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  1. Yes, however the update is taking longer than I expected. Also see below
  2. Can you send a link to your KSP.log? Can you do the same? Thanks
  3. Hi all, I just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know that an update is still in the works but taking longer than expected. I started off by developing the next part of Parallax - Asteroids - but I want to focus on a few bugs present in the current version before trying to add new stuff. University is starting again for me shortly. In the time between now and then, I'm taking some short time off to focus on getting my bearings for the new academic year. Thanks for all the feedback and I hope to get an update ready as soon as I feel comfortable to continue
  4. EdgeLength affects the range at which the tessellation quality begins to drop. It is essentially "the minimum length of an edge (two connected vertices) can be on the screen before it is tessellated less". The range value affects the range at which the tessellation stops completely. Reducing the EdgeLength will improve the quality, as will extending the range. 1.3.0 should not look worse than 1.2.3. If you can share a screenshot of what you're seeing, that would be helpful
  5. Because none of them were actually used. The stock textures never used the reflections, and collisions have been temporarily removed so I can rewrite them. Those settings you added back will do nothing. The code that uses them, and the shaders themselves, don't reference those settings anymore.
  6. This looks like the city lights, which are not compatible. You can disable them and that'll fix the flickering
  7. I removed collisions for now, so the ground behaves as normal in the stock game
  8. This might happen from time to time - You won't fall through the ground if it happens again, it just visually isn't there. I'm still working a few bugs out with the most recent major update because I'm using a completely new system to increase the terrain detail. Expect an update soon bringing a few fixes
  9. Enable it, see if that helps, then disable it if it doesn't do anything. I don't think that affects Parallax shadows anyway because it uses its own layer but it's better to be safe than sorry
  10. Yeah it doesn't look like you have shadows. Make sure your shadow cascades are set to 4 in the settings. Feel free to share your settings.cfg file if that doesn't help. Those rocks should be casting shadows behind them and it doesn't look like they are. Other than that, everything else looks fine. You could try going to Ike - The rocks there are taller and cast shadows better
  11. Make sure your terrain shader quality is set to Ultra and that your graphics card supports tessellation
  12. Parallax doesn't touch physics at the moment so it isn't causing your crafts to explode on load
  13. It's something I did wrong in the code. KSP uses two different triangle winding orders for the terrain mesh for some stupid reason and I got the code to detect it wrong. In update 1.3.1 I'll be addressing this, and the hovering above the ground will be fixed They will be coming back but I want to focus on making sure that the newest feature, Advanced Subdivision, works well. It has a bug as I mentioned above which would make troubleshooting the code for collisions harder than it already is. It is easier for me to focus on them separately
  14. Turn on Terrain Scatters in your main menu settings
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