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  1. Gameslinx

    mwa bday

    Happy birthday (for tomorrow)
  2. I've ironed out the terrain and colouring of the planet. I hope the visuals don't completely drown out the planet itself - that's something I'm also working on. But I've finally drastically improved the performance of the planets' surfaces by creating my own terrain textures using the correct format.
  3. Planet names just pop into my head, usually based off what they look like. I come up with the story as I go, but most of the time it's prior to creating the mod so that I have something to go off
  4. See Volux from GPO, as GPD said. I also probably won't be taking many ideas, since the system is being laid out how I envision it, but rest assured there is a wide variety of planets and asteroids to explore
  5. Nah. That's as magical as it gets here. Although I might go over it to add some more crystal veins to the planet. Who knows
  6. This is the moon of Hydrus, if that helps. Magic enough?
  7. I doubt it, but I'm not aiming to be well known. I'm doing it for fun
  8. It isn't a gas giant, not is it fake. It's a titan/venus planet
  9. Just a teaser for you all. Note that the planet's clouds are not yet finished, so go easy on Hydrus!
  10. The planet itself won't have any green colouration from orbit, but yes there will be some trees around the lakes and some cacti, assuming those are in the stock game.
  11. Rhode was definitely terraformed and is still undergoing terraforming, that won't change Worry not! I'm sure you'll enjoy the mod without visuals too
  12. I thought that since the mod revolves around the evolution of the Kerbol system, it wouldn't be fair to leave the system out in this mod. I'm comfortable making two systems in one now that I'm more than happy with my planets, and people can always visit the Kerbol system if they want to (IE: Interstellar mods). I might consider splitting the Kerbol system from the main part of the mod internally, so people who really don't want to go to Kerbol can remove it easily and quickly because of system limitations. The mod will all be in one download, so this won't affect installation. As for the release, send me a PM in discord so I know what your username is and I'll consider sending you a link when it is ready (currently I don't know when it'll be ready). It is the homeworld. There are oceans - the planet is roughly 10% water. It's very dry, there is no grass and not many trees. Hopefully it will be just as interesting to explore - there are some interesting landforms and terrain formations. I'm also considering adding ice caps, despite them not existing if the planet was colonized, just to make it worth visiting the poles Opinions on Hydrus (and it's clouds)? - Hydrus is a rocky planet, roughly the size of Duna, with 0.45Gs of gravity. It has a thick atmosphere of ~2x Kerbin.