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  1. @blackheart612/everyone interested, the tweakscale patch has been updated, same link as in the op. Enjoy and let me know if I missed anything guys!
  2. Search And Rescue

    Release #11 is now available at the download link. This is a big one, bringing in @Warro's suggestion to use the firespitter texture switch. The superstructure models have also been redone a bit to fix some edge split issues. The hangers will receive the same soon. BE WARNED the WILL break saved vessels if you were using the standard SAR texture prior to this. If you were using the military half, you might be safe, but thats a large might and I in no way promise that either will not break. Firespitter is now included with the download also for ease of access for everyone. There is bound to be issues with this one so please please please let me know if there is and enjoy!
  3. Red vs Blue Continued

    Then provide proof otherwise I am not adding parts to the mod as I am just here to maintain it in its creators absence
  4. Red vs Blue Continued

    Yes because i se I know that the mods original creator valued the appearance of things and I value function a missile clipping through the bay distorts both of those things. And okay go for it? Not sure if you thought that threat would change my mind but it certainly does not. Yes, and by downloading the mod?
  5. Red vs Blue Continued

    Looking at that picture, you can clearly see that the AMRAAMS clip into the model. Until that issue is resolved I wont include this in the download, an no cheating fuel into it isnt an option either. Sorry man
  6. He hasnt been around for awhile man. If his license allows it I would say youre good to go with taking it under your wing
  7. Master Tech Aerospace

    Read up 5 posts.............
  8. Wraithforge (BD Armory addon)

    Cool if you need any help feel free to message me. Alternatively I will gladly run the mod in your absence(with credit of course) if you would rather go that route?
  9. Wraithforge (BD Armory addon)

    @Wraith977 you still working on this man?
  10. Stuff and Things

    Stuff and Things has been updated to release 29 and now includes an entire second set of ship parts for you to use! Enjoy!
  11. With the release of the new BD Armory features I thought it would be helpful to have a quick and easy way to compare radars with one another so I made a google sheet for the task. Right now it contains only my own mods but I would like it to include as many mods as possible. If you want another mod included in it please throw together the information needed by the sheet and pm it to me in a word document of some sort or even better put it into a sheet of your own and send me the link and I will copy paste it into this one so we can have a complete database. Thanks for your help in advance!
  12. Red vs Blue Continued

    If you convert the texture file to the same format as the rest of the mod yes
  13. Master Tech Weapons

    Link updated there also my bad man
  14. Master Tech Weapons

    My fault, that link should have been updated months ago with the rest of my mods and I missed it I guess. It is fixed now
  15. Blue Hawk Aerospace

    Updated to be compatible with BD Armory features added as part of the "v1.0.0 - Under the radar, over the horizon" update. If you are still using an older version of BD Armory do not download any future updates, they are not backwards compatible. I will keep the backwards compatible version at the download link as well as new ones so if youre running an old version simply grab the outdated download. If youre running the newest BD Armory updates, grab the newest updates. I am also about 100% sure there will be bugs/issues with this version, so please let me know here if there is. Thanks and enjoy!