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  1. Turn on Terrain Scatters in your main menu settings
  2. Yes, those blue particles do slowly orbit the asteroid
  3. I've managed to get particles working... One step closer to a Protomolecule asteroid
  4. I've been working on Parallax Asteroids: They come with emissive effects, bringing back the legendary Magic Boulder from many updates ago... Each colour signifies a benefit that the asteroid can provide to your craft. This can be toggled on or off in the settings. For example, asteroids that glow blue will generate small amounts of electric charge. These benefits can be combined by connecting asteroids together into large bases and can assist in large asteroid bases that resupply ships. I wanted to include a gameplay aspect since I'm introducing a huge diversity in asteroid types. This'll allow for improved asteroid exploration if you decide to enable it. I'm also experimenting with organic asteroids that spawn very rarely which include a science experiment which rewards a fair amount of science: Happy hunting
  5. This won't lower the quality. There aren't any parts that use the reflections - Having them enabled turns on a reflection probe at the centre of your craft which re-renders the entire scene, which can be quite laggy especially with tessellation shaders like Parallax The floating trees is a Kopernicus issue and out of my control
  6. Someone I know was having a similar issue with an RX5700XT. This is what fixed it for them: In the main menu, turn off reflection refresh mode by dragging the slider all the way to the left Make sure anti-aliasing is not set to 8x. 2x and 4x are fine, but 8x seems to cause a lot of lag (with and without Parallax)
  7. Looks like this isn't fixable by EVE-Redux. It's caused by the shader offset of Parallax being reset to normal values. Before, Parallax would render slightly above where the actual mesh is, but this caused a lot of problems on OpenGL so I reset the offset to something more normal. I'll see what I can do but no promises
  8. Hmm, that seems you have a more than capable GPU. Can you send me your KSP.log (via external link)?
  9. Ah, this was a bug with collisions - it's one of the reasons why they're temporarily removed
  10. I'm not sure this is a Parallax thing, since I don't modify terrain colliders. Can you post your KSP.log?
  11. Yeah, made a mistake in the installation checker. It'll be fixed soon
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