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  1. How about Anakins light and dark side got split into Anakin (Force Ghost at the end of EPVI) and Force-Ghost-Darth Vader/Snoke? Or the Inquisitor from SW Rebels? These 2 might explain the scarring in his face. I like. Old canon is scrubbed, everything is possible and there are little to no hints. He could be anybody.
  2. MP? As you predicted, i suggest KAS (Kerbal Attachment System) if you like to add/remove/replace (small) parts of a station. With stock KSP, you cannot replace small solar panels by larger ones for example. For this, you would have to launch and dock a new module to your station which adds up or replaces the exsting module. Since docking ports are the only stock way to add something to an existing station, you would definitely need KAS to add some additional structural strenght to your station (i use the KAS struts to stiffen the construction at the end)
  3. Espiecally if you compare it with some other fullprized AAA-Games. KSP is not really a game, it's more like a playground and a "general system for space simulation" which can be heavily customized.
  4. I'm testing a combination of KPBS, KAS and USI-Life Support and it looks good so far. Ressources are fairly simple to calculate, from the first look, TACLS or fully grown USI Kolonization were a bit to complicated for me. Just went so far as designed a larger self sutaining base which is planned to be put on Duna. It went 2 years without interruption on the first tests. The problems yet to solve are delivering all the parts to their destination and the assembly the whole structure on site. I also want to deliver some small outposts around kerbin.
  5. I wish there were some passenger payload capsules that fit the style of the 2 command pods and actually look like they're part of a re-entry capable capsule. I don't like to let the tourists sit in a cockpit with controls ("look, but don't touch!") and the plane passenger pods look kinda weird on a rocket.
  6. In the old canon, the "rules of the sith" changed a few times. Plus, i cannot remember the sith beeing mentioned in the force awakens. All we know is that there are 2 evil people who can use the force. Could be sith, wannabe siths or dark jedi. We know they're somewhat organized within the "Knights of Ren" Possible, but who? Snoke is definetely somwhere at the top of the first order, yet we don't know how the first order and the knights of ren are exactly related. He most likely have a background from the empire or the old republic (may it be force-related, military or diplomatic), otherwise i doubt he could be in a higher position. Beeing in a force-fraction before might have given him the skills to teach himself further knowledge. He must be very, very strong in the force to get that "important" without a teacher, i cannot remember any characters who got strong in the force without beeing trained with supervision. Not even in clone wars. I doubt the theory of a self didact force sensitive Doubt that...Of course my thinking is influenced by the old canon, but 2 apprentices at the same time does not fit palpatine. He saw himself as the last, immortal sith, no need for a successor. Maul, Dooku and Vader all had their weaknesses which rendered them controllable for him and he kept them as useful tools, which could easily be replaced. Nice to see in the official canon with dooku and vader, both of them were disposed as soon as a stronger apprentice was in sight (anakin or luke). Qui Gon was also thought to be dead for 2 movies. As far as i know, there's nothing that actually conflicts this theory. Didn't Palpatine thought the experiments where unsuccessful? Maybe Plagueis did not told him everything. He's not mentioned very often in the canon now, i'd like that theory more than Palpatine went full Sauron and came back as a ghost.
  7. PC gaming is a freetime activity which costs money. And hobbies costing money are actually not that uncommon. Everybody has the right to spend their time as they like to. And as long as they have fun doing something, that is totally ok, as well as it's ok to compare the "money/hours of fun"-ratio of different activities.
  8. 786 I have a 1000t space station and i want to single-launch the whole thing into space. Plz create an engine to do that. I am not willing to spend more than 10 ablator for the launch resources.
  9. As Confucius said...
  10. I found the same when i tried to ablate a fully stocked heatshield. I guess it's not possible to use 100% of the ablator on kerbin in one turn without heating up. Maybe multiple aerobreaking turns from interplanetary speeds might utilize that much ablator. But within LKO missions, you could reduce the ablator to something between 20% or 50%, depending on your safety margin.
  11. After the Update, i took a look at the stock crafts (sometimes, there are nice ideas in them) and i could swear it was missing. I could check as soon as i get home. Maybe SQUAD scratched the D45 because it wasn't working as a 2-Stage Spaceplane anymore. Stearwing A300 and Stearwing D45 are different crafts btw.
  12. Planes skit slowly across the runway with enabled breaks and minimal thrust from the jets, so powering up the jets without moving is no longer possible.... Edit: FYI, i just used the default landing gear so far and did not change any tweakables.
