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  1. There's a lot of planets. Kerbin is Gaia, the future kerbin. Hey all. GPO should be on CKAN now.
  2. Assuming duna vaguely resembles a mars-like planet, I've based it off similar origins. Some people believe that Mars used to harbour life or water at the very least before it lost most of its atmosphere, evident in the various Martian canyons. In the future, we will likely colonise or attempt to colonise Mars. In the future of the Kerbal system, duna may have also been colonised. Its mass matches kerbin but this is not really for lore purposes. I want the gameplay to be relatively stock a like and not provide advantages or disadvantages by adjusting the home planet's properties
  3. Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted, But your profile picture is used as a heightmap on one of my planets... ...but it's flipped vertically
  4. [1.3.0] Planetary Diversity (Release 1) - Aug. 27

    Interesting indeed...
  5. well technically...
  6. The bugs from back then still remain. I've made Duna and I'm very happy with how it turned out, so don't worry too much. I was stopped by a limitation
  7. [v0.2.5] Outer Space [KSP 1.3 Planet Pack]

    As @JadeOfMaar, this has quite a large scope in mind for the first planet pack, so expect to be revisiting planets and moons multiple times (this is what happened to me ) before the initial release. However, best of luck!
  8. Mhm, that's what I've always done. And there are bugs. Therefore I'm not reparenting the home planet.
  9. Will change Duma's atmo. Surfaces are already tinted, just not in Scaled Space (to preserve colours) "Name = Kerbin" As I said, you cannot apply a space centre to something which isn't kerbin. Your planet is kerbin, meaning you can.
  10. You can't apply a space centre to something which isn't kerbin. Thus why Post Spawn Orbit is required. ____ To scale up the sunflare, reduce the last value in sunflare and sunspike settings. Yes - reduce it. The formula for the scale is (1 / number)
  11. Special sunflare provided by @JadeOfMaar! Had to scale it up 35 times to fit the giant star! (This is taken from Duna nearly 1.5x as far out as usual)
  12. It's more than the scene. I'm more bothered about people who aren't so good with mods and will continue to report known bugs. Anyways, KSC is fine on Duna
  13. Yep, been there done that. Kerbin drifts away from its orbit in the tracking station and things can get a tad funky. Won't be using PSO any time soon