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  1. I'm having a little trouble with ships, they seem to wobble in their heading even with rcs and sas aid, is this normal?
  2. Corsair is ready Corsair 5- toggles the engine cowl
  3. thanks, try to make em with the general shape and the least parts, the more detailed they look the more they lag
  4. Doing a Corsair with a little bit of extra detail
  5. Great mod, the small engine and rocket fuel tank fit nicely on the Komet
  6. B-25 might need to redo this using P parts to reduce part count
  7. Thank you - - - Updated - - - It is ready to DL now
  8. also with low part count - - - Updated - - - And don't forget I take requests, it keeps me occupied... preferably prop planes and tanks, but jets work too
  9. Me added but it needs foudries, tweak scale, aviator arsenal and tareobee x-1
  10. Me-163 done and flying perfectly, armed with twin 20 mills and an actual rocket engine But just like the real life thing it is quite limited in range
  11. I 16 and aircobra for those you need: Aviator Asenal