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  1. Ok i have a question. This might be pretty stupid, and i freely admit i have very limited knowlege about this stuff. So feel free to roll your eyes or something . Iron changes its behaviour pretty massively depending on stuff you mix in. Add some carbon -> steel. Add some trace amounts of other stuff -> steel with vastly different brittelnes, melting points and so on. Could this be possible for metal hydrogen ? Maybe you could make it metastable to a degree by adding the right mix of "pollution" ?
  2. Maybe i am reading this wrong but...isn't that just a complicated way of Crossfeed? With Planes instead of Falcon Heavy?
  3. now that is a cute little baby rocket!^^
  4. I guess the least turbulence you would get on a train. Or in a car ;-)
  5. Not selfless. You need to change your picture. Those Guys (Elon and Bezos) have more money than they ever need. They use that Money to "force" the reality to be like they want it to be. That is very egocentric. ;-)
  6. Can't you use the new In-Vehicle interaction-thingy and simply move a structual part in position?
  7. Just call it Bob. Or "that base over there". We need less dignity in our spacestuff or some idiot might put a flag on it and start a war.
  8. using my 10 fingers, i take my smartphone, write a small app with a button and a counter that goes up every time i hit that button(30 min max developing time). Now i can count almost abitrarily high with only one hand! :-P Addendum: using a long to store the count i could count to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 ...everything after that requires some thinking/google.
  9. Well even if it's only a 1000 People it could still call itselfe a city. And even the capital of mars!
  10. Thanks for moving. Was not sure if discussion is the right place for "help me obi wan"-stuff.
  11. Hi. I am trying to use Kopernicus to change Duna in a partialy terraformed version of it. Steps: - Increase atmospheredensity and add oxygen. (done). - add small areas of water. And here the problems start. I was able to add a ocean but i have massive z-fighting (or something that looks similar). The water is not visible on the map. The closer you get the more z-fighting and finaly the water vanishes. There seem to be no textures on the water. Anyone able to show me my mistakes? modifications in system file: here some pictures:
  12. There are, however, a lot of mods( wich are free) that allow you to get a better simulation. Like a Earth sized Kerbin for example.
  13. You found a Rocketbooster lying at the side of the road? That reminds me of something...
  14. So...basicly they show they can animate a video? (and yes i know they ARE building hardware...but there is nothing of that in the video. Basicly it could just mean anything. )