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  1. only one thing really bothering me with the bugs in todays build. Seems like a lot of the same bugs that were shown by the youtubers when you had your big event at the ESA. That was 2 weeks before release day. Just seems like its a little odd that these made it into release after 2 weeks to work on them. I mean I guess you could argue that code was locked down for release, and you been working on the patch for this long now, and added some of the ones noticed after release. It is what it is though. anyway, seems to me that ships are not getting destroyed (incode) when leaving them, and are blooming up the save file.. Hopefully this is what's meant by fixing save file issues. Its also causing lots of the FPS issues.
  2. I agree with this. Can’t bring myself to use a 3rd party mod loader. And game needs work first.
  3. Hate to tell you guys this but GMG has had it for 15% since release day, because thats were I bought my copy. It has nothing to do with IG(T2) Green Man Gaming and others like Epic do this all the time to get the sales, they are giving up part of their profits to make more than they generally would vs Steam.
  4. You don't need to edit the file.. I feel like a dumb dumb.. Press T. They have a SAS on/off key.... And its defaulting to off when loading. Which is what the Autopilot true false is... Gah.
  5. You can pretty much ingnore below... Just press T. They have added a SAS on/off button and I guess we can still consider it a bug that its saving to the false, but just press T. Figured out the issue. I had a feeling it was a save state not being saved correctly in save file for Remote Pods. I thought it might of been an actual Module missing in save, but its much simpler than that. The easy way to fix it is to press T... I just found out checking key binds.. gaahhhh No editing needed. The part that says "autoPilotState" : false needs to be true. It defaults to false, and when you load that is enough to disable your SAS in all Remote Pods. }, "speedMode": "Orbit", "autoSpeedMode": "Orbit", "altimeterMode": "GroundLevel", "autopilotMode": "StabilityAssist", "autoPilotState": true, "isKerbalEVA": false, "isRCSEnabled": false, "flightControlsMode": "Normal", "actionGroupStates": null, "PhysicsMode": "Orbital", "currentTargetID": { "Guid": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "DebugName": null I also figure out the Time warp. If you have a vessel below 300K, your time warp gets disabled. Why this is still counting as a vessel when you go to Space Center and still locking you out is just another bug. And only esplanation for that is the vessel is never unloaded (or destroyed in coding world) and stay active forever. Most likely another reason for crappy save file curruption issues too, since vessels are not destroyed when unloaded. Man....
  6. Saved files are borked.. You might get a few days out of a save. Than it starts to corrupts. The more ships and stuff you have in space, the worse it gets.
  7. Yup same thing. Very annoying, because I launched a probe to go to Duna, went into orbit kerbin and my timer warp is locked only half way. So really don't have fast time warp. So I got annoyed and shut off game. Just started up and now I still have time warp issue + my SAS is dead. I'm going to take a guess and say that the save file for the Remote Part is not saving the Module information correctly for them in the save file. Most likely missing the SAS Module information. So when you load the game save your part is not loading the SAS data it needs.
  8. Launched at Probe (going to Duna) set in orbit of kerbin right now waiting on window to duna. at 100K orbit. Time warp can't go over 1/2 way mark. Even in Space Center. Got annoyed and shut PC down for night. Today loaded up save, and still can't time warp, and now my SAS is completely black out, can't select anything.. It was working fine when I launched, and now nothing. Brand new save, only craft in the sky. I don't even have any debris yet because my main booster is still attached to the ship (has fuel left).
  9. Devs should be working on game. Community managers on the other hand... Good question. They should head to the steam forums and put the fires out. Because the damage the haters on steam are causing is going to sting for awhile. And not talking about the generally upset person. I talking about the people actively telling lies, and causing mayem.
  10. Yikes. But.... I think its suppose to be rust from the cooling water that shoots out before launch... maybe....... Nothing to see here. Move along.
  11. So if you watch the kerbal list as you load up kerbals into the vessel your about to take off in, you will notice there is 10 Kerbals. When you move them out into the Pod they are replaced with new names. No big deal, but it really is because the list is locked at 10 kerbals only. So when you return, and your kerbals are added back to the list they are not listed. Now you can cheat the list by adding the kerbals back into the list if you cancel loading up the vessel, and you will have 10 + however many you took out. But now you have to wait for the list to go below 10 again for more kerbals to be added.. So to beat this (sorry for the long explanation) you can load up the MK3-5 Pod with bunch of kerbals, in hope that your lost kerbals show up in the list. when they don't or if they do launch the pod and than recover it.. This will put them in the back of the list past 10 again. I know its stupid.. Its just another bug.
  12. I would think that kerbin itself would be an unlimited resource center for all the basic resources needed to make the few first stages of rockets.. You know satellites + Mun landers. The next stage might need resources from say the Mun or Minmus to get kerbals to Duna and Jool system. And finally the Duna and Jool systems will be the last leg before resources needed for Interstellar. Oh forgot EVE... Im sure Eve will be a requirement too..
  13. Only way I got it to work was to go back to space center. Than back to the kerbal and try again. And I don't even know if that was a fluke.
  14. Its funny when people look back at KSP1 one and say how great things was.. But everyone seems to forget that most of the stuff added right before 1.0 and beyond was done by modders. The contract system was done Arsonide that developed the FinePrint mod. Rover dude has a big hand in all post 1.0 stuff. As does A bunch of others. In fact that 1 year that they hired all those modders (before the controversy) those guys fixed so many things Including Modding tools and stuff like AutoStruts it was insane. Bugs that KSP1 was ignoring for years. So yeah we can look back on KSP1 and say how great it is.. And it is. But it had its issues and a lot of the community helped fix it. No contracts system in KSP2 no big deal, cause there people like me and Arsonide (Or new lot of modders with better ideas) that will add money.. Don't be so concerned. But it might just add more grind, we will have to see what they do. I mean resources might be the new money, and be enough.
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