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  1. You are on Linux so you're using OpenGL. In a shader, the shader offsets for OpenGL works differently to DirectX, so for the OpenGL version I had to set the offset very low otherwise the terrain would render underneath other objects. Blackrack is working on a version of scatterer that will remove the need for Parallax to use a shader offset, so unfortunately until then, it's recommended that choose either Parallax or Scatterer and don't use them together
  2. You need to install Parallax. Read the install instructions when installing planet mods
  3. No, all I change is the terrain. I don't touch buildings What is your GPU? If you have anything above a GT 970M you should expect 60fps (if no other visual mods are installed). Turn off terrain scatters in the main menu - Kopernicus has utterly destroyed them and causes them to lag to an almost unnplayable level. If you have PlanetShine, uninstall it - same reason. You can also change settings in the ParallaxGlobal.cfg which will change the shader quality
  4. What's wrong with the ones I've made? OPM should work fine with Parallax despite configs not existing for those planets. Let me know if you encounter any issues!
  5. I'll need your KSP.log. Are terrain scatters enabled? They are a massive CPU draw when Kopernicus is installed and make the stock game almost unplayable with them turned on. When I visited the mountains with them enabled, my FPS tanked as well
  6. Will you add before and after kerbin to CKAN please.

  7. Can confirm this happening on my 9900k and 2080S. Sounds like it's the garbage collector. Will investigate!
  8. PlanetShine is notoriously for causing tons of framerate problems. Can you try without it?
  9. Your log is incomplete Also, you have 2 versions of ModuleManager in your GameData folder - Please only use the latest one
  10. I'm going to try implementing a method which might help with this. Currently, no matter what the displacement is, your wheel will be pushed up to meet it. Instead, I might be able to compare the current displacement with the previous displacement and, if the difference is too high, I can create a second cube which will stop the craft (like hitting a wall) instead of pushing it upwards. Since displacement is calculated on a per-pixel basis, I am not able to easily compute the next pixel the wheel will travel across. I only have access to the previous displacement value. I will be exp
  11. You could roll back to the Beyond Home version before the Parallax update (Version 1.4.2) https://github.com/Gameslinx/BeyondHomePlanetMod/releases/tag/1.4.2 Unfortunately this takes time and with my university course starting again on Monday I'm not going to have a lot of time on my hands
  12. I'm looking into it at the moment. Currently, I'm unsure. Nothing should cause the game to lock up as badly as that unless there's a new part module that was introduced in 1.11 and doesn't exist in 1.10 For the proper release (keep in mind that this is a Beta), I'll hopefully have this worked out
  13. The next BH update will support the most recent Parallax version which will improve your framerate by ~130%. It'll also make it optional
  14. Can confirm that 1.10 no longer works. I'm going to update the title accordingly
  15. I will be doing some clarification in the FAQ section and wiki tomorrow. Today's been very chaotic and I haven't had much time - thank you all for the bug reports
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