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  1. Eve's moon - serpent, has a heavy magnetic alignment. The entire moon is either iron or lead (iron being magnetized) and plays with Eden's field. So compasses won't work on Eden
  2. One of them, I'm not too sure
  3. This is ksp and out of my control.
  4. This is planned. Kerbol will be a red giant, nearly dead completely. I have to beat the 'competition', since I know someone is trying to create a planet mod following this series (kerbin over time) whilst I'm on holiday... Either way, it's happening
  5. Increase your texture quality on the main menu to solve this.
  6. Hey guys - expect some changes coming to how the light system is handled with Olu'um. Kopernicus got an update where multiple light sources appear to be properly supported.
  7. It's a bit lighter on memory but in the end you really need to get more. 8GB available ram is recommended for any KSP mod - you're redlining with 4 and I can't do anything about it!
  8. Look down and click 'before kerbin' for a mod which replaces the stock system. As for a memory light version, I won't be doing this - I'm sorry. 4GB of ram is quite low for nowadays standard. I'd love to cater for them, but... I can't really do much.
  9. This is planned Unless Gregox has decided he'd do that since I'm doing stock in the past! For the first 500 million years everything is just on fire
  10. Oh nice! Was it just capitalisation, or was there other stuff at play? I'm halfway through sorting this out myself and I hope I completely eliminate the problems. I was working on releasing Before Kerbin, which is why I've been slooooow NEEDS[GPO] Olei isn't a module!
  11. click on the screenshots image on the main thread
  12. Can't and won't happen - sorry! I can't compress textures past their current size.
  13. Less than 5 GB? Ouch! Have you tried lowering the texture quality in the main menu (without the mod installed first)? You can save around 2 gigs. To be honest, though, this pack adds 16 things. Most planet packs add more or less that number, so it must be difficult to install - I understand though
  14. no no, it's called GameData because you're supposed to open that folder too and drag and drop the contents into KSP > Gamedata. If it was called "Before Kerbin" people would just drop that into GameData and it wouldn't work.
  15. It was Thomas P who asked for a coffee, I just really really like pizza right now