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  1. Hi all, unfortunately my graphics card which has been serving me wonders over the last 3 years has sadly given up the ghost. 2 of the 3 fans have failed at the same time and I'm not able to use it for the foreseeable future in fear of it overheating. Thankfully the card itself still works and isn't damaged, but I'm sending it off for repair or for a replacement as I'm still covered by its 3 year warranty period, if possible. During this period, I won't be able to develop the mod or upload videos. I don't know if I'm able to even load the game without a dedicated GPU, so any critical bugs will be unfixable until it gets back to me. I will still be providing support for people who have trouble installing the mod or encounter a config bug, but I don't feel confident releasing a fix without having it be tested first. I'll let everyone know when I get my hands on a GPU, and when I'm able to start development again. Thank you all for the continued support of the mod and those who follow the YouTube series, I hope to get back to everyone soon
  2. I'm not sure. Try making sure you're on the most recent Kerbal Konstructs (I know i link an outdated one in my install instructions, which I have now fixed) and try again. If you're on the most recent KK, try downgrading!
  3. I shall, I keep forgetting things... Thank you! I'm not 100% if MLH still causes the bug where you can't recover vessels. I don't own the DLC myself so I can't test it on the current version and the latest KK, unfortunately. I'll add it to the instructions, thank you
  4. I JUST REALISED HOW MUCH OF AN IDIOT I AM Github readme has been updated to match the current version, including download links (fixed Kopernicus and Scatterer download links!) Also those contract packs should work fine with Beyond Home ENJOY and sorry for messing up lol
  5. The install instructions are correct, aren't they? Let me know what I missed and i'll fix it asap!
  6. Interesting bug I'm experiencing. Look at the weird dots on the screen. This is across the entire screen for anyone using (as far as i'm aware) my planet mod. Even after using the default scatterer config, the issue persists. This doesn't happen in AVP, but does in my mod. Let me know if you need configs and logs - or if it's a simple fix!
  7. Put this in BeyondHome/EVE. It works when scatterer is not installed. Should save you some frames edit: just realised you're using it! I suppose that means I did a fairly good job of accurately replicating the atmospheres!
  8. Atmosphere colours will be fixed in the update. I can't send the actual AtmosphereFromGround colour fixes because I changed actual planet configs, so they might reference objects that don't exist. However the EVE patch should sort that out anyway. But just a note in case you encounter a problem related to the atmosphere colour. Here you go - Put this in GameData/BeyondHome/EVE: Just landed with this little craft here No bouncing! I'll try and recreate it a few times but until then - I didn't experience anything here
  9. Yo, I just finished the rest of the EVE configs. How's this? Obviously, there are some limitations to what I can actually do with EVE so I have tried my best to replicate the atmosphere effects. I'll pass the config on to you early if you'd like.
  10. I'm aware of this, I think I had this happen to be during the last episode in the series I'm recording. Thanks - I labelled it off as a 1.7.3 problem as I hadn't had it happen before. I'll look into that. I hope to have it fixed by the next update. Not sure what's causing this. Again, I'll look into it. I'm assuming you have science set to 100%. The mod is quite young and I've already sorted out half of the planets for the next update. When scatterer is not installed, i'm fixing up the atmosphere gradients (as some are still orange!) and their scaledspace gradients. I might add EVE glows too. Cheers! I have a feeling i know what's causing this. Can you find Lua.cfg in BeyondHome/Configs and remove this code - see if that works? PhysicsMaterial { bounceCombine = Average frictionCombine = Maximum bounciness = 0 staticFriction = 5 dynamicFriction = 4.8 } Thanks for the reports. Hopefully I have them all solved for the next update (which is already a huge one as it is!)
  11. Optionally, make Rhode green
  12. This is a very rough delta V map. It won't work for Gateway, but should be fine elsewhere. What do you mean by pulling science from an object? If you don't have breaking ground installed (Not sure how it behaves with it) you should be able to get science from any rock or tree or surface feature!
  13. Not yet! Besides, where would you even start? Almost every planet is a wasteland!