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  1. Really like this! Seems a shame to lose the old sensor models though, I really liked the design on them.
  2. Sorry, I’m just circling back to this after a few days; had end-of-semester stuff going on that kept me away from the game. I had the same experience as wasml - I downloaded the latest BETA version from Github and I’m still showing in my log and no joy on the icon in the space center. If you find the time, I know you’re busy, you might want to check your package on github. It’s probably something stupid on my end though, I’m sure. An incompatibility somewhere in the mod list or something. Whatever, just letting you know.
  3. Thanks! I must’ve grabbed it off of SpaceDock. My mistake.
  4. So two questions... Is this compatible with 1.9.1? Does it have dependencies on your other mods? I have click thru blocker and toolbar installed, and while this is showing in the log, I can't get it to run in the space center scene. CTRL-W does nothing and no icon is showing up. Clicking on the yellow toolbar manager wrench shows no options for it. Am I doing something wrong? I installed in the usual way, put the Walkabout folder in Gamedata… The only references in the logs are: [LOG 23:08:19.805] Load(Assembly): WalkAbout/Plugins/WalkAbout [LOG 23:08:19.805] AssemblyLoader: Loading assembly at C:\KSP_win64\GameData\WalkAbout\Plugins\WalkAbout.dll It's listed in the mod folders section In the mod dlls section: WalkAbout v1.0.0.0 and again.. WalkAbout dc2ce8d3476caf3add5025d6509f13aa26ae48ce28e88dc359e4ff702d2843ab and that's it. Here's the list of my absurdly long mod collection: Any ideas?
  5. If I were a betting man, I'd say not long after KSP2 rolls out and is adopted by the community, you'll see them sunset KSP1, with maybe a few legacy-type forum areas.
  6. Getting this exact situation as well.
  7. I didn’t notice the speaker.. well done! Can you make the panel resizable or toggleable?
  8. I like that A LOT. I have 2 immediate suggestions just from watching the demo... 1. I like the audible alarms a lot. It’s a nice touch and very useful. If you haven’t already, maybe consider a click-to-silence option so that if we’re in a deliberate unusual attitude or doing something that upsets the system we’re not barraged with whoops and clangs. Don’t know if it is or could be a factor, but just from a usability standpoint that jumped out at me. 2 as for your concern about inapplicable alarm modes— maybe you could “barber pole” or gray them out? It would be a nice touch for them to roll to black-and-yellow barber poles (or black and gray if you like the Apollo style) when they aren’t active. As for your concerns about duplications, that’s actually a good thing. In aircraft cockpits, there a fair amount of this, for example my landing gear switch can tell me whether my gear is set to up or down, but I also have 3 annunciator lights that indicate their status as well. Ditto for flaps, the flap handle shows the setting, but there’s also a corresponding indicator to show feedback from the system. I like the idea that I can set the condition and then get some feedback from the system beyond my own input. It’s good the way you’ve done it. So yeah, from a UX/UI perspective, I really like where you’re going with this, and it looks a lot more informative and useful than the old scheme. Nice work!
  9. It should’ve been packaged along with hangar. It should be in a folder that says “000ATTools” or something similar. Put that in your gamedata folder
  10. It sounds like you’re missing ATTools, or have the wrong version of it.
  11. Had the same problem. Seems to mostly occur with some modded cockpits, like Airplane plus. Also, TCA does not play well with engines that have extreme gimbals. Turn them off in the editor. The best mod I’ve found so far for VTOLs is Eskandare Aerospace. Everything I’ve built with those cockpits has been rock solid.
  12. Were starting to get to a point where I have almost as many dependency libraries as I do mods.
  13. I'm seeing this as well. None of my workshops are functional.