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  1. I didn’t notice the speaker.. well done! Can you make the panel resizable or toggleable?
  2. I like that A LOT. I have 2 immediate suggestions just from watching the demo... 1. I like the audible alarms a lot. It’s a nice touch and very useful. If you haven’t already, maybe consider a click-to-silence option so that if we’re in a deliberate unusual attitude or doing something that upsets the system we’re not barraged with whoops and clangs. Don’t know if it is or could be a factor, but just from a usability standpoint that jumped out at me. 2 as for your concern about inapplicable alarm modes— maybe you could “barber pole” or gray them out? It would be a nice touch for them to roll to black-and-yellow barber poles (or black and gray if you like the Apollo style) when they aren’t active. As for your concerns about duplications, that’s actually a good thing. In aircraft cockpits, there a fair amount of this, for example my landing gear switch can tell me whether my gear is set to up or down, but I also have 3 annunciator lights that indicate their status as well. Ditto for flaps, the flap handle shows the setting, but there’s also a corresponding indicator to show feedback from the system. I like the idea that I can set the condition and then get some feedback from the system beyond my own input. It’s good the way you’ve done it. So yeah, from a UX/UI perspective, I really like where you’re going with this, and it looks a lot more informative and useful than the old scheme. Nice work!
  3. It should’ve been packaged along with hangar. It should be in a folder that says “000ATTools” or something similar. Put that in your gamedata folder
  4. It sounds like you’re missing ATTools, or have the wrong version of it.
  5. Had the same problem. Seems to mostly occur with some modded cockpits, like Airplane plus. Also, TCA does not play well with engines that have extreme gimbals. Turn them off in the editor. The best mod I’ve found so far for VTOLs is Eskandare Aerospace. Everything I’ve built with those cockpits has been rock solid.
  6. Were starting to get to a point where I have almost as many dependency libraries as I do mods.
  7. I'm seeing this as well. None of my workshops are functional.
  8. So, try as I might, I cannot figure out how to deploy the Particle Accelerator Centrifuge. I don't see any kind of "deploy" option on the PAW, and while I can start the reactor process, nothing I do makes it turn into a wheel. Am I missing something?
  9. I made the same change. Weird that it suddenly started out of nowhere. Buffalo hasn't updated recently, as far as I know...
  10. @Angel-125 think I found a typo in GuppyCab.cfg - you have PARTUPGRADE wbiGuppy1 twice at the end of the file. I'm guessing it was supposed to be wbiGuppy1 and wbiGuppy2? That's what's previously listed in the UPGRADES module. My game started throwing an exception tonight out of the blue because of this, not sure why it started doing it, worked fine last night, I updated KSPI and then this. For reference, here's what showed up in the log: LOG 23:37:16.884] [KSPI]: PluginHelper indexed PARTUPGRADE wbiGuppy1 with techRequired fieldScience [LOG 23:37:16.884] [KSPI]: PluginHelper indexed PARTUPGRADE wbiGuppy1 with techRequired advScienceTech [EXC 23:37:16.886] ArgumentException: An element with the same key already exists in the dictionary. System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,PartUpgradeHandler+Upgrade].Add (System.String key, .Upgrade value) FNPlugin.PluginHelper.get_PartUpgradeByName () FNPlugin.PluginHelper.UpgradeAvailable (System.String id) FNPlugin.Wasteheat.FNRadiator.DetermineGenerationType () FNPlugin.Wasteheat.FNRadiator.GetInfo () PartLoader.CompilePartInfo (.AvailablePart newPartInfo, .Part part) PartLoader+<CompileParts>c__Iterator1.MoveNext () UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (IEnumerator enumerator, IntPtr returnValueAddress)
  11. @dboi88 I really like this mod. I noticed the basic hull says “asymmetrical variant”, does that mean you planned or created a symmetrical version? Any chance of more parts being introduced? One of the things that I think is really lacking is the number of large ship/starship sized mods, and this one definitely starts to fill that niche nicely, but it’s somewhat limited in its current iteration. Love to see more!
  12. Im away from my computer right now, but the *mostly* stock craft I used was pretty simple... a mk1 cockpit, 1.25m reaction wheel, liquid fuel tank, aerodynamic nose cone as a tail piece. Landing struts are just structural beams (don’t remember what they’re called, not the girders) and the engine is a KRX sparrow rotor. You’ll also need one of those early scoop-style intakes. I use the move tool in the sph to make sure the CoL is right through the CoM, and I use “corrected CoL” by LinuxGuruGamer to make sure it’s all balanced. Ill do more flight testing tomorrow and see what else I can break.
  13. So I've done some more flight testing. It's actually kind of fun. I've determined the problem is with aerodynamics in general. I was able to reproduce the problem with stock parts, and also to get the aforementioned problematic parts to behave themselves. I used MechJeb to do some testing, and I turned on the CoM/CoL/CoT in-flight indicators. What I see is the aero marker dancing all over the darn place right before the craft freaks out. What I've determined the probable cause to be is the aircraft pitching way too aggressively in the NAV mode to gain forward speed. If I start from a dead stop with the slider set to 100m/s, right around 28m/s the aero marker starts moving around and then the craft reacts to the changing aerodynamic situation and then just stops dead. This is really pronounced if your craft has any aero parts (wings, control surfaces, etc) - as you can forward speed in a nose-down attitude, eventually the aero forces will start pushing your craft downward and TCA goes right off the rails. Sometimes it'll stop and refuse to restart. Sometimes it'll happen in a change between nav waypoints, if the change is too extreme. If the craft banks or pitches too violently, it throws TCA into a kind of panic and sometimes TCA won't recover and will refuse to do anything but hover. Sometimes it gets stuck in "OH GOD CLIMB!!!" mode. I don't know what's happening under the hood, so I can only speculate. My suggested fix for this would be for you to create a pitch or an AOA limiter for the player. That way I could tell my craft to accelerate to it's top speed, but do not exceed, say, an 8 degrees nose down pitch attitude. I think that *might* fix the problem. I base this on 2 things... if I slowly accelerate my craft using the TCA slider, I can take it to 40 and then 60 and then 80 and then 100 with no problem. OR, I can just use the altitude control parts of TCA and control the craft using MJ's SmartASS SURF mode, setting the pitch down for -8 and the bank to level and get where I'm going pretty reliably (which is what I do before I unlock the TCA nav mode in the tech tree). I don't know if it's possible or how much work it would be, but I think it would be a huge help to players and make VTOLS a lot more controllable.