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  1. ChrisSpace

    Shower thoughts

    On halloween we're skeletons dressing up as people dressing up as skeletons.
  2. My current mod list:


    Nertea’s mods (NFT, SSP, FFT, KA, HC, M4F, CTT, CRE)

    BD Armoury


    TAC Life Support

    Kerbal Planetary Base Systems

    Dark Side Technology continued

    Wild Blue Industries DSEV

    USI Project Orion

    Connected Living Space


    Kerbal Reusability Expansion

    USI Kolonization systems

  3. ChrisSpace

    What did you do in KSP today?

    So, this actually happened yesterday but I didn't get a chance to say it, I flew my first 100% successful fusion-powered flight into orbit. All my previous attempts had failed for one or more of the following reasons: Not having enough charge for the engine to start, and falling back into the atmosphere Not having enough power to recharge the engine fast enough after I accidentally shut it down, and falling back into the atmosphere Having a TWR too low to circularise the orbit before falling back into the atmosphere Engine randomly exploding before circularisation is complete, and falling back into the atmosphere So now I'm in a circular orbit with 60km/s of Dv, a bit over 1 year and 300 days of life support, two kerbals and no idea where to go next.
  4. ChrisSpace

    So what song is stuck in your head today?
  5. ChrisSpace

    Try looking up "NASA pdfs"

    Another fine addition to my collection
  6. ChrisSpace

    RIP Stan Lee

    Gone but not forgotten.
  7. Lowering flags halfway today. Metaphorically since I don't have any flags.

  8. Quick PSA: In case anyone cares, I support Pewdiepie over T-series

  9. How... how am I only finding out about this mod now? Combined with Nert's other mods it's a very good alternative to KSP-IE IMHO.
  10. ChrisSpace

    Mysterious cloud on Mars.

    Cloud or not, that planet looks beautiful in the pic
  11. ChrisSpace

    My SciFi/Fantasy novel idea list

    Alright, I've got some ideas for this, but due to the forum rules against politics I'll PM you about it later today instead
  12. ChrisSpace

    My SciFi/Fantasy novel idea list

    Protomolecule reaches Earth. Got it. You'd think they'd search that part of the sky as soon as the first blob hit, unless they were extremely convinced that it was just natural panspermia. So, what's the purpose of the Mars colony? Is it to give humanity a second base of operations in case Earth is overrun, or is it to produce oxygen/hydrogen/water/methane/steel for constructing more battleships? The aliens must be reeeeally slow if there's time for this. In any case, I'll share my extra thoughts later this evening once I see what SC thinks of my initial ideas.
  13. Hmm, I wouldn't say it's perfect: - While 100 metric tons to LEO sounds impressive, and it is, it isn't really much compared to how heavy man aspects of sci-fi infrastructure is. A c.500-ton-to-LEO launch vehicle such as the ITS or Sea Dragon could launch any reasonable payload, though. - It's cheap compared to, say, the Saturn V or N1, but compared to a similarly-sized yacht/plane/submarine it's actually rather expensive. - It isn't an SSTO, and it needs it's extra booster stage to reach LEO. And it needs to be refilled in LEO to deliver it's 100-ton payload to the moon or Mars. - Yes, it can go almost anywhere in the solar system if it refuels in Low Mars Orbit, but only if you're willing to spend years and years inside it. For the same reason that SpaceX dropped the plan to send a FH-Dragon combination around the moon, you wouldn't want to send a single BFR to Saturn. Precisely. I already have info on the economics of alternative methods to reach Mars, and on alternate orbital launch systems. Now this here is something I'd like to see.
  14. ChrisSpace

    Colonising Mars and a meme I found

    Ripe for plundering? On the contrary, I expect the most high-tech survivor communities to be among the most well-armed.
  15. ChrisSpace

    Colonising Mars and a meme I found

    My second and fourth still apply