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  1. Wait, there's another option than Hohmann??? Seriously though, it's pretty much all I use. I really want to play around with different methods though... I've never done a gravity assist from Eve to get to Minmus or anything like that. I really wouldn't even know where to start. I just circularize, make a transfer node, and drag it until I get an encounter.
  2. First time to Jool system, sent a probe and got a bunch of data from High/Low orbits of Jool + Tylo + Vall + Laythe. I had a really nice intercept that caught two of the moons with one ~2m/s burn, and caught the third while dropping Pe for low Jool orbit. Beautiful system!
  3. I had a return trip to Kerbin that I just *barely* dropped Pe into the atmosphere. Off the top of my head, I think it was something like 15 orbits to finally land.
  4. I've got an Acer not-really-a-laptop-anymore, Core i3, Intel HD 4000. Runs sub-100 parts on lower graphical settings. Anyway, the screen died on this laptop a while ago, so I've been using it with an external monitor. Then it started overheating, so I took it apart to clean it(the fan was so clogged, thanks Phoenix)... but I couldn't get two of the cables reconnected, so the keyboard and mousepad aren't working either. Also, the VGA port broke a while ago, so I'm running to a VGA display from HDMI with a stupidly expensive converter. All-in-all, it's quite a little Frankenstein and is really just a big mess.
  5. Two moments that really stand out are the launch of this space station segment: Fun extra about the space station launch, was that I was playing with a 'clean space' policy... so when Jeb got the station setup, he detached the remaining rocket stage, de-orbited it, got out, and jet-packed back to the station And vertically docking this freighter on this mining outpost: After doing that, docking in orbit has never seemed like a challenge. Oh yeah, how could I forget? There was that one time I actually freaked Jeb out:
  6. Even if you want to say base 10 is arbitrary, it doesn't take away anything from the argument that a consistent method of conversion is better than an inconsistent one. It's not an argument about which base is better anyway. Base 12 wouldn't be better if your units were all wonky. Since we do use base 10, converting via factors of 10 is a simple thing to do, and if you learn the basics of converting the different units, you can work with any measurements intuititively... speed, distance, volume, whatever. 1,10,100,1000anyandeverythings is objectively, rationally better than 12/3/1760/5280distances 1/2/4/4volumes etc
  7. What a great time to start playing again! I'm hyped, and I'm not really even sure what's making it into 1.1
  8. Haven't played much in a long while... winter was really rough on me, but felt like doing some Kerbal stuff today. Productive day in my new career mode, got some 2000+ science with a probe that landed on both Ike and Duna, landed another probe on Gilly, and on my second attempt landed a probe on Eve. Realized, I've never landed on Duna, Gilly, or Eve before, so those were all firsts for me. Wanted to see if I could still do the spaceplane thing, so I made something quickly in sandbox. First ascent I was too shallow and blew up my front intakes from overheating. Switched modes on the RAPIERs, made suborbital, and landed safely in the ocean. Second try went fine, minus a loss of control on re-entry from about 45km to 15km. Shifted fuel around, landed on the runway, and felt pretty dang good
  9. Guys, guys, guys. I think you're all missing something here. My eyes!!!
  10. I know where I'm landing my first base. Heart of Hearts Outpost baby!
  11. The enemy's gate is down. 90 degrees the other direction would be more consistent with all the other images though.
  12. Why are the boosters still burning after separation? Is that used to create space?
  13. I'm planning a new build, and haven't even been looking below those. Seems the performance per dollar just drops off too much to consider.
  14. I'm sure others can give better answers, but I'd imagine you'd want something around the adeon R7 260X, GeForce GTX 750 Ti or GTX 960 2GB
  15. What's he doing so far from Mordor? *GASP* Pluto is Middle-Earth, Sauron's invading!
  16. They said Pluto is unlike any other planet or moon, can't really draw analogs to it, the whole thing is just better than they hoped for.
  17. So, was I understanding that correctly? 11,000 ft mountains made of ice?
  18. https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/styles/full_width_feature/public/thumbnails/image/nh-plutosurface.png?itok=sqfvH2GP - - - Updated - - -
  19. No impact craters in the first frame.
  20. Yeah, a screenshot isn't going to be nearly as good. Here we go!
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