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  1. I just got my first SSTO to orbit in 1.0. (Been trying for a week). What was the trick? I kid you not, I simply stuck heat discs directly in front of my air intakes. The extra drag created was easily offset by reaching ridiculous speeds starting at 15KM. Working as intended?
  2. Hello Awesome job on 1.0! Loving it so far. After a kerbal met his unfortunate demise when testing the new re-entry heat, other Kerbals in my roster changed professions. For example, a 1 star Pilot became a 1 star Engineer. Another pilot (no star) became a scientist. Separately, I can confirm another bug reported already: - the revert flight button is disabled during flight. I noticed this when switching to debris (a separated stage). I was unable to switch back to see if that resolved the issue, as it says you can't switch ships while in atmo (debris in atmo, ship in space). Thank you.
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