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  1. You are using OpenGL. If you are on Mac / Linux, this is by default. If you are on Windows, please use DX11. Currently, if Parallax and Scatterer are installed at the same time and the game is rendering using OpenGL, they will conflict and Z-Fight each other. The only fix, so far, is to remove one of the mods. If you are on Mac / Linux that is the only way until I find a workaround
  2. I don't have the knowledge to be able to make that work. It only really matters on Kerbin and Duna but for modded planets it could be more useful. It's not something I'm looking into at the moment because I would have to rewrite a lot
  3. Correct, nor desert textures. Parallax can't do per-biome textures
  4. Yeah, I've been really busy lately. I hope to post it soon, but there's been a lot going on!
  5. Wait for the show and tell on terrain that is supposedly coming soon. I've heard rumours about it, so don't take my word for it! I'm excited to see what they do - Nate has mentioned Parallax indirectly on one of the podcasts he did a while back, so I'm fairly sure they are aware of this mod. I have a theory about what they could be doing. They're using the same terrain system in KSP2 as in KSP1 but they're calling it "PQS+". PQS builds each vertex in the terrain independently of the others, so this opens up parallelisation. With the introduction of Compute Shaders, I imagine that the terr
  6. Many, since KSP is an older game now, the terrain doesn't contain enough mesh detail around the craft for Parallax to work very well. With larger planets, it becomes near impossible. However, I have been working with what we have and I might have come up with something useful. I'm naming it "Advanced Subdivision" but it's still very much a work in progress. It should lead to a much more optimized experience, and support for bigger planets
  7. It's normal behaviour, I just forgot to remove two lines of code that log it into the console. They're harmless, and the next update will stop Parallax from logging it . Nothing to worry about! Currently no, but the most recent update introduced damping that does exactly this. For the next version, I'll look into being able to control the damping yourself so you can smooth the collisions out. For now, you cannot adjust them
  8. Unfortunately you don't meet the minimum system requirements. The mod might not run at all, or it'll run very slowly. It won't corrupt any save files or mods, so it's always worth a shot, but I wouldn't recommend it
  9. I am aware of this bug - It is caused by the game thinking ActiveVessel.Landed is true when you walk off the collision plane and into the air. I alleviated this in Parallax 1.2.3 and pressing the Jump button will free you. I have a fix planned for 1.2.4, but I had to push 1.2.3 before finding a solution because there were some important fixes there
  10. I will be writing this documentation over the next week or so. It'll be visible on the Parallax Wiki here: https://github.com/Gameslinx/Tessellation/wiki
  11. Parallax 1.2.3 This is a live release. Please submit issues via GitHub's issues page https://github.com/Gameslinx/Tessellation/issues Changelog: Changes: Parallax will no longer attempt to set the _PlanetOpacity of the Sun's terrain Corrected logic error in trueLighting config setting that affected trueLighting when set to true and false Prevented Kerbals from moving the collision plane underneath another part such that when jumping, walking or EVAing over other parts, they are not jostled about Added a smoothing function that stops sudden changes in d
  12. Thanks! For now, I'm leaving this issue open. I'm working on something that will replace the current subdivision system (which might allow for RSS Parallax and more detail at better performance) I'm about to release an update to remedy this
  13. Try removing planetshine or at least set it to Vertex mode and let me know if that helps
  14. Disables collisions for Minmus First screenshot - Parallax not installed correctly, so this is not a bug report - it's user error. Second screenshot - Will investigate, but I think this is due to the same bug that causes the landing gear to jostle around where the collider plane is in the wrong place. This should be fixed in the next update Third screenshot - You turned colliders off. Obviously that's gonna happen
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