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  1. Granted. It's cold, you're tired and there's nothing to do. I wish I could see into and travel through 4-dimensional space.
  2. I'm getting some really mixed messages here.
  3. The writing and visuals are all mostly "homemade".
  4. Here's a fun scenario I thought up. Let's say I go back in time 65 million years and a few days, swat the Chixulub impactor out of the way, and in it's place I put a large tank of antimatter with an amount of antimatter with a mass-energy equal to one half of the impact energy of the Chixulub impact (surrounding matter should account for the other half, I think). If the antimatter all stays in the tank until it hits the seafloor in the Yucutan peninsula, how would the resulting explosion be different from the impact that took place in real life? Would the fireball, tsunami, EMP, earthquakes etc etc be the same size and strength or not?
  5. I'm writing an anime fanfiction which will have lots of sci-fi elements later on (wormholes, lasers, battles in LEO, etc), so does that technically make me a sci-fi writer?
  6. Earth has Pizza. And chocolate. As for dwarf planets, Ceres, because it's the closest and probably the only one that could have any strategic value in the next few centuries.
  7. Not sure what that is, but I'm pretty sure this little [insert descriptive words here] should be able to take care of them:
  8. Fallout
  9. You didn't see the stellar-mass black hole that the solar system is now moving straight towards. I launch a "Project Thor"-style kinetic bombardment satelite network.
  10. NASA definitely won't do it, SpaceX probably won't do it.
  11. When you're perfectly fine with the idea of one day spending the rest of your life in a glass dome in a frozen desert on the other side of the solar system.
  12. Granted. All future sci-fi advantures are really anticlimatic. I wish finding specific things on the deep web wasn't so difficult.