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  1. I have the m-700 orbital scanner as well as the surface scanner into orbits. How do i go about finding the elevations of various points using these. i figured out how to use the surface scanner I believe, but what is the use of the orbital scanner. the only thing i can get out of it is the different biomes of kerbin(grassland, desert, etc.) is there a zoom mode?
  2. When calculating my fuel mass for the delta v equations, do i need to add the oxidizer mass together with the liquid fuel mass to get the fuel mass, or do i just go with the liquid fuel mass itself?
  3. Jeez, so I need to be exactly due north or south eh? - - - Updated - - - So a heading of EXACTLY 90 degrees?
  4. Tried to do a print screen to paste the pic but doesnt work that way for me. Anyways, My orbit catches the very edge of the iced over north pole of kerbin as well as the edge of the south pole. My satellite info says orbiting, apoapsis is 432,732m nd periapsis is 187550m . Imtrying to do an orbital scan with the m-700 scanner.
  5. Id like to thank you for the video, but I have constructed my ship exactly as yours and have tried multiple times to get into orbit as you did, and for some reason I just cant seem to do it. Heck, my first fuel tank is empty before I even get to 20,000 feet. Even when I do manage to get into space, my orbit comes nowhere close to full circle. it usually turns out to be a sub-orbit that goes about 1/8 around the world. Been attempting to duplicate you for about 6 hours now.
  6. Ive built basic ships to the point where I cannot complete anymore missions without a more advanced ship. To unlock the SAS module, I will have to complete three more research levels, which to me, seems pretty impossible with what I have. I have fins as well and have tried them in many configurations. Thanks for the advice, ill head over to the tutorials section again.
  7. Ive started in career mode as well, and seem to be stuck at breaking the 20000 meter elevation mark. I just cant seem to construct a ship that remains stable.
  8. I started out playing the tutorials and thought, "OK, this is not exactly rocket science". Then I went to career mode and was off to a good start using less complicated rockets. Finally, i have spent the last 8 hours trying to get even a slightly more complicated ship to remain stable to no avail. Ive searched threads and have seen the suggestions to turn SAS on. However, from what I can tell, SAS is something you cant get until you unlock quite a few research levels to get to. But with the trouble I have putting together stable ships I will never advance that far in career mode. On a side note, I did go to sandbox mode and attached an SAS ring to a few ships I had previously tried to put together and this made the flights almost easy. Ive messed with with the center of mass and all that alot and just cant seem to pull off a ship thats gets me over 20,000 meters elevation in career mode. Seems almost impossible to get anywhere from scratch in career mode, does anyone agree with this.