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  1. I can't determine what is causing the crash. Can you validate your files if you're using steam?
  2. The log doesn't highlight a crash, it just got to the point between KSP finishes loading and the main menu. In that time, Kopernicus is replacing the planets with the BH planets and this has to be done within a single frame, so the game will appear to have stopped / crashed, when it's just taking its time. Did you get the unity crash prompt / did KSP close? If it did, I think I'll need your player.log which is now located in your AppData/LocalLow/Squad/KerbalSpaceProgram folder.
  3. Yes it does. Right click KSP and go to "Properties", then "Betas" and change your version
  4. Yes there is, however it's 7 months old. Your best option is updating, as almost all 1.7 mods have updated to 1.8
  5. WinRar can open zips, but Windows can already open them by default (it is not called WinZip). Right click -> open with -> pick what you want to open the zip file with Beyond Home is not for 1.7 anymore due to the changes to the terrain shader in 1.8.
  6. There is no way to share files that are not compressed in some way (and if there is, I'm not going to). Windows will unzip files by default. You should not be being told to pay to unzip files.
  7. The same as Lua's orbit Breaking ground, no, however I added my own variant where if you walk up to surface features with a Kerbal you can do a specific type of surface sample to find out more, which works for both BG and non BG players I only work on things when I enjoy it, and currently I'm enjoying working on BH a lot more, so for now they won't be updated No - go to your settings, enable Terrain Scatters and set the density to 100%. Restart your game
  8. I need screenshots and logs, because this isn't happening in my game
  9. Everything's working fine here on 1.9.1 with Beyond Home installed!
  10. Can you clarify on the visual glitches? There shouldn't be any
  11. Upload it to a site like DropBox or google Drive and share the link to it here
  12. When you start the game there is an installation checker that tells you what's wrong. Please post your KSP.log. I cannot help otherwise.
  13. I don't think it's possible. I tried adding a recovery base and seeing if that would work but Kerbal Konstructs has a few problems at the moment, and I think that is one of them. For now, you cannot recover from Lua (but you can buy fuel by clicking on one of the fuel pods)
  14. Currently, no, because the other packs are also the Kerbol system it wouldn't make sense to have three of them at once! But if people want it enough I might start working on a patch for them to work together Is this with scatterer or without scatterer?