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  1. This set looks absolutely great, although if I could suggest anything, it'd be that you could try and simplify the design in how many different mods and parts you're using to maybe just a few of the most important and relevant mods since having to download over a dozen different mods, not to mention all the legacy parts complicates it a bit much.
  2. Could we please have the craft files to the great looking ships that are shown on the inspiration albums?
  3. Don't want to be discouraging or anything, but it seems like it's taking a really long time to make any progress on the shuttle, unless you're just not showing us how it's coming along. =P
  4. As hard as I've looked, I've still yet to see any good complete interior photos of either the LK or the LOK. =(
  5. Wouldn't that require making interiors for both the Soyuz and LK lander? =P
  6. Could you please post some WIP pictures if you can?
  7. The picture link doesn't work. Try uploading them on imgur or posting in spoilers on the forum.
  8. No matter what I do, this ship always seems to break up when I'm on my last two stacks of fuel from the first stages.
  9. I had the same issue as you with the radial engine.
  10. It'll be awesome whenever we can launch the Odin connected to the Thor lander and keep the Odin in use as an orbiter for the lander to rendezvous with and take the Kerbals home. Especially now that we don't need docking to do this and all that'd be needed is to EVA the crew between each craft.
  11. This might be a stupid question, but what is the attachment on the back of that shuttle supposed to be?
  12. Your modeling and texturing are really nice. I can't wait to see more of and hopefully be playing in your shuttle pretty soon.
  13. Reading stuff like this just really makes me wish that there was some sort of mechanic or probability of random mechanical errors in KSP. The potential for something like that randomly happening could make things so much more interesting if it were implemented well.
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