  13. Bummer... I remember my first tests with SSTOs, where the ressource app did help me to see if i run out of air. I adjusted pitch and thrust to keep some vertical and horicontal acceleration on my SSTO until i reached the max speed/height of my jets using IntakeAir as a reference, which ran at 0.3-1 Units before i switched to rockets. Is there a way to see if i will get a flame-out and adjust my flight accordingly before the jets actually turn off?
  14. At least the parts work and do their job.
  15. The Enginner is not qualified enough to design a proper SSTO to start with The Pilot cannot fly it correctly So basically all of the above. I tend to overengineer things.
  16. Where to start? A "satellite" is something that orbits another object. I think we can more or less agree on this definition. The adjectives is where the fun starts: What actually does classify a satellite as artifical or natural? The (main) material? So all man-assembled satellites are artifiial and everything that is made of natural material (well, mostly rock) is classified "natural"? Then what's the difference between a rock that got captured from space and a rock launched from earth? The way it got into orbit? Tricky to classify in 2 categories, as i can instantly think of 3 scenarios launched by humans (a sentient beeing that made that decision) natural ways (gets a bit philosophical: The starting parameters after the big bang, the natural laws, plus some time lead to 1: the creation of a celestial body, 2: the creation of an asteroid and therefore 3: a situation where 1 and 2 cross their paths in such a way that 2 enters a stale orbit around 1) not launched by humans, but manipulated by decision to attain a stable orbit its "source"? artificial: made from material that without decisive manipulation, would have liked to stay where it was (down on the ground) natural: stuff that came "from space" and got near earth by itself Best wording i can think of that leaves little room for imagination would be "Artificially captured satellite of natural source" Then the satellite must be classified as either moon, asteroid, moonoid or space junk.
  17. Octa

    Anywhere RCS

    I like jokes that take a few seconds of brain-time to deliver. I chuckled.
  18. My Mun lander ran out of fuel during ascent from the mun. I had to circularize with my last monopropellant reserves and the rendevouz was done by my command module. Got all 3 Kerbals back with no LF/O left, the last corrections after the Mun escabe burn for re-entry where made with RCS.
  19. Every week spent now is potentially 1 hotfix we don't need. It's the same with every update.....
  20. i meant a feature which shows the recently uninstalled mods, no caching, as this has no usable history for the user. If you want to track down a problem, you uninstall a bunch of mods, re-test if the issue still exists and repeat that until it's gone. Then you re-install the mods again until it re-appears. Remember the exact name of all mods you have installed so you can 100% rollback? Was it Mk2 Extended, Mk2 Essentials or Mk2 Expansion? Easiest way would be to make the status log persistent in the ckan directory of the KSP instance, so you could see what happened after each "Execute changes"
  21. I hope these weren't suggested before, but i just found 2 features for the client that'd be nice: Reverse dependency on local mods I want to tidy up my installation, but i can't see which mods where installed by myself and which mods where installed because of an dependency My suggestion: Add fields like "required by", "suggested by", "supported by". etc which are only filled locally with the information provided by the locally installed mods.Should be up do date if this is done every time a new mod is installed...i'd query for myself using the CLIs and some bash/perl-script, but i dont have a linux system available.... Disable Mods / temporary uninstall uninstall mods for debug reasons, but keep the information saved in the program so the can be re-insalled fast Well....they go in the category "Surely, there are ways around it, but it'd be nice to have directly integrated"....
  22. Everytime i think of that i remember that currently nothing of value will be lost. I hope technology for this evolves at the same pace as human society evolves into something worthy to preserve Manned Mars flights could push economy with all the new stuff that has to be engineered. But for science? No...we have probes and rovers for that. Far cheaper and less difficult. Research for long term interplanetary travel? Would be done only for the sake of itself. It does not look like we could benefit from the ability to travel around the solar system. Interstellar travel so humanity could really be preserved? We're light years away from even accomplishing a small part of that. Literally.
  23. A simple whiteboard also helps for some fast scribbles or mid term ToDos Yeah, strange People in the world....who think KSP experience is limited to the time KSP.exe is running and you sit in front of it.....i can't get behind that mindset.
  24. I managed to make up most of it my head until now. But since 1.1 is around the corner just waiting to break mission and rocket designs i don't actually want to try it out without risking to waste my time (been there, done that with 0.90 and 1.0). But ideas keep comig up and fill up valuable space in my head, so i started to use a plain text file as a vent.
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