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  1. hms_warrior

    Help with Kopernicus - terraforming Duna

    Thanks for moving. Was not sure if discussion is the right place for "help me obi wan"-stuff.
  2. Hi. I am trying to use Kopernicus to change Duna in a partialy terraformed version of it. Steps: - Increase atmospheredensity and add oxygen. (done). - add small areas of water. And here the problems start. I was able to add a ocean but i have massive z-fighting (or something that looks similar). The water is not visible on the map. The closer you get the more z-fighting and finaly the water vanishes. There seem to be no textures on the water. Anyone able to show me my mistakes? modifications in system file: here some pictures:
  3. There are, however, a lot of mods( wich are free) that allow you to get a better simulation. Like a Earth sized Kerbin for example.
  4. hms_warrior

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    You found a Rocketbooster lying at the side of the road? That reminds me of something...
  5. So...basicly they show they can animate a video? (and yes i know they ARE building hardware...but there is nothing of that in the video. Basicly it could just mean anything. )
  6. hms_warrior

    ISP question

    Ran into a site of a manufacturer of mini-monoprop engines for smallsats a while back. They had a throttle range for their engines listed and a performance loss at max throttle. (was somewhere around 5% loss). Edit: found the site: If you look at the second engine, it goes from 50 mn to 500 mn and the isp varies between 220 and 225. Hm thinking about this... there is no clear indication this is related. Damn mind jumped to conclusions i guess.
  7. hms_warrior

    Wolfhound vs Poodle

    Ok first: Before the wolfhound everyone used the poodle for everthing happening in vacuum. So...poodle OP? There will allways be a "best" engine for every situation. Want a super efficent vacuum engine but still have a good TWR? wolfhound. Want a super efficent vacuum engine and don't care about TWR? NERVA. Want a efficent vacuum lander engine? poodle. Want a efficent vacuum lander engine that is small? terrrier. On a side note: i still use the terrier/poodle as my normal vacuum engine... a) for a good designed Kerbin-system-ship 350 ISP is more than good enough. b) wolfhound is to so big it screws every design that is supposed to land somewhere. c) 37 tons thrust is just to much for "normal" spaceships. And this is a single player game...who cares about balance? You? well good news: you can just not use it. Or edit it. Or delete it. What's the problem again?
  8. hms_warrior

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Random idea on BFR rework. Incooperating stuff that was on the SpaceX to-do list(crossfeed) or is allready done (sideboosters) : The BFS is made longer and has a mixture of ASL and VAC engines. Two smaller Bosters are sidemounted. Sideboosters and ASL engines of BFS ignite at launch, where the BFS-ASL engines are feed from the boosters tanks. BFS ignites VAC engines, shut down ASL engines. Boosters seperates and do return. ASL engines engines on BFS are switched to internal tanks (while shut-off) fuel lines are flushed to remove any bubbles and ASL engines reignite.
  9. hms_warrior

    BFR concepts and ideas thread.

    regarding that table...what is the deal with this lithium borohydride? It look's like pretty much ideal rocket fuel. High energy, high density, boiling point at 380 degree celcius... is it super toxic or someth never mind, google answered it after adjusting the search words a bit.
  10. true. But in that article it was stated that he is massivly trying to increase (double) his workforce. To keep his 2020 timetable. That's what makes me wondering.
  11. Not sure what i should think of that "throw lots of money to reduce delay" tactic. At least in IT, it is a proven (albeit often ignored) fact that this won't work. Introducing new teammembers actualy reduce the work a team can do in the first ~6 months.
  12. hms_warrior

    Copenhagen Suborbitals: Umm...

    No need for rcs radiationprotection and so on. It is just a backup if integrity of capsule is broken. Some cooling system and a bottle of air is all it needs.
  13. hms_warrior

    Using bypass air to increase rocket thrust

    uhm...the atmosphere is more than 8 km thick. And we don't care about oxygen. Atmosphere could be pure CO2 and air-augmented rocket would still work. (it is not a ramjet)
  14. hms_warrior

    Colonization Discussion Thread (split from SpaceX)

    There is actualy a lot more on the moon. The basic rock there is made of aluminium titan silicium and oxygen. Lox and structural components for everyone! LOX and powdered aluminium makes a 230 isp rocketfuel btw. Enough for lunar orbit sso.
  15. hms_warrior

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    aditionaly: the whole ISRU stuff is not new. It is done here on earth every day. It is not a question about if it will work, but "How to make it light/compact enough and as reliable as possibe". But there is no question that it will work.