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  1. Works fine for me and everyone else Ive asked so that is a you issue, not a mod bug issue. Please dont declare mods broken for a single part and unless also dont declare them broken unless youve confirmed that it is an actual issue with the mod.
  2. It works fine in 1.3 for me so what are you having issues with exactly?
  3. @blackheart612 tweakscale patch updated to include the 2 new parts. Sorry for the delay, was busy with real life things.
  4. As V8 said, this(and all other BD expansions) should work fine in 1.3 as long as you are using the BDArmory version for 1.3.
  5. There is a license included and has been this whole time. Please do actually look before deleting links......
  6. For anyone interested in that still, Ive created a new thread for this and several other mod tweaks Ive acquired over my modding time to avoid several things since clearly the powers at be know all and cant be wrong. So here is the link to the new page: Enjoy! PS: Oh and btw @linuxgurugamer, youre welcome for getting that VTOL engine to work for you months ago since you couldnt, which, btw, you didnt even bother to say thank you for....... Peace out Quiztech continued peeps!
  7. You seem to forget that youre the one that the original mod maker gave permission to? If you have contact with him Ill be glad to take it off your hands, since youre too high and mighty for it apparently. If not then you might as well stop suggesting it as Im not trying to commit IP theft.
  8. I have adopted a few tweaks from various mods and instead of continuing to post on their threads Im making this thread to get them all in one place. They are at the release link below and they will get updated as needed. If you see something missing from one or want something added(within reason) let me know, and as always, ENJOY! DROPBOX DOWNLOAD(READ INSTRUCTIONS) - Removed
  9. [snip] theyre the exact same cfg's in every way minus 10 lines that dont effect the game at all how are you still missing this? The only way anything changes is if people use BD, in which case it adds functions. If they dont use BD then those sections of the part simply wont load and nothing will change at all. If I took over the mod the first thing I would do is support BD, since, ya know, it requires minimal effort to do and the mods cockpits are quite clearly military focused..... So no, because I would only need one set instead of being difficult about this whole thing [snip]
  10. The mod, that I dont have control over releases of in anyway? IT REQUIRES NO SUPPORT. How are you not getting this? Ill make this simple: step 1. I make and relase the cfg's step 2. you update the mod step 3. i grab your update and update the cfgs step 4. i reupload the new cfg's That is it, there is 0 need for you to do any extra work at all. For someone who claims to be so incredibly experienced with your 70+ mods. [snip]
  11. you dont though? They are exactly the same +/- like 10 lines that wont affect the way the rest of the cfg works at all and my plan was to keep them updated if you update on your end, however I dont really foresee you even actually doing that since you dont really seem to want to maintain the mod anyways. [snip] We all pitch in and maintain and make mods where we can, [snip] all youre doing is maintaining and not adding.completing the mod.... You keep thinking that, Ive always found that where there is one willing to support it there is more. Okay so say I make this mm patch, would it not then need a folder to sit in in gameData? Assuming people dont just want a billion text files sitting in their gameData which is far worse. I could have asked for that yeah, or, I could just do what I did myself and the turn around is faster, I dont have to rely on someone else for help, and the effect is exactly the same. [snip] This doesnt effect you at all and your continued complaining makes me think that really you just dont want to support the mod at all and are just looking for an out......
  12. I dont know how to begin making an MM patch for it. This was the quickest and easiest way to go about doing it. Also that just adds yet another folder to peoples game data to be forgotten about. And that doesnt actually effect anything sooooo..... You can not approve all you want I suppose. The bottom line is that you said you didnt wanna do it, so I did it instead. It doesnt actually affect you at all in any way, so youre complaining for zero reason here... But if you want to drop it I am 100% confident someone else will pick it up, so you do you man!
  13. For those that wanted radars and such in cockpits, here ya go: [Link snipped by moderator due to violation of mod posting guidelines. See note below.] Download, then copy paste into your gamedata and hit the replace option in the dialog box that comes up. That will replace the cfg's with these that include radars and weapons managers. Also if I missed something that you wanted to see just let me know!
  14. Welp, in that case ill set about making some alternate "militarized" cfg's for Quiztech. If anyone has anything specific they want to see in them, please let me know!
  15. It is, like he said, easier than you think I believe. It's just a few lines in the cfg, you don't need the models at all. Just food for thought....