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  1. Yes it is on Github. Scroll down to
  2. There isn't really one. If it's anything, it'd be Hydrus. It does have a thick atmosphere but its gravity is fairly low.
  3. Let's not forget about the city coming to Verna in the next update!
  4. Lol! This update should be less CPU demanding. I'm not exactly sure what the usages are because I use a CPU that really shouldn't be used for KSP (9900k), and it sits at around 25% on one core through my testing. I might fire it up on my laptop (no pun intended) and get back to you on how it performs on a low-mid range system. In technical terms squad claims that ksp 1.8 utilises GPU instancing, which will take almost all of the draw calls from the CPU to the GPU for the terrain scatters. Basically, the CPU will direct one model and the GPU will paste it all over the terrain. That's how they do fancy grass in those AAA games without it being stuttery mess. Plus I've added some EVE configs for people who can't run scatterer and vice versa. Hopefully it runs well, and I'll let you know on the laptop situation.
  5. Thank you! Scatterer is not a requirement and neither is EVE. Sure, it'll subtract from the visual experience but the terrain features will still be there. It's completely up to you. EVE-glows are added in this update and they'll activate when scatterer is not installed, and they do a pretty convincing job of it
  6. Congratulations everyone! It was only a matter of time until JNSQ was gonna be there - and for good reason
  7. Awesome, I'm happy I could help! Custom science isn't in the mod yet simply because it's an awful lot of time I have to spend writing definitions
  8. Interesting. I've not seen that before or had it reported. A lot of issues I've had myself have come from Kerbal Konstructs, and I see that you have it installed (it is a recommended, but in planning on removing it entirely because it's just too buggy at the moment). Can you try removing it and seeing if that helps? Thank you. The video really helped
  9. If you don't quicksave and quickload after cheating around any planet using any mod, things will break. The planet doesn't load properly and it can cause problems. Let me know if you experience this again even after a quickload
  10. I'm not able to reproduce this bug. Are you spring strengths set properly? Also, if you use hyper edit you must quicksave and quickload otherwise the planet won't load in properly.