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  1. If any of you ever wondered how many comets it would take to terraform Mars:


  2. The Thing (2011) is basically just a film adaptation of a very violent game of Among Us

    1. Spaceception


      Never seen it, but I have been binging a lot of Among us lately, so I'll take your word for it :D

  3. Fun Fact: If you own a Tesla and someone else steals it, it becomes an Edison

  4. I wonder what the most useless thing to have a self-destruct button on would be. A microwave? A solar panel? A chair? A fork?

  5. It feels so weird thinking that Pigeons, Mice, Goldfish etc all have natural habitats somewhere in the wild.

  6. So here is my quickly-written list of everything we saw, in order: 1. Simple shiny rocket with some Planetshine-type thing implemented 2. Acceleration-based animations 3. A Duna colony featuring both new modules and advanced terrain 4. Eeloo being lit from Kerbol on one side and some faint light source on the other 5. A yawning animation 6. How rings seem to be made of particles similar to how terrain scatter (trees etc) are generated 7. A planet rotating the wrong way compared to it's rings 8. Explosion 9. Orion drive below a ring system 10. S
  7. So I tried that, and loaded in the default Ion-powered probe as a test. Problem is, for some reason now every ship except the Ion probe is showing the same error message.
  8. So I thought I installed it correctly, but every time I try to import any .craft file, an error message pops up. I tried uploading .craft files from the Steam workshop files, same thing happens.
  9. Just finished reading Saturn Run yesterday, I'd highly recommend it for anyone who likes the "first contact" sub-genre.


    Also, this is a rather random thought but I think the directional arrow (the thing that looks like a -> ) is probably a universal symbol across the universe. Think about it, any species that has to hunt, defend themselves or fight among themselves will probably invent the spear and arrow before the industrial era, and the arrow shape is derived from those.

  10. Fun fact: You can't get infected with COVID if you're already infected with the Protomolecule

  11. The most unrealistic thing about D&D is that a "long rest" lasts 8 hours instead of 5

  12. In light of very recent events I've been thinking, what if KSP had it's own version of the Far Lands? Like, some special thing a thousand light years from Kerbol that required a ton of dedication to reach? That'd be a cool feature.

  13. Cartilage is just boneless bone

    1. Fraston


      You aren’t wrong.

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