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  1. Woah, woah… don’t misinterpret what I said as criticism. The mod is absolutely well designed, it’s awesome as a stand-alone spacecraft. I meant “design” as in designing spacecraft in the editor using these parts. The parts work great as advertised on the tin, but when you start incorporating them into other craft, is when you run into trouble. That’s why I like your idea about a thruster with a centered attachment point and a central spine instead of an offset one. That would afford this mod’s parts much more utility in general spacecraft designs instead of only being able to produce the one freighter and a few variants depending on snap-in parts. That’s all… wasn’t criticizing any of your guys work and that wasn’t my intention, I was just wishing for ways to use the parts in other spacecraft designs.
  2. This is what I was saying about asymmetry. It wasn’t a thrust issue, it was a design issue.
  3. I would love to see some symmetrical parts for this mod. The asymmetry, especially with the engine, kinda limits how you can use it.
  4. Are those functional PAL parts bolted onto the core, or just a static model?
  5. Look, I know it’s strictly verboten to bug mod developers for update timelines and release dates and so forth, but... BUT DAMMIT ROVERDUDE, QUIT TEASING US AND GIVE US NEW TOYS! I feel like we’re eternally stuck on December 23rd here. The anticipation is killing me! Love your work, dude. I’m not at all sure why these are mods and not baked directly into the game, but you’re the king, baby. You’re the king.
  6. I do the same, I’ll also vote to please keep that feature intact.
  7. I use Bon Voyage and have never had a rover transmogrify itself like you’re seeing.
  8. @RoverDude So I have a question, somewhat relating to ascetics. I finally got all the Wolf parts in my career mode after looting all the science I could wring out of Minmus and Mun and have set up a pretty capable KSC depot to support a soon-to-come orbital shipyard. When I logged into my game today, I was somewhat shocked to see all of the dozens of Kerbals I had assigned to my depot suddenly available in the astronaut center again. I figured that it’s probably because I left the “respawn missing kerbals” button checked in the game settings (?), so just for S&Gs to see what would happen, I built an H2O to fuel processor and re-assigned some of the Kerbals to it with no ill effect. So now I have 2 geologists doing double duty. SO.... this means that there’s a potential exploit here of being able to recycle kerbals. Also, does this mean that when we assign them to a Wolf component and they’re listed in the missing/dead category in the astronaut center, we can delete them from that list without interrupting our Wolf facilities?
  9. Exactly. My understanding is that transport credits are based on the amount of mass shed between launch and arrival. Electric rovers on the surface cost zero, so you can set up depots in all of the surrounding biomes and ship their resources to KSC, but that’s where the gravy train ends. To get those resources off-world you need transport credits, which you can’t generate until you read the far end of the logistics branch of the tech tree. So now I’ve got a mass accumulation of food and material kits available at KSC and nowhere to go with them, unless I want to just hopper them into a vehicle on the pad and recover it for some quick pocket change. I love the concept, but for career, it’s too far down the tech tree to be useful or usable. I might try my hand at hacking together a MM patch to redistribute the modules around the tech tree.
  10. So after playing with this some more in career mode, I have another observation. I have to agree with the guy a few pages back that didn’t like the bulk of Wolf modules crammed at the end of the tech tree. I mean, you can get the transport computer and depot reasonably early and then... grind grind grind until you can get the rest of the stuff. I get that it’s supposed to be end game, but I think it could be more equitably distributed across the mid-layers of the tree. I’ve set up transport routes to most of the easily reachable biomes from KSC, and I have a pretty reasonable flow of goods coming to KSC to “bootstrap” my orbital station, but I can’t get the stuff there because I need an absurd amount of science points to be able to get to that point. So by the time Wolf would be fully available to me, I’ll have pretty much been everywhere and done everything and it’ll be irrelevant. I’m thinking the sweet spot for Wolf in terms of technical capabilities would lie somewhere between having established bases on Mun and Minmus and being ready to branch out to Duna. For me, that’s about solidly halfway up the tech tree. That’s also where logistics starts to be a challenge, and where Wolf would really naturally plug into the flow of the game. Anyway, just something to think on.
  11. Okay, I gotcha. For some reason I was thinking the old and new systems were running parallel to each other, but I get it now. Thanks. Keep up the good work, man... love your work.
  12. I’m sold. I just can’t find the orange item containers anywhere. Did they get moved? They’re not in any of the logistics categories in the research facility and I can’t find them in any of the VAB/SPH categories. Maybe it’s just me?
  13. @RoverDude - I was playing this morning and realized that since I’m using stock inventory, the USI KIS containers are gone. I only realized this when I was setting up Akita trucks (two flatbeds and a USI container make a nifty little hauler) and I realized they’re not there. Any chance those are coming back as stock inventory units?
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