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  1. Environmental issues would be taken a lot more seriously if animals could vote

  2. With the new year less than two hours away I'd like to ask, what were y'all's favourite things about 2019?

    1. Spaceception


      My vote went to asteroids (though I think space in general fits). I think after awhile, that planets will only be settled to set up initial infrastructure on the planet. Many people will probably stay, because they've built a life already. And instead of vast surface colonies, you have concentrated cities, with most of the population in Dyson bubbles around the planet, built from planetary resources and nearby asteroids.

    2. ChrisSpace


      Well, I voted for Ceres/Jupiter/Saturn. Not just because of what Elon has said, but because a surface colony can pretty much grow indefinitely while a cylinder is limited my the tensile strength of it's material. And Venus if currently a bit "off-limits" as the Dv required to travel from a floating city into LVO is beyond Starship's Delta-V capacity.

      In particular I have a bit of a soft spot for Titan, since it's the best source of Methane beyond Mars and that's what Starship runs on. Of course, if Roscosmos or the CNSA builds a similar type of vessel using Hydrolox or Hydrogen NTR propulsion, that changes a lot.

  3. So let's say, hypothetically, that I wanted to artificially ignite a solar storm at least as powerful as that of 1859, aimed at Earth. Could I trigger it with a powerful enough laser shot into the right part of the sun at the right angle? If so, how powerful would the laser have to be?
  4. btw, there's a cool CivBE-style discord game thing starting soon

    Feel free to join in if any of y'all are interested

  5. Finally got these today, very excited to read them.


  6. I really hope we get something like this:
  7. Honestly I'm not too upset about KSP2 being delayed. This'll just mean the final product is even better with the extra year-or-so of development.




  8. I personally interpret "no comment" as "not happening but we don't want to crush your hopes yet". KSP/KSP2 is violent enough without actually being a war game. Okay, that could be useful. Perhaps they're hoarding a valuable resource like antimatter or Helium-3. Plants would be easy, they already exist on Kerbin. I think that Laythe could certainly use some, since I headcanon it's biosphere to be similar in development to Earth's during the Silurian or Ordovician. This would be better with a full concrete narrative.
  9. So, as I see it there are two big problems with adding alien civilisations into KSP2: 1. Adding existing civilisations means adding some kind of diplomatic system, which means some kind of political world building would be necessary, and everything about the first game has been designed to be as politically neutral as possible. 2. Even with the simplest diplomatic system, an alien civilisation would need a lot of really advanced AI. It would be similar in difficulty to adding a rival space program on Kerbin. Overall I like the idea but I don't think it would be worth the added months or years of development time. Besides, we're getting multiplayer and interstellar colonies, why not role-play alien civilisations with some friends or something? Ideally, if the sol system exists I'd like there to be a lot of million-year-old ancient artefacts and stuff, but no actual humans. Like what's shown in Life After People. As for what happened to the humans, that should probably be left vague. Hostile alien plants? I haven't thought of that. I guess immobile fauna would be just as easy to add in, like coral and starfish. (Yes I know starfish aren't immobile but that's beside the point)
  10. Unless there's the option to scoop up Hydrogen from the nebula. It'd be pretty easy to tell if it's a very young system. For reference, just look how different our solar system was 4.5 billion years ago. As a separate game mode it'd be good.
  11. So, for any of y'all writers out there writing something taking place later in the 21st century, I just found this today and it's perhaps the most accurate large-scale geopolitical prediction I've seen so far.

    Unlike most analyses which just extrapolate from current trends, this one actually takes into account things like extreme climate change, resource depletion etc to predict who the next major world powers will be. And in the 8 years since the article was published, it's remained accurate so far.

    Just in case anyone's interested.

  12. In case any of y'all care, there's a huge fundraising project right now which aims to plant 20 million trees.


  13. Adding single-player space races would require adding realistic-behaving AI space programs, which could add months onto the development timetable.