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  1. Honestly I'm not 100% sure. My guess would be that since the parts vary in age drastically that the newer cfgs are still compatible with BD Armory while the old ones are not. It's probably tiny details in them that need updated. To be honest I kind of stopped bothering with nodding weapons with the endless part breaking updates that the BD Armory devs keep pushing out. It became not worth trying to keep up just to have them all broken a month later. Their latest move totally exclude parts not designed by them from the bd tab being chief among the issues. Twas a very large slap in the face to a
  2. They do not Honestly, I dont have time to go through and piece together which ones do and dont need updated. I'll try to get to it, but it wont be quick. Many of the parts do need updated though. So we shall see. Forgot, sorry
  3. @neistridlar totally moved the tweakscale patch and didnt tell you. Its now here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u6cliq18972oo1g/AADtWdAcCjVC-oGoO1_Jycfaa?dl=0 Sorry about that man
  4. As the OP says, that would depend on the part youre looking for, as well as its function.
  5. yeah that thing was a pain in the "bad word here" to get even working at all I combined all the old mods into this mod to make it easier on me
  6. All the parts from all the different mods are split among the different TMasterson5 packs depending on their function
  7. I am fully capable of doing all of those options, the thing is, I shouldnt have to. The category function within BD Armory shouldnt have been removed in the first place or should have been handled much better than making many parts disappear from game completely. A lot of mods simply arent supported anymore but work perfectly other than them just not appearing at all now. That's a problem. The simple fact is that something that wasnt a problem was "fixed" but created many new problems instead. Again, the fix wasnt necessary. The BD part category wasnt an issue at all.
  8. Is there a way to change the deletion of the bd parts category back to how it was? That change was super short sighted IMO since a lot of mods arent up to date with the most recent BD updates and have because of that been completely removed from being usable in game. Thanks in advance!
  9. You need to open the zip folders and place the contents inside of game data into your game data folder. You can just throw zipped files into gsmedata, or KSP wont be able to access them
  10. Can you post a screenshot an image of your game data folder?
  11. Unfortunately most of them arent my craft or I dont have the craft file for the, anymore sorry man
  12. sorry man, there is literally hundreds across all spectrum's of weapons Do you mean can you have the craft files? for what? Some of them dont belong to me so I would have to track them down.
  13. @blackheart612 as many have reported the tweakscale link no longer works. That is because I combined all of my mods into one thread and forgot to tell you, that link is here, enjoy everyone!
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