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  1. I have 348 hours in TS2020 and... probably 1000+ hours in Trainz Simulator 12 (the disc version doesn't have a counter for this)... so yeah, I think you could call me a fan of train simulators. On the model railroading front, I also have a ScaleTrains UP ET44AH, Athearn Blue Box CNW C44-9W and NS GP50, and dozens of others, but those are the pride of the fleet, despite having nowhere to run them. On a side note, I've also had a YouTube channel devoted to railfanning for five years now. Won't post it here for risk of it being considered advertising, but point is, yeah you could say I'm enthusiastic about trains. Then again, one only has to look at my name to know that
  2. I have to say, it's almost an entirely different game to what it was six years ago - SR1 for iOS was a 2D sidescrolling... thing... that was hard to control.
  3. That. That was the highlight of the movie. The entire thing is great, but especially THAT.
  4. 相対性VISION Translates as "The Vision of Relativity", the name of Neptunia VII (V2)'s opening song.
  5. That's a mistake a lot of people make with that series. It's actually "V2", as in "Victory Two", as the previous game in the series was "Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: Victory Generation". Anyway. 8/10 for the same reasons I listed in my last rating of your signature.
  6. 8/10. Interesting challenges.... opposite team in the number war... and a funny quote.
  7. Yeah, it's fire, but this girl is a goddess who can throw out 20+ punches a second if she has to, and can also yell through a megaphone and it gets transformed to shock waves...
  8. She then picks up the girl and flies her up to the balcony. From a Neptunia roleplay I was doing on Discord, don't judge me...
  9. Yikes, 1.6.1... My last installed version is 1.3.1, and I haven't touched that since April '18...
  10. ...Am I seeing things? Am I really here for the first time in months? Is this reply box really working?
  11. 10/10 YES somebody gets it! I'm not exactly sure who's in your avatar but I'm giving it 10/10 because you're one of the few people who actually recognizes who's in mine.
  12. Pixel art but don't know who of. 6/10. (if you want to know who this is just look up the last item in my signature)
  13. I have a girl with an incredibly powerful sword who just slayed seven other goddesses with that sword. I think I'll be fine.
  14. 10/10 I finally took time to read your signature, and I agree that Eeloo and Dres are underappreciated.
  15. 6/10 Just text and links. (I would explain my signature but it's spoilers for the latter game)
  16. 7/10 Not big into that fandom but I don't hate it. (Yes. I know. Mega necro. But apparently the more recent version of this game is nowhere to be found... this was the one of its kind with the most recent reply. So I had no real choice.)
  17. The Story Of A Train Where Some Idiot Left It Running And Then It Nearly Killed Everyone (Unstoppable, 2010)
  18. Encina, Oregon. (yes it's a real place)
  19. wait the thing says it's about to lock? yep, saying this last minute
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