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  1. Ok, I think, that I'm doing something wrong. I did stuff, just like from a first post. KK is working for me, but I'm getting only 5 start complexes and no Runway. Ok, and most of them are underground, which is not great, because this is causing RUD for my rockets XD Could somebody help me please?
  2. Oh, such a mess in your speadsheet... I see, A LOT of Russian weaponry in wrong categories. I'll try to make some research by myself, just to help you. Feel free to ask anything. (Russian sources often are more precise)
  3. Oh god, 1.1 is amazing. I'm already testing buoyancy model for it. As soon, as I finish testing, we will continue work on project. Srly, I really need that Admiral Kerman picture) My Microsoft Surface is still in US (and I'm in Russia) so I can't draw it myself)
  4. I'm afraid, that no. But keep an eye on us. May be we realise remake fast, and then we will start to make our own ships. Who knows...
  5. Channel 77, please! GD! So here is some news for you. 1) Sorry, no release before 1.1. On other side, we have some time to work. 2) We are looking for realistic model of ships behavior. I even found manual and ship's stability plan from my last vessel. 3) I need a profile picture Can somebody draw me an "Admiral S. Kerman", please. And, as I think, we REALLY need some guys, who will help us to make this mod. Back to channel 16.
  6. Hey! If you need some help from a seaman, I'll be glad to help you! I used to work on Tankers. Now, I'm developing my own project for Maritime Industry. But GameDev is my hobby.
  7. Ok, here comes a problem: 1) So engine sound. Not critical, but I really like to wake up with sound of Proton in the morning. 2) No exhaust. Using RO-RSS
  8. I really want it in RSS. Mostly, because, I'm using RealFuels and RO. Yeah-yeah, I know, that KK does not support rescaled systems. So waiting and hoping for this. Also, Divico, take a look on Plesetsk Cosmodrome. I think, that it will be really nice to add it to KK.
  9. So, I was going to have a Rendezvous with my command vehicle. 2 km... 1 km... 0.5 km....EXPLOSION... WHAT?! It happens to me 3rd time. Log says, that my vehicle is overheating. Ok, I understand, that now we can overheat in atmosphere, But how can I overheat on 300KM orbit? (PS: Love this "Blast awesomeness" line, )
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