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  1. Blackheart has zero interest in integrating it I assure you, hence why its an external patch
  2. There is already a tweakscale patch linked in the OP that is maintained and updated by me as blackheart rolls out updates for the mod as a whole.
  3. Search And Rescue

    Mostly because its already done the way it is now and I dont have the time to spend to go through each and every single part and compile the transform names of every single object(some of which are quite complex) Also the mod uses more than just two plain textures so it is far more easy to just leave it how it is since it works fine the way it is currently than to go through and do all the work to arrive at the same exact result.
  4. Minimum signal and minimum locked signal thresholds shouldn't be there. They are depreciated and serve no function. Also if you delete all the other none needed text and reference stuff it would make it a lot easier to narrow down the issue. That just looks like a wall of text.
  5. [1.2.2] Ballast and Nuclear Submarine parts mod

    thats one person lol
  6. Hey gents, in light of the coming changes contained in this thread I thought it would be cool to have one sheet that lists all(or at least as many as possible) of the 100's of BD Armory and associated mods parts. I think this would make it far easier for people at a glance to see what they're getting and especially with what this update will contain, which parts would work best for certain scenarios. This is by no means perfect or a final draft, but its a start. While only radars are tracked right now, I would eventually like to expand it to other categories as well like guns, missiles, etc... If you would like to be a part of it(I hope you all do) just put all the associated data from your mods into a text document, or a spreadsheet, or something, and then shoot it over to me and I will get you added. Obviously this wont go live until the update outside of this thread but ideally I want as many mods in this as possible before that so we can start a trend and have it available from day 1 of the new version. Lastly, I'm also looking for feedback on what you all think of the idea as a whole and specifically ways to improve the current sheet as I know it is nowhere near perfect by any means. Thanks in advance for you guys help and feedback and stay awesome! BD Armory Part Comparison
  7. Ah gotcha thanks man! Keep up the good work
  8. I have I just hadn't loaded it up yet(work, yay) I've just always seen it and assumed it was a Dev only feature that the rest of us didn't know the way to pull up. Thanks though!
  9. Anyone know how to actually pull up the RCS screen in the SPH like SM has in his post a few comments up? Could someone also (briefly) describe the new sonar/torpedoe features? Also, this is awesome thanks a lot for the hard work gents!
  10. The modern fighter jet style one. Mk1 non commercial object I think it's called without looking at it
  11. Anyone else having issues with the IVA not working for the online fighter cockpit or is that's just a me thing?
  12. @blackheart612 tweakscale patch updated, same link as before so no change needed there, sorry for the delay I got busy with work stuff recently. As for suggestions if youre taking them though: Cobra attack helicopter style cockpit, Apache style helicopter, Blackhawk style cockpit
  13. @qromodynmc there is a tweakscale patch for the entire mod linked in the OP @blackheart612Ill get on it this weekend man, thanks for the tag!
  14. [1.2.2] Ballast and Nuclear Submarine parts mod

    @Redshift OTF you around here still? If not is there any interest in this midnight being revived/improved? Comment on this thread if there is please. If there isn't enough to warrent I will see what I can do about at temporarily running the mod or making a similar one from scratch.
  15. Blue Hawk Industries

    Works fine for me and everyone else Ive asked so that is a you issue, not a mod bug issue. Please dont declare mods broken for a single part and unless also dont declare them broken unless youve confirmed that it is an actual issue with the mod.