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  1. Eh, they start that way, hence why I used the term 'degenerate.' I mean this with absolutely no disrespect, but I'm certain that Kuzzter has noticed that this thread goes more off-topic the longer that time goes by without a new comic posted. There's only so much on-topic discussion we can get into, and while our author has stated that he likes it when we guess at storylines, I personally find no humor in such a thing; I usually just step in to correct blatantly wrong or misleading information that I see, whether it's comic-related or completely off-topic. When we have more content to discuss, I'm certain the discussion will come back around to more on-topic things, and the next time a content lull comes by then it will degenerate again. If this bothers Kuzzter, his option is really to ask to have the thread closed to discussion except for the 24 hour period immediately after he posts a comic. Otherwise the very nature of conversation means it'll go off-topic again. I will state again that my opinion is that off-topic conversation, especially when it's about something as closely related as the shows that the author pulls so many tropes from, should not be seen as a bad thing. We're all here because we enjoy the comic; nobody is going to come into this thread only to talk about 1701-D's landing in Generations, but we talk about that since it's so closely related to what we're seeing in our favorite Kerbal comic.
  2. We wouldn't all be here arguing semantics regarding warp capability and reentry effects if it weren't for Kuzzter's fantastic writing. The truth is that we're all dying to hear the next part but we're also polite enough to not just post tons of 'PLEEZE KUZZTER POST MOAR COMIC' so we degenerate into semi-off-topic discussion in an attempt to be patient and wait for the author to continue being awesome at his own pace.
  3. It should be noted that in ST:III, the Enterprise entered (I almost wrote re-entered, but that wouldn't be accurate for Genesis) after the self destruct sequence had already destroyed most of the primary hull. Obviously the shields would not be up and there was no helm for anyone to control the entry angle or velocity. This shouldn't be used as evidence that the ship can't enter an atmosphere under normal, not-currently-also-blowing-itself-up conditions.
  4. This is so off-topic I think Kuzzter is probably going to ostracize me, but no, the USS Enterprise CVN-65, the world's first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, is no longer operational. She was taken out of service on December 1st, 2012 and was officially decommissioned today.
  5. You read Sarge in a butler's tone? Wha? No, he's definitely Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket. Also the voice of virtually every Marine sergeant you see/hear in media (first one that comes to mind is the sergeant toy from Toy Story). He's very polite to officers because that's military decorum, but if you're below him in the rank structure, hoo boy you're going to get an earful if you do something wrong.
  6. Updates! In 1.0.5 I made a version with the new SSMEs which of course made ascent much simpler, and now in 1.1 I've tested that the craft is still, in fact, capable of sending a significant payload to orbit. So, without further adieu, The Mark 4! Craft File Here! Flying this pig is kind of difficult but certainly not impossible. 1.1-era SAS is retarded and cannot hold the orbiter vertical for the first segment of ascent (the, "get the hell out of this soupy air" phase), so you'll have to fly manually to hold a mostly-vertical ascent to about 8-10k meters. After that I've been letting the stupidity of SAS slowly pitch the craft over and thrusting 100% until I hit the apogee I want to load a payload into. Get yourself as close to circular as you can with the ET while still technically being suborbital and drop the ET, then fire off the OMS and continue to your planned orbit.
  7. That hurt to watch. What an awful smashup of two excellent episodes.
  8. Trouble is, Kerbfleet would forget that they deployed him and if they found him later (say, wreaking havoc on a Kerbulan ship) they'd probably think he was Kerbulan. Until they forgot that they captured him.
  9. As a partial solution, if you can actually dock your craft in the 'docking bay' with a docking port/claw arrangement of some sort, then since it's one craft it won't hit itself. This will also allow you to time-warp; if you're trying to time-warp with just a craft inside a bay but not actually docked, it'll go flying out of the bay...
  10. Just in case, I'm now going to have to figure out some sort of anti-missile countermeasures for all of my own KSP missions. Kuzzter is making me insecure that Jeb & Co. are the only ones out there... I wonder if the ISS has some super-secret systems to protect itself in the event of an attack by cloaked Romulan warships?
  11. [quote name='Nefrums']What have the Kermulans done to Moho? Edit: I mean Noho, or Muho?[/QUOTE] Noho is No Mo'.