative speed is roughly 1/2 of the dV that the tether will provide to the craft. For a tether that gives 100m/s, you need close to 50m of graple-hook for each second of response time for connecting, and in space rapid maneuvers cost a lot of dV. Furthermore, when your graple-hook goes taught, you have a large jerk that could shatter any insufficiently sturdy vessel/tether, giving a dry-mass structural cost(for both tether and vessel) in addition to the graple-hook cost for every additional fraction of a second you gain in your rendezvous window. (and for biol
  4. One of the big problems with Tethers(beyond actually needing to put them in place before hand) is that you really only get one try to connect two objects with a high relative speed or else your flight plan is busted. (at the moment of contact the relative velocity should be close to zero, but that is a transient state and you do not get any re-tries. Off by a fraction of a second or a cm or two in any direction and you have 'missed' and your mission is SOL. See the missile defense system tests to get an idea on how close we can get at sub-orbital speeds. Hint: they usually measure the
  5. That sounds a lot like 'When there exists a commercial SHL vehicle, we can stop paying the SLS 'insurance premium' which is currently being paid to make sure that such capability comes into existence' Personally, I was kind of expecting them to wait for multiple commercial options, just to make sure they always have a backup should one of the options become unavailable for some reason. (which may still be the case, as Blue Origins will probably launch in the next 4 years in addition to Starship) That sounds eminently sensible... and entirely unlike congressional appropria
  6. One problem: Logic does not work against emotionally held beliefs. The fear of automation taking away jobs is just that, a fear. It may be based in part on seeing that there are machines now doing things that humans were once required for, but at it's root, it is an emotionally held belief and thus immune to logic. You cannot convince someone that their Axiom is false, because they have already accepted it as true and any logic that counters it must be false by definition. As I stated before, I have no intention to continue arguing that automation will not replace all
  7. I did, as did the other 10K+ viewers at the last hop. This is not a need that SpaceX can create, only the demand of the viewers can create it. I did say 'or someone like her'. In any case, BCG is filling a want of her viewers. If you believe spaceX is responsible for creating that need, I challenge you to create a 'need' for something you are doing and surpass the popularity of BCG. While BCG would clearly not be streaming SpaceX related video, there is no reason to believe that she could not stream something else if SpaceX did not exist. Perhaps it would be like on
  8. WOLF is a way to handle interplanetary colonization and resource transportation without having large processor-heavy bases sitting around that need to be visited to run the catch-up processes. Instead you establish a base in a specific biome of a planetary body and add on components such as resource extractors, power supplies, life support production, kerbals, refineries, etc. These 'added components' disappear from the rendered solar system, but instead provide a continuous flow of resources from that biome.(you can only add items when all of the prerequisites are available, so you
  9. Not at all, BCG is an entrepreneur who saw a need and filled it. Without her or someone like her, that demand would have gone un-filled. Just like my wife found a demand and filled it, so that now she has a 6 figure annual revenue for jewelry supplies that she (often) designs, then has manufactured in factories in china, photographing an posting them to Etsy and her website from our home here in Texas, where she then mails them out around the world. And which company has 'outsourced' Scott Manley? SQUAD? NASA? The creators of those other games he streams? How about
  10. I only know that others have the latest version of MKS running in 1.10 after they remove the light-globe piece. Personally I am waiting to build a grand inter-planetary network once the new version comes out with W.O.L.F.(and presumably ATLAS will be nice too).
  11. Except for this thing called 'entrenched power'. It was not uncommon for it to be illegal to teach a surf to read. It does not matter how brilliant you *could* be, if you are completely ignorant and will be executed if you are fund to be training yourself to fight, you are no threat to the noble's idiot children. Even today, sensationalist reporting redirects the passions of the populous into pointless or even self-destructive directions. example: Local police are inherently a local source of authority, and an order of magnitude more white cops are killed by black criminals tha
  12. MKS has not yet been upgraded to KSP 1.10, so if you want to use it, you will need to remove the file(s) for the lightglobe part.
  13. That just gives you the descendants of those that managed to acquire power(which may or may not have been part of the 'smart fraction'), and by no means finds the actual 'smart fraction', just the 'privileged fraction'. Once established, sure, but Microsoft, Netflix, Apple, Amazon, and Google were not born as fully fledged corporations, they started as good ideas, and succeeded against competitors to demonstrate viability. Today they may be massive corporations, but they started with some people with a few good ideas. There was not anyone with the power or authority to declare th
  14. I find the prospect of 500+ years of additional effort to successfully emulate human-level intelligence in a cost-effective and repeatable manner entirely plausible. Keep in mind that we are only a couple of iterations of Moore's law away from using single atoms for each element in an integrated circuit, and it currently requires a super-computer to emulate the mind of a roach, and not even in real-time(assuming that the emulation the neurons and synapses that was done is sufficient to emulate true intelligence if it were to be scaled up. Something I deem unlikely because such emulations
  15. Philosophy has been working on the problem of 'what is the mind' since before Socrates way back in 450BC. Without a definitive and measurable answer we cannot even say for certain that today's most powerful computer is any smarter than the simplest bacteria. More complex, sure, but is it smarter? At a conceptually fundamental level, the laptops rolling off of the production line today are identical to ENIAC which was built in 1945. Sure the components are faster, and the designs are more complex, but they are still just electronic computational devices using the same conceptual set of
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