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  1. Still up to a month yet unfortunately. Got a lot of school work to get through, getting my YouTube back on track and waiting for at least a week of testing. I've a lot of work ahead!
  2. Yes (Most things. Just got biome maps, visuals and pre-release testing to go)
  3. Gameslinx

    [1.4.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v3.4.0

    This is a bug in Stock KSP's contract system. Simply don't accept it and visit the moons as normal, and contracts will generate for them normally from then on. Olu'um is in fact an early star, not a black hole
  4. AfK and BK too.
  5. It works if you update the dependencies, but I don't walk people through how to do it. GPO's update won't be too far away now
  6. It's temporarily on hold whilst development of Beyond Home continues. Once BH is released, GPO will be updated.
  7. Gameslinx

    [1.4.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v3.4.0

    You could remove the Gaia config and then in the removePlanetaryBodies.cfg you could remove the "!Body[Kerbin] {}" but again, if you don't know how, don't try otherwise you will break the mod. I won't help further with tampering with the mod, as this is really something you should do yourself.
  8. Gameslinx

    [1.4.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v3.4.0

    I know I don't support KSP 1.6 but if you know what you're doing you can manually update it without much difficulty. If you're not sure where to start, just wait for the update.
  9. Gameslinx

    [1.4.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v3.4.0

    Search the mod name, then get the newer version. If you don't know how, just wait for the 1.6 release.
  10. Gameslinx

    [1.4.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v3.4.0

    Listed on the GitHub when you go to download the mod (Stuff like Kopernicus)
  11. I don't care whether people know how old I am or not, so it isn't really much of a problem
  12. I've just turned 17, by no means a math professor or any good at math whatsoever lol
  13. Development has been paused for a little bit as I am focusing on schoolwork and I have a holiday coming up, so I'm taking a little time off to prepare - nothing major. Development will resume as normal in a week or so!
  14. Could be but I can't model, so the chances of that happening is low.
  15. Gameslinx

    [1.4.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v3.4.0

    Scatterer is not required. Scatterer works on 1.3.1, 1.4.2, 1.5.1 and 1.6+ so you should not be experiencing crashes. As long as you get the updated versions of Kopernicus and the mod's other dependencies. Instantiator is not updated but still works.