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  1. RIP, Stanislav Petrov

    The closest we've ever had so far to someone who literally saved the world. Truly a respectable and admirable individual.
  2. Where is Nibiru today?

    I was doing these calculations when I saw that you replied. For slightly more accurate data: Solar escape velocity from 1AU orbit: 42.13km/s Earth's current orbital speed: 29.65km/s Relative velocity: 12.48km/s AOA is negligible over such large distances 12.48km/s for 5 days = 5.39 million km Angular size from Earth (assuming P9-sized object): a bit over 0.4 degrees
  3. This Forum's KSP fleet vs Mass Effect's Systems Alliance

    As of September 2017 there are about 180000 forum members. Feel free to use that information however you want to in your calculations.
  4. I should probably mention that the Alternate Solar System project is still being worked on. A few things have kicked it down the priority list, but I've been at it continuously for months. I haven't talked about it much here, because now that I have a rough idea of what the solar system looks like I've been working on the historical/geopolitical aspect of it. I'll return to finishing up the solar system soonish.

  5. Let's Talk About Near-Lightspeed Travel

    Alien technology/materials that can't be reproduced by humans? Small portable wormholes connecting different points in the galaxy?

    After certain events that have been hapenning in the news I was expecting this thread to be very different.
  7. Science fiction authors of the KSP forums, UNITE!

    But it's 90% other stuff and also has some very unscientific elements (demons, telepathy, alternate realities, etc.) so...
  8. Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted. It's cold, you're tired and there's nothing to do. I wish I could see into and travel through 4-dimensional space.
  9. Say whatever you want here

    I'm getting some really mixed messages here.
  10. Science fiction authors of the KSP forums, UNITE!

    The writing and visuals are all mostly "homemade".
  11. For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    Here's a fun scenario I thought up. Let's say I go back in time 65 million years and a few days, swat the Chixulub impactor out of the way, and in it's place I put a large tank of antimatter with an amount of antimatter with a mass-energy equal to one half of the impact energy of the Chixulub impact (surrounding matter should account for the other half, I think). If the antimatter all stays in the tank until it hits the seafloor in the Yucutan peninsula, how would the resulting explosion be different from the impact that took place in real life? Would the fireball, tsunami, EMP, earthquakes etc etc be the same size and strength or not?
  12. Science fiction authors of the KSP forums, UNITE!

    I'm writing an anime fanfiction which will have lots of sci-fi elements later on (wormholes, lasers, battles in LEO, etc), so does that technically make me a sci-fi writer?