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  1. Hover capability covers a multitude of sins. That is how helicopters can land on helipads mounted on ships or buildings or after all...
  2. I live just outside the city limits of Austin, TX(aka 'silicon hills'/'Silicon Valley II'), and the Starlink beta has a lower monthly cost and higher bandwith that any other broad-band provider to which I have access at my current address.(which is less than a mile from the GM innovation and Amazon distribution centers on the old Dell Campus, so hardly out in the sticks). If I was not in the process of buying a new house (which may or may not be in a different Starlink 'cell' which may or may not require a new dish), I would already be on the waiting list for service in 'mid 2021' just fo
  3. There will always be specialists that understand a given technology. Even today, no one can be a specialist in all technologies. If you are a rocket scientist, then the ability to produce a child with three genetic mothers is probably not something you hae a through understanding of, and if you are a genetic engineer, then a continuous transmission probably seems pretty out-there, and if you are a mechanical engineer, then the design and operations of VLS IC design(the methods use to make modern computer CPUs and GPUs) probably seems pretty obscure and arcane, and if you are an IC electr
  4. In graphics class they spoke about how the first 'mirrored' enemy in a computer game worked: they just grabbed pixels from a different portion of the screen as 'good enough' because the processor was not powerful enough to do the ray-tracing real-time. It was lauded as a clever fix that was just as effective for the intended purpose as ray-tracing would have been. I do not see any reason for them to have bothered to change the approach for later games.
  5. That would be a minimum, yes, but one of the weaknesses of wolf, is that it is completely static(as far as I can tell), and you cannot adjust production based upon your current needs. As such, having a 20m Atlas factory that you can re-purpose as needed gives a lot more flexibility than pushing all of your manufacturing into WOLF(especially as we do not yet know the details on how the new parts manufacturing process will work, so having that flexibility can help take advantage of the new functionality as soon as it is released) Also, I do not believe that WOLF handles population grow
  6. I don't think kerbals count as parts when on a craft, as they do not require any physics simulation. Not many bases can be self-supporting in a single biome, WOLF is mostly for handling all of the stuff other than your main base on each planet. A single 20m atlas part replaces several smaller parts. For example, you can have 6 active bays on an atlas module, and I would expect that they would be at least the equivalent of a tundra module, so the 20m module should be able to replace at least 6 3.75m tundra parts(plus related stands, airlocks, etc).
  7. Did you see that the new 20m atlas parts have a max crew of 96 each? A couple of hab domes and a couple of factory domes would let you use most of that. Question: do the Atlas parts still benefit from only the highest specialist on the station? I vaguely remember something about multiple specialists being useful, but that might have been in relation to WOLF... If you only benefit from one specialist, that is a *lot* of kolonists...
  8. Snow is basically ice with air in/around it, sort of like a pumice stone is stone with air in/around it. We do not have a lot of materials that both evaporate and freeze in large quantities within our atmosphere. While the hexagonal structure would be due to the chemical structure of the water molecule, other materials could also form loosely packed crystal structures if they were to condense out of an atmosphere and freeze, but most would probably not form a hexagonal structure like water does.
  9. I was under the impression that the objective of the Alcubierre drive was to shrink space in front of the vessel and expand space behind it, so that you are not 'moving' the vessel at all, except perhaps using some chemical thrusters to cross the much shortened distance, or am I thinking of the wrong drive tech?
  10. Space station orbital velocity(for reference): 7.66 km/s according to this: https://www.omnicalculator.com/physics/centrifugal-force a 13km radius with a velocity of 7660m/s gives centrifugal acceleration of 4513.5 m/s/s or 460g If you reduce that to half the velocity of the space station(which means a non-trivial rocket for the other 3830m/s), you can reduce that to a mere 115g of off-axis acceleration. If you used earth's equator(radius of 6,356km) as the largest possible loop, you can get the off-axis acceleration down to 9.2m/s/s which should be readily handled by just
  11. To be fair, this does require landing in the biome, and for the depot in particular, landing a single use rather large and heavy mid-tech level item, which does not have a lot of use until you also acquire multiple max-tech elements. Once you have all of the WOLF tech, there are not likely to be a lot of unresearched tech nodes left, especially when using the community tech tree, making additional research points of little value. And it is not as if you couldn't already unlock pretty much the entire community tech tree with biome hopping inside the kerbin SOI, so this just makes it s
  12. I have an invocation I use every morning to bring forth light: "Ok Google, set office to 30%" And one to banish the light at the end of the day: "Ok Google, turn off bedroom" If you were not familiar with this technology, you would not have any idea that the small, unobtrusive cylinder hidden on a shelf was in any way related(especially if responses were muted), or that it was dependent on distant computing devices connected via a world wide information network. "magic" technology is all a matter of familiarity.
  13. The config files should still be there and may even have been updated for 1.11 At the moment I am mostly working on WOLF infrastructure (which will hopefully be easy to transfer, at the very least you can edit your save to re-add it as it is not obfuscated in any way), not sure yet if I will add a construction mod or just wait for the integrated construction, probably depends on how far I get before the new version is released.
  14. A building? You do realize that nothing has a sellable value off of Kerbin, and in particular at a launch site if you want full value. Also, a single large cargo container of rare resources(potentially filled from a hopper) can provide funding for pretty much the rest of your space program. (hundreds of millions in funds)
  15. You cannot add resources to WOLF, you can only produce and retrieve them. If your WOLF drill can extract those resources, you can probably ship them around with WOLF. I think that kerbal points are something that can be shipped around, but it is not something that I have done as of yet.
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