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  1. Is it like the poet said: "I'm just kiddin like Jason, unless you gon' do it"?
  2. ability: Valentina Dilsby Tedus Sarge Bob Jebediah Bill Clauselle Lisa Melbe Kenlie Nimzo cuteness: Sarge Lisa Clauselle Melbe Kenlie Nimzo Valentina Tedus Jebediah Dilsby Bill Bob
  3. Hey, iai shodan too. Having spend a little bit of time with Rosetta stone to learn Japanese (probably enough to politely inquire what time the restroom is), I'd say the "zu" at the end feels very much like how it would be spelled; seeing how a great many English words were officially adopted into the language and have a correct (and incorrect) spelling and pronunciation in Japanese, which may be quite different from the original, I wouldn't be surprised if it's official spelling.
  4. Hehe, lolled as I didn't see that coming at all. Oh well, better to take that bad mood out on this Nimzo than the other one.
  5. Is this the first named character casualty in kerbfleetverse? I can't remember if the kermulans had already offed any other named characters (not counting mechanical ones).
  6. Seems like the universe is about to instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. Or at least, by one that is more "Loud and Clear".
  7. Well, as a mitigating factor, most of these were committed in order to comply, and in compliance, with the requirements of various narrative ordinances. Well, with the exception of failure to signal a gravity turn, there's just no excuse for that.
  8. Wow, that kinda blew my mind. There's actually several claims to the biggest ball of twine over time, and here I though it was just an outrageously silly joke.
  9. Then there's the one about not using paperclips for fuses. Pretty solid advice that.
  10. Did you just sneak a Sam&Max reference in there?