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  1. No, this is a lot of effort Turn your texture quality down in the main menu settings - this has the same effect
  2. That surface is on the planet Hydrus in the Beyond Home planet pack. @ballisticfox0is working to update it to the most recent Parallax version
  3. Yep just delete the configs for those planets, or remove the ones that have life, I suppose
  4. Eve has always felt alien to me so I wanted to go that route with its foliage and 'fantastical' nature. Laythe has a breathable atmosphere so I wanted to give it primitive nature; some mushrooms, grass and ferns. Otherwise, they would be kind of boring with just different rocks. I like to think that the mod has a lot of potential and I don't want it wasted by just modelling a load of stones There are no buildings because the placement of the objects is completely random. Towns or cities have order and regularity to them which isn't possible with how this mod generates the object positions. Individual buildings that spawn rarely are possible, but it would be much more efficient to just use the existing scatter system. This mod isn't for objects that spawn rarely, and is most efficient with a lot of objects. I have 9 planets/moons finished, so I am over halfway. I've fixed the bugs I talked about previously but I'm working on reducing the CPU usage now. I can reach ~160fps but I'm CPU limited after that where I would otherwise be able to easily reach ~220fps. Since that's a big performance potential I want to work on that before I finish the other planets.
  5. This seems to be happening to a bunch of people randomly and I have no idea what is causing it. Double check that your terrain shader quality is set to Ultra, and that the "TERRAIN_SHADER_QUALITY" in your Settings.cfg is equal to 3. Then, make sure that your terrain quality (separate setting) is set to High. If it says "new text", you need to delete settings.cfg and apply your settings again. Let me know if this helps
  6. I am targeting a minimum of 140fps at 1440p with Scatterer and Parallax installed. The impact should not be too much more than what it is currently. The impact of the foliage is much less than the tessellation itself, so you can always disable tessellation when you run the foliage if you want a similar framerate If you are using Parallax with AVP, yes
  7. In the settings page on the main menu you can enable what's called "terrain scatters" which allows trees and rocks to show up on Kerbin and the various other planets. That's what I've been calling the existing "Scatter system". I'm developing something that does the same job, but much better than what we currently have - A way to place thousands of objects on the planet around the craft
  8. You'll have the option to disable all the scatters (which means every planet), or you'd need to delete the config for Eve
  9. I can't really give an ETA because I'm working through some bugs slowly. One I've solved those, I can give a better estimate
  10. I require your settings.cfg folder (terrain shader quality must be set to 3, or Ultra in the main menu. Your terrain quality must also be set to high in the main menu) You can use an existing save
  11. Your textures are fine. That is what the game looks like without Parallax installed.
  12. Disable or enable scatterer's depth buffer mode setting to resolve this. I can't remember which setting it's supposed to be set to. Also ensure merge depth pre-pass is disabled
  13. Can you try reinstalling? It looks like Kopernicus hasn't been installed properly from your screenshot but all the relevant folders are there in your GameData
  14. Everything I have learnt has been through articles online and various other github projects where I've been able to see how other people's code works. From there I've pretty much learned how to do everything myself over the last few years. The unity documentation is a really good place to start. Some people here on the forums have also been really helpful
  15. Lol this is just my mistake forgetting to update the version number
